Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 39

I woke up and tried to lift my head up, but my headache and migraines forced me to place my head back on my pillow.

I rested my head on my pillow for a few minutes and then I opened my eyes. I was greeted by the view of Alexander’s sleeping face. Right next to me was Nathaniel. I was in an unfamiliar room.

It’s was definitely bigger than my room, more fancier furniture, and a more bigger bed.

I was confused.

Then I found I didn’t wear any clothes and neither my husbands.

I started to remember flashback of yesterday’s ball.

Someone had spiked a bottle of champagne that we were drinking from after I received an award. Soon I started feeling the effects of the drug.

Then I told my husbands that I didn’t feel very well and I wanted to leave. They agreed without questions and we left the ball.

In the carriage, my symptoms had worsened. I felt the heat, my head was dizzy, I started to breathe faster. I removed my gloves, but it’s wasn’t enough.

This is when my husband understood what had exactly happened to me and asked the coachman to drive faster. My husbands drank the same champagne, but lesser quantities than me.

My mind felt blurry and this where most embarrassing moments happened.

I tried to remove my dress, but my husbands stopped me.

Then I tried to remove my husband’s clothes and teased them.

Soon they started experiencing the symptoms. I started making with Alexander soon I switched to Nathaniel.

The drug was so strong it’s didn’t stop the symptoms, I only wanted more of them.

We arrived at our manor. With my state I couldn’t walk in high heel, so Nathaniel just carried me over his shoulder.

When we reached the master bedroom, my mind snapped out from the flashback, because I knew we definitely had sex.

I can’t believe I’ve had sex with my husbands.

I understand that is normal to have sex with your spouse, but not when your drink got spiked and not in an arranged marriage.

This is a very awkward situation.

I tried to move my legs, I was greeted by numbness and pain. It proves that we indeed had intercourse.

I need to get up and at least take a shower. I tried to move, but I accidentally woke Alexander up.

“Sleep more.” he sleepily and went back to sleep.

I wish this reality was a nightmare, so I could go back to sleep, but I can’t.

“I need to take a shower.” I weakly said.

Alexander opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Wait here.” He told me. He then got out of the bed. On his back, there were visible scratch marks. The marks took only a quarter of his back.

I can’t believe I did this.

Alexander put on his pants and gave me a clean black robe that made out of cotton.

“You can shower in our bathroom, while I will find you clothes to wear.” Alexander told me and he gave me an awkward smile.

I put on the black robe and went to the bathroom despite the pain I feel while walking.

In the bathroom, I removed the robe in front of the mirror.

My husbands were generous with their bitemarks, I sighed.

There were a lot of bite marks on my neck, chest area. There were also few marks on my torso, on my thighs.

Can’t blame them they also were drugged, but the question still remains.

Who drugged us?

It’s hard to think of someone because I didn’t make any enemies on my stay in Ravendale. This is what I always thought before I got drugged.

Apparently now I have an enemy.

I decided not to think about that anymore and went to take a shower.

While showering explicit images started appearing in my mind.

This was my first time.

I don’t know if it a good thing or bad thing, that I lost virginity to my husbands. At least, I know how the sex feels like with Ravendalian man.

The women who managed to have sex with Ravendalian and Etrian man, say that Ravendalian is far better at sex than Etrian man. They believe that men were taught about sex in disciplinary school.

I wish I didn’t have to experience it in that way. I wish I could experience it more slowly with the person I fell in love.

There was no women’s shampoo nor shower gel, so I opted to use my husband’s shampoo and shower gel.

I finished showering, then I took the wind orb that is used for drying your hair fast. Cracked the wind orb and wind magic surrounded my hair and dried my hair. Then I brushed my hair.

I put on the rob and left the bathroom.

In the master bedroom, I saw Nathaniel changing sheets. He already dressed up.

“Alexander put your clothes on this chair” He pointed the chair.

“I will go now, so you can change your clothes.” Nathaniel left the room carrying the dirty sheets.

I looked at the clothes. There were undergarments that didn’t belong to me, but it’s was my size. There is also a long purple nightgown that is a merge of cotton and silk, but it’s didn’t belong to me.

I put on undergarment and long purple robe and left the master bedroom.

It’s was only six in the morning there were no people working there, but I still quickly went to my room.

As soon as I arrived in my room, I closed the door and just lied in bed.

I still can’t think of anyone who might have drugged me.

I know one popular of motive to drug someone, is to become my second rank husbands or concubine. This can be anyone, who is interested in me.

Then again not all men will be brave enough to go against my husbands who have the first rank, who are also top dogs of the harem, that can make your life hell.

Also, they should consider my feelings, how would I feel, if someone raped and then I was forced to take someone as my husband, I would hate that person.

It’s just too risky to do that.

Then again, there are people who are dumb.

The maid delivered breakfast to my room, but I didn’t want to eat it. I didn’t have any appetite.

Soon my mind became frustrated thinking about who might have done it. I even suspected my husbands, but my mind went to yesterday’s scene.

I took a long nap.

The maid delivered lunch, but I sleepily told the maid to leave it here and went back to sleep.

After about thirty minutes have passed. I heard someone entered my room.

I turned around and said.

“You can leave it here, I’ll eat la-. Oh, it’s just you.” I told until I saw Nathaniel entering the room.

“I just wanted to check up on you.” Nathaniel smiled. He came to me and put his hand on my forehead.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Stressed.” I truthfully told him. The situation is making. Nathaniel apologetically smiled, he didn’t know what to say next, so he just said.

“You should at least eat something.” Nathaniel said. I looked at the food and sighed.


I walked toward the plate, but Nathaniel stopped me.

“The food is cold. Let me get you warm food from the kitchen.” Nathaniel said. Then he asked the maid who cleaned close to us and asked to take food away.

Then Nathaniel told me to wait.

Soon, Nathaniel brought me some food and I started eating.

After my lunch, Nathaniel tried to comfort at least to make sure, that I didn’t feel stressed anymore.

Then Alexander joined us for dinner. We ate dinner in my room.

“My room is to small for having dinners like that.” I sighed. We sat on couches and there was a table in between.

“It’s alright, we should have probably given a bigger room.” Alexander accidentally said what he shouldn’t have mentioned.

“You mean, I could have had a bigger room?” I cautiously asked.

“The bigger rooms that we had available were being redecorated, when you arrived, if you want we could give you a bigger room.” Nathaniel said. I guess there is no point finding out the real reason since it’s their house and they could do whatever they want.

“There is no need. I got used to this room” I replied. For some reason, they felt uncomfortable with my answer.

“By the way, Alexander, do you by any chance started investigated, who might have spiked the champagne.” I asked Alexander because he seemed to me that he was busy and probably investigating.

“Yes, I have started investigating, but I needed to receive from some people who might help us.” Alexander confidently answered.

I just smiled and nodded.

We continued eating dinner. After we finished eating dinner my husbands wanted to spend an evening with me.

Then they ended up sleeping with me in my room.

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