Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 41

My emotions are a little unstable.

Maybe I’m frustrated with the work or having my mood swings at my period. I fell a little grouchy.

Husbands let me sleep alone in my room for the next few days, I don’t know if they join me again, but it’s let me relax without sharing my personal space.

For now, my husbands keeping a distance from me, so they could make sure that they don’t anger me, while I’m in a bad mood.

That time I couldn’t sleep properly, because I thought if I should end this weird facade and ask for an early divorce.

If you are halfway to your marriage contract, you can ask for early divorce, if you are not feeling to wait until the contract expires.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to divorce that early or not, but the question is bugging me. But this contract is a little weird it’s can terminate the contract its self, but not a marriage.

It means if the contract expires we can still be married until one of us decided to divorce.

I wish I could live in Mountainville during this marriage and didn’t have to move to Ivyvale. But what kind of marriage would that be, if the wife and husbands won’t live together?

Then I could be focusing just on my resort and don’t have to deal with the drama in Ivyvale.

Generally, I think Alexander and Nathaniel are good husbands, I’m just not made to be an Ivyvale’s aristocrat. I like to live a simple life in Mountainville.

So it’s better to end this.

Right now, my husbands should be in their office, it’s best to talk them because if I talk them during dinner, Elizabeth would have a choice but to hear our conversation and she will be upset.

I took a deep breath and walked to their office. I knocked a few times, I heard one of the husbands told me to come in.

So I went in.

“Are you both busy right now? ” I hesitantly asked them. I was hesitant to do this whole thing, but I knew I had to.

“No, we are not busy, we are now taking a break from work. You shouldn’t stand there to come in.” Nathaniel said. He looks happy that I came here.

I entered their study room and sat on the couch.

“Would you like some tea?” Alexander asked and I nodded.

They had a tea brewing set in their room. So Alexander lit the candle to heat the teapot with water and Nathaniel just proceeded to put papers in the folders.

" I want to talk to you both about something.” I started talking. my heartbeat is speeding up by each second.

“Sure, we would love to talk to you.” Nathaniel finishes putting papers in the folder and comes to sit on a chair.

“So what do you want to talk about?” Nathaniel politely asked.

I took a deep breath and said.

“I want to have an early divorce.” I finally said.

Weights lifted from my shoulder, I feel a little at ease. I looked at Nathaniel’s expression, his face didn’t change, but I know something has changed in his eyes.

“The reason ?” Alexander calmly asked. He put a teacup near me.

“The recent events let me understand, that I do not belong here at all. ” I tried out the reason. I don’t know if that reason can convince them.

“Why is that? You don’t feel welcome enough or you didn’t recover from the event? Either we can fix this together.” Nathaniel replied. He spoke in a serious tone. It’s weird to see Nathaniel serious.

“It’s doesn’t matter, I didn’t want to be here from the start.” I just answered and look at the side.

“That because of James isn’t it?” Then Nathaniel threw a provocative question. I instantly looked at him in surprise.

“H- how do you know him?” I stuttered.

I shouldn’t have underestimated them. I should have known there will be cameras in the penthouse.

“The cameras were installed in the penthouse. You should have been careful if you didn’t want to find out.” Alexander reprimanded me.

“Well, you have another reason, why we should divorce” I stated.

“Unfortunately for you, this is also fixable.” Nathaniel slightly smirked.

“Do you prefer him losing an internship, having his career destroyed or perhaps tortured and then trained to be your concubine? What do you think?” Nathaniel asked.

As a shifter, their purple eyes glowed dangerously. They also felt tense.

“So you are blackmailing me?” I asked.

“No, we are just stating the consequences. When a man seduces a married woman and convinces her to divorce her husbands, rather than join a harem, it’s considered treason. We are allowed to kill him.” Alexander informed.

" I don’t understand our marriage supposed to be temporarily. Why do you want to kill another human being?” I helplessly asked them.

“The contract is temporal, but the marriage is not.” Nathaniel said.

" We have sixty percent of the final decision.” Alexander said.

It’s a great chance to confront them about the bail they paid for me.

“Sixty percent? I thought I sign up for fifty percent?” I asked them.

“Do you think, you would be able to roam freely after you illegally emigrated to Etria?” Nathaniel said and then continued.

“You would be in jail if we didn’t bail you out. Then again you are the only heir of Blue Topaz they might have let you go.” Nathaniel explained.

“Then why did you intertwined, then ?” I asked them.

“Because of the contract that our parents signed.” Alexander answered.

“Still, you have sixty percent of the decision. Why are trying to threaten me?” I moved my hand to make a gesture, but accidentally hit a cup of tea and it’s splashed on my hand.

I hissed from pain.

My husbands looked that I burned my hand, they weren’t in the mood to argue anymore. They wanted to help me with my wound.

“I’ll go get the medkit.” Alexander said and he left the room.

Nathaniel grabbed a towel, that was lying next to the teapot. He carefully dried my red hand. I didn’t know If I get blisters or not, I couldn’t think at the moment.

“Because we don’t want to divorce” Nathaniel gently answered.

“Why?” I answered. I wanted to cry because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out of marriage.

I felt trapped.

Few tears have fallen.

“Because we enjoy having you as our wife. I know that you’re upset, but we are willing to do anything for you to make sure that you would happen to be with us. ” Nathaniel gently told me.

I look into his to see if he is genuinely telling me the truth. His eyes seem genuine.

I felt comfort in his words.

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