Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 42

That day my husbands wanted me to sleep with them in the master bedroom. They said that they wanted me to feel that I belong here. That I deserve to be the mistress of this house.

For some reason, I don’t feel anxious, as I did before. Maybe, because now I know, what kind of future I have?

I didn’t want to be a duchess, but since I have no choice, but to get used to it.

My husbands have been helping me. They didn’t become more hostile or possessive as I imagined. They became more understanding and willing to compromise.

I decided that I needed at least one session with a therapist. My husbands at first didn’t want to go to the therapist, because I might not like how they do their work. I asked about Jamison because he majored in psychology in Etria. My husbands were hesitant to schedule an appointment, but I got now an appointment.

I woke up in the master bedroom, I stretched my limbs. I turned to see Nathaniel is already awake.

“Good morning !” I sleepily said.

He just smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Good morning to you too.” He answered.

We just laid here, cuddling until Alexander woke up. He also wanted a morning dose of kissing and cuddling.

Today was the day when I had my appointment in Jamison. I was excited to see Jamison since I enjoyed talking to him when we were at the auction ball and I was a little bit worried.

After we got up, I went to my room to dress up. It’s very comfortable because the master bedroom is next to my room. Also in the master bedroom, there is a door that I can access to my dressing room. It’s made easier, and curious how the rooms were used by previous owners.

The Amethyst manor is the main house of Amethyst’s and usually, the main branch stays here. If the children of the Amethyst family are old enough and capable enough, the parents move out from the main house.

Not all noble families have the same policy. My family’s policy is to stick together because we didn’t have a lot of family members. Now I’m the only Blue Topaz house’s member.

I chose to wear a blue dress, since I feel comfortable wearing this dress, because I grew up wearing blue colors, also I wore the dress that Nathaniel bought me. The quality of the material is better and comfortable than I used to wear before.

After I dress, I went to the dining room and had breakfast. The appointment supposed to be after my breakfast, so I kissed my husbands on the cheek, before leaving the manor.

“According to address my lady, we have arrived.” The coachmen told me.

“Alright, then I will see you in an hour?” I said and coachman nodded. I got off from the carriage and looked at the address. Not the best part of the town, but it’s still in the center of Ivydale.

I went to the building and there was no secretary there and it’s was dusty.

I guess Jamison didn’t hire any.

Then I hear the door opening and I saw Jamison coming out of his office.

“Oh, you already here Duchess Annabelle, come in.” Jamison invited me in. I climbed upstairs and went to his office. I looked around his office to an unorganized desk and almost dead plants.

“Sorry, I have rarely patients coming here, so I didn’t have time to clean up, but I still managed clean dust.” Jamison apologized.

“It’s alright, but why is it rare for you to have patient?” I asked Jamison in curiosity.

I thought Jamison would be a fairly popular psychologist since he studied in Etria.

“I work in an organization that was created by the council.” Jamison answered.

Council? Is he part of the men’s council?

“Sorry for being curious, but can you tell why would the council need psychologist?” I asked Jamison. Jamison didn’t seem mind answering my question.

“Council created an organization, that helps men who survived horrible abuse from their wives, sisters or mothers.” Jamison answered.

So the council not only controls the population, but they also help the victims of abuse.

“Interesting, so you are doing a noble cause?” I asked.

“Yes, well enough about me. Let’s talk about you, so something seems to bother in marriage, Duchess Annabelle?” Jamison asked as he sat down in his chair and motion his hand for me to sit on a sofa.

“Yes, my husbands and I are in an arranged marriage for six months, I asked for early divorce since I didn’t feel staying longer in marriage.” I wanted to continue, but Jamison interrupted.

“Nathaniel and Alexander probably didn’t expect that” Jamison said.

“Why is that?” I questioned.

“Usually, the women who been with the Amethyst twins, won’t mind staying with them, for the sake of living their life in luxury” Jamison told me.

“Yet, you’re not like those previous women. That is why they became interested in you.” I sighed at hearing this sentence.

“I still don’t get it, why are they interested in me? I’m probably the most awkward and boring person in Ravendale.” I joked.

“I guess they were interested in your nature.” Jamison hesitantly answered.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I remember your husbands mentioned your behavior to us since they found it strange and didn’t know what your behavior meant.” I looked at Jamison and motioned him to continue talking since I’m interested in what Jamison has to say.

“So I presume it’s would probably went down like this. Before you arrived at the manor they had to be polite on the first day since their mother ordered them to be nice to you, so they decided to listen to her and see how it’s will go.”

“They politely greeted and you politely greeted them too. You didn’t seem like other women they see it, so they decided that they will be polite until you stopped being polite.”

That is why I haven’t seen their side, which the media had portrayed them.

“And that went for days.”

“So that is how they became interested in me? ” I asked Jamison shook his head.

“No, not yet.”

“Your husbands saw that every day you were neutral. So they wanted to speed up.”

“Speed up?” I asked and Jamison nodded his head.

“Yes, speed up. They wanted to know how would you react if they rewarded for your behavior.”

“So I was like some dog to them?” His sentence sounds bad.

" I didn’t mean it like that. I meant your husbands wanted to know how would you behave if you were received a better treatment? Maybe then you will be confident to reveal ugly colors to them?”

This an interesting tactic unfortunately when they started giving gifts I just felt shy.

“Ahh, I understand now!”

“And they also wanted to know what you would do, if they provoked bad behavior from you.”

“Ah, I knew it. They are the ones who set up those incidents.”

I felt that I was going to have a bad day, but I wore my favorite dress so I can have a better dress. Who knew that my dress will be ruined.

“Yes, since you passed those two tests. They continued to treat you better since most women wouldn’t pass their test they wanted to get to know you better.”

“Imagine their reaction, when you asked for an early divorce.”

“They expected you to be bossier, throwing tantrums, two-faced, but they didn’t expect that you weren’t interested staying married to them” Jamison laughed to himself.

“That is an interesting insight. I have another question why my husbands seem to be wary and kinda hostile to you? Yet, you talk about them like they are still good friends.” I asked Jamison with curiosity.

“Long story, we were good friend, since childhood, but since my mother didn’t want me to go to disciplinary school, she wanted me to go to Etrian school. Most men distance from a man who didn’t complete the disciplinary school. ”

“I managed to keep the circle of friends who still trusted me and I kept their trust in return.”

Maybe having sessions with Jamie might improve the relationship between him and my husbands.

“Well look it here the time has passed so fast. I guess I’ll see you in the next session.” Jamison said.

We spent all day talking, instead of just talking about my mental health. At least, I found out some new information.

Jamison led to my carriage and we said goodbye to each other.

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