Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 40

A week have passed, things have changed during the week. For example, I got a new room, even though I said that I got used to my room. However, my husbands always have their way with words and managed to convince me to move into my new room.

Not only that, my husbands assigned new maids to me and the maids that I brought with me when I first arrived in here got promoted. Elaine is my secretary, I got assigned another stylist and other two maids are in charge or making sure that I don’t lack any clean clothes and I have a clean room.

Also, I had received a new wardrobe. Before that, I would usually wear dresses that I bought in Mountainville and those were my casual dresses.

Now I have a new set of casual dresses, that are more expensive than my previous dresses. If I decide to not to wear a new dress, there will be a conversation if I dislike dresses, or if there is something wrong.

They are not manipulative, it’s just I’m a private person.

I would rather just say that I like everything, rather than reveal the reason why I feel uncomfortable or worse confront them out of frustration and they find out my new side, in which they can adapt their methods on me.

It’s just a cat and mouse game. Which cats are unaware that they are playing, but a mouse still afraid of them and try to stay hidden.

I woke in my new bedroom.

Next to me my husbands sleeping with their tails and cat ears out. You can hear a slight purr instead of snoring. That means they are enjoying their sleep.

After, my husbands on that day decided to sleep with me, so they could comfort me and make sure that I slept well. It’s now become their habit.

But it did help get me a better sleep that day.

I tried to get up, it’s was not easy since their tails are wrapped around my body.

Alexander has an arm and tail wrapped around me, while Nathaniel is sleeping on his back, but his tail is also on me.

I tried to carefully remove their tails, but their tail’s don’t like being moved, so the instantly came to a place where they have been resting.

Then I tried to remove Alexander’s arm, but Alexander wrapped his arm more tightly.

“You sleep more.” Alexander sleepily said.

“I don’t want to.” I whined quietly.

Alexander only kissed my forehead but didn’t remove his arm.

As a tradition in Ravendale, it’s appropriate for men to wake up earlier, than their wife, so men would be ready to serve their wife.

I just sighed and decided to sleep for a little bit, but ended up sleeping for an hour.

I woke up, just to find out my husbands, have already woke up. Since I was alone in the room.

I looked around the room.

It’s still felt unusual to me.

It’s was bigger than my previous room.

Now I have a balcony, a bigger living area for having guests in my room. Even have a fireplace, where I could enjoy drinking hot chocolate in winters.

My marriage will end in July, probably won’t have a chance to enjoy it. Then again my husbands wouldn’t probably divorce.

I can’t believe it’s almost two months left, before we divorce.

Time does fly fast.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. The bathroom has a beautiful marble floor.

Walked to my wardrobe room. Now I don’t have a closet, but a wardrobe room. That is filled with dresses that Nathaniel got me. Now my dresses are mostly purple. I wore mostly blue, but now my blue dresses are just sitting in the corner.

I choose a purple dress that is big but designed to be very lightweight.

I’m glad that I’m able to put my dress and don’t need to ask somebody for help.

Although I trust Nathaniel with choosing dresses, I shouldn’t trust him with the shoes.

Mostly purple shoes are high heels and I would usually wear flats. I choose to wear the kitty’s heel with a strap.

My room now is on the third floor, before I was living on the second floor. I left my room and walked through the hallway, I hear maids whispering to each other.

“So she is now a mistress of the household?” One maid whispered to another maid.

“Judging by the rumors a week ago, I think so.” another maid answered.

“Honestly, she isn’t that bad, than previous wannabe-mistresses of this household.”

I passed them, they look surprised to see me walking, they looked a little frightened, but I ignored them.

I went downstairs to the dining room to have breakfast.

There was no one in the dining room, but the breakfast is partly served. I grabbed a bagel sliced in half and started putting butter on it.

A few seconds later, Elizabeth arrived and I greeted her.

“Hello little early bird, how are you?”

“Good, daddies told me that soon I will have lessons” Elizabeth informed.

“Oh, what kind of lessons?” I asked with curiosity in my voice.

“For now they said reading, math, and etiquette.” she answered.

Elizabeth will be starting summer lessons, so she will be prepared for Autumn more intensive lesson. To be fair the Autumn lessons program sounds like first grade, but Elizabeth will be homeschooled for fours years, since elementary school isn’t established in Ravendale, yet.

“Interesting, are excited about the lessons?” Elizabeth eagerly nodded and her blue eyes sparkled with excitement.

Isn’t she adorable?

Soon, I found out that my husbands are on a business trip, so I ended up eating lunch with Elizabeth, but I enjoyed chatting with her.

Then Elizabeth wanted to play with me and I couldn’t refuse.

After we played I returned to my room. Elaine was there waiting for me, I was waiting for her to say something.

“Miss Annabelle, you wanted me to remind you, that today you will be working with the invitations to the official opening and tour of your resort” Elaine that is now my secretory reminded me.

“Oh right! I almost forgot about that.”

I ended up working on the whole evening. Making sure that my invitation sounded good and enticing enough to at least invite some of the important aristocrats, surrounding nobles will be also invited, but with Ivydale’s aristocrats, it’s will help raise the hype around my resort.

Then I decided to send an email to Alyssa asking her to write a commercial article about my resort.

That time Nathaniel entered my room and I was frustrated working on the email and invitations.

“You shouldn’t work that much.” Nathaniel said.

“I’m finishing working.” I answered I was a little bit annoyed.


Nathaniel just waited for me to finish, he then came closer to my desk, wanted to see, what I’m working on.

“Do you need anything?” I asked Nathaniel.

“Nothing, I just missed my dearest wife.” Nathaniel sweetly said.

I wasn’t in a mood with his affection and apparently, Nathaniel didn’t feel the mood that I’m currently in.

“Look, Nathaniel, I do not come over without knocking to your office and start distracting you both. Can’t I get the same treatment?” The question did come out snappy.

Only now, Nathaniel felt my mood. He was a little surprised because he didn’t feel

“Are you upset? I apologize that I came to your room without an invitation. Maybe you should leave your work for now and spend the evening with us?” Nathaniel suggested.

“Nathaniel, I’m not in the mood.” I answered.

Nathaniel just smiled and said. “Alright, I won’t bother you anymore.”

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