Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 37

After me and Alexander danced, I began feeling a bit tired. I hardly ever went to the balls, so its was hard from to get used to it.

Luckily, it’s was time for Queen Cordelia to say her greeting. The music went quiet and everyone looked at the balcony and waited for the Queen come out.

She didn’t let her guests wait, so after few seconds she came out with her second rank husbands from the balcony to say her piece.

“Welcome my dear guests to my Annual Royal Ball, where we announce this year’s Lady of the Ravendale.” She spoke with joy.

She and her husbands were good at keeping the same expressions.

“This year we have more interesting candidates...” She spoke about each candidates achievement and lastly she mentioned me.

“The start of the new year debuted Duchess Annabelle of House Amethyst and Topaz. She managed to win over the public using her intellect, but lately I found she is working on a project that can raise Ravendale’s medicine to a new level, by opening clinic that uses Etrian technologies in Mountainville.” the people were impressed by the new information and clapped.

I was wondering how did she found out about my goal, but I guess it’s doesn’t matter since I got a good advertisement for my clinic.

My clinic already opened and working in June I plan to make official grand opening and give tour to my clinic and resort. Also I plan to ask Alyssa to write an article about staying at my resort, so I could attract more people.

“I wish good luck to our candidates, in the next two hours we will finally know who will be become our next Lady of the Ravendale.”

Everyone clapped and musicians resumed playing their music. While me and Alexander returned to the lounge area.

Meanwhile, the Queen and her husbands returned to the Queen’s study.

“Shouldn’t you be in the ballroom, enjoying the ball?” her husband asked.

" I will be, just Arthur wanted to talk to me about something.” Cordelia informed her husbands, but when she mentioned about Prince Arthur their mood has changed.

" What does this brat wants?” another twin asked her. Cordelia stopped and turned to her husbands.

“What do you mean ‘this brat’ ?” Cordelia angrily asked them.

" ‘This brat’ is your son, your biological son!” She told them.

" What is wrong with doing my role as a mother listening to her child?” She asked her husbands.

After disappearance of her first husband, led her to have an early birth. Her first husband had a lot of duties as a true King, she had to take his responsibilities, so she became more busy and her secondary husband were also busy helping her. This led her to miss of her son’s childhood, because of that the Queen felt guilty.

“Nothing wrong of you doing your role as his mother, it’s just he often likes to take advantage of you.” One of her husband said and his twin agreed with him.

Cordelia decided not to send her son to the disciplinary school for boys, because she already neglected her son’s childhood and she thought sending him to every boy’s nightmare will worsen her relationship with her son. Her husbands disapproved with her decision, but they couldn’t convince her otherwise. Thus, they became more and more disappointed with their son.

“I believe he wouldn’t do such thing.” Cordelia told them and headed to her study.

Cordelia entered her study and saw the her son already here waiting for her. Her husbands also entered her study room.

“What did you want to talk about with me, my dear son? ” Cordelia sweetly asked her son.

“Mother, what would you think, if I were to marry Duchess Annabelle?” his son asked.

“You are talking about Duchess Annabelle of House Amethyst and Blue Topaz?” Cordelia asked.

“Yes, mother.”

Cordelia was happy that her son was mature enough to want to marry. Even though Annabelle is already married, it’s still not a problem for her son to take a title of her first husband, while her husbands take second husband title.

“I think she is not a bad candidate, if you like her, you should go for it.” Cordelia answered with smile.

Although Arthur was happy that he could make his mother happy and gain her approval, but his father’s decided to ruin his mood.

“Unfortunately, it’s will be hard to marry her.” One of his fathers said.

“Just think about it. Why would Dukes marry a Countess from the countryside?” He started explaining.

“Unless, they want to sign a contract that would guarantee their title as first husband and have power to decide about her next husband. They would have power over marriage, while she will be guaranteed a luxurious life.” Her husband explained.

“Why else they look calm next to Duchess Annabelle?” Her other husband finished sentence.

“Where did you get that idea from?” Cordelia asked, she was surprised hearing such analysis.

“Don’t you remember? We have a Master degree in Psychology.” They said simultaneously.

They were always good at reading people, it’s was one of their trump cards. Back then they were the most sought after bachelors, they knew how to seduce women.

When I married to my first husband, the Queen assigned them as my assistants, so they would help learn how to do my Princess’s duties and eventually the Queen’s duties.

Back then, I was only nineteen at that time and naïve. At first, there was nothing unusual we would talk like friends.

When young women marries to her first husband, they would always try stay loyal to them. That is what I did, but my first husband would either be to busy or in expedition.

I would always feel lonely.

Little by little, I was taken advantage of my loneliness., unknowingly

Then out of the sudden, the Queen granted my marriage to them. I didn’t even noticed they became more caring and more attentive to my needs, until I was granted my second husbands.

Nevertheless, they are still good husbands.

Cordelia snapped from her thoughts.

“If that is the truth, then it’s indeed will be difficult for you to marry her. We don’t need another rival, especially the Amethyst.” Cordelia concluded.

“Now I should go back to the ballroom.”

The Cordelia stoop up and went to the ballroom.

Arthur glared at his fathers.

He will prove them tonight.

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