Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 38

Nathaniel handed me a glass of champagne in it. I took a sip of it and sat on the sofa in the lounge area. My husbands sat next to me.

The ball has multiple lounge areas that each family can sit in. It’s also had a view of the ballroom’s dance floor and of course, you can see other lounge areas.

“You look beautiful.” Nathaniel said and he gently kissed my hand.

“Haven’t you said that already?” I asked him.

" Have I? I guess, I forgot.”

“I don’t mind telling you that multiple times because you’re indeed beautiful,” Nathaniel told me.

“And your charm brightens your beauty even more.” Alexander added a compliment, then he kissed my left hand.

It’s felt like the ice was melting in my heart, which I didn’t know I had. My cheeks had reddened.

Will, I ever get used to their compliments?

“Well aren’t you both charming, complimenting out of the sudden?” I giggled and took the sip of champagne.

“What else can we say if our wife is beautiful.” Nathaniel answered and I smiled.

I looked at the other lounge areas, I can see that some couples are either flirting or seducing. I guess in the lounge area is more appropriate to show public affection.

Soon, my husbands invited for a few more dances.

Other men have tried to invite me to the dance, but I declined using the excuse that I was tired. I think I already developed blisters on my feet.

I decided to go to the balcony to breathe some fresh air.

As I looked at the garden from the balcony, I saw the wife arguing with her husband, even almost slapping him.

It’s was normal in Ravendale and I couldn’t do anything about it.

I returned to the ballroom and saw a woman screamed at Nathaniel.

“How dare you!”

I wish I could just stay on the balcony for few minutes since I believe Nathaniel would have handled it by himself, but since I’m in the same room as them, I have to be a peacemaker. My reputation would plummet if I won’t be responsible for my husband’s actions.

“What happened?” I calmly asked the woman with a calm face. Although inside I didn’t want to be in this situation.

“He broke my hand.” She was clutching her hand, but it’s wasn’t obvious to me her hand isn’t broken since I studied medicine in Etria.

But it seems Nathaniel used method, where he twisted her thumb and after and if she moved that thumb it’s will return to it’s place.

A sneaky tactic, but also cruel.

“Your hand isn’t broken.” I told her.

“How would you know, you’re not a doctor, are you?” She scowled.

“I’m not a doctor, yet. But I studied medicine. Indicating that you can move freely all five finger meaning your hand isn’t broken.” I stated. A lady moved all her fingers, then her astonished expression appeared on her face.

“Still, he tried to attack me!” She exclaimed.

“Oh please! Why would my husband specifically attack you?” I said.

“Are you trying to say he searched for a person, so he can break a person’s hand today? Or you deliberately harassed my husband?”

“In any way, it’s improper to harass someone’s else husband or slander them.” I stated.

The woman understood that she sounded ridiculous, her face reddened and she left the room. Now people would definitely be talking about this incident.

I watched as the woman left the ballroom and I sighed.

I went to our lounge room to pour myself a drink and Nathaniel followed me. Alexander wasn’t in there, he was probably talking to someone.

I guess the books I’ve read in my youth, didn’t exaggerate about the drama, surrounds in aristocratic social circle.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to drag you down.” Nathaniel apologized. I looked at him.

His expression showed guilt and worry.

Is he worried about me seeing him the way, that his reputation perceived to be?

As egoistic, I may sound. I didn’t care much about their reputation. I only cared, if they are capable harming me.

I guess I need to start to look into it.

“It’s alright, the issue has been easily resolved.” I smiled as I took a sip of champagne.

I wanted to say more but decided to stay silent.

The ball is not a good place to confront him.

Nathaniel saw that I’m not entirely okay with it. He sighed and took my right hand.

“I can see it in your eyes, that it’s still bothering you.” He gently told me.

“I just prefer your touch.” He put my hand on his cheek.

“She touched you?” I gently asked.

He nodded.

My gloved hand gently caressed his face.

The moment was suddenly interrupted.

It’s was time to announce who did judges choose for this year’s Lady of Ravendale.

This time one of Queen’s of the twin husbands is announcing the result.

“Finally, we have received judges result...” Then the prince consort proceeded to say that this year’s competition has interesting competitors.

“We should come closer to the stage. In case you will be announced as the Lady of The Ravendale.” Nathaniel told me. I agreed it’s will be awkward walking a long way to the stage.

We came closer to the stage.

The Prince Consort started opening the letter, which contains the name of the winner.

“This year’s the receiver of the title Lady of the Ravendale is...” Then the prince consort paused.

“Duchess Annabelle of Amethyst and Blue Topaz.” He announced.

I was shocked I didn’t think I would be chosen.

People clapped and started congratulating me as I walked through the crowd to the stage.

I climbed the stage gave and a small bow to the Prince Consort. He nodded and smiled, then handed me a small scepter as a trophy.

“Would you like to say your speech?” The Prince Consort asked me. I nodded and stood in front of the microphone.

“Arriving here, I didn’t believe that I will become the Lady of the Ravendale since debuted in February, but my husbands believed in me. I’m honored for becoming this year’s Lady of the Ravendale and thanking judges for bestowing me with this title. I hope next year will be even interesting competition.” I said my speech. I didn’t really prepare my speech, but people clapped me anyway.

I climbed out of the stage with Nathaniel’s help.

People kept congratulating me, while I was going to our lounge area.

Annabelle took a champagne bottle, it’s was a little heavier than she remembered but she shrugged and poured herself a glass that is half empty and took a sip.

Nathaniel also poured himself a glass of champagne. Then Alexander came to the lounge area and congratulated me. Nathaniel poured him a drink.

“Your speech was good” Alexander complimented her.

“It’s was short and unprepared.” I answered him.

“Most women, won’t say anything and just leave with the trophy.” Alexander reassured Annabelle.

Then they continued drinking champagne and enjoying the ball.

Little did they knew, that champagne was poisoned.

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