Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 43

Meanwhile in the bar in a hidden red light district.

Prince sat on the stool and drank whiskey.

I’m so screwed.

My plan shouldn’t end up that way. If I knew that whore Annabelle would leave early.

My plan was flawless. Annabelle should have ended up in my bed, while her husbands would end up with the prostitutes. It’s would make them lose Annabelle’s favor and I could become her first husband.

I put the money on the table and said.


The bartender looked at me disapprovingly but still filled my glass with whiskey.

Before I could drink the whiskey, the royal guards broke into the bar. The captain of the Royal guards ordered two guards to take me to the carriage.

“The Queen has summoned your presence, Your Highness!”

The captain of the royal guard looked at me with disgust as two guards grabbed me and took me to the carriage. I was too drunk to fight then and there was no point.

As soon as we arrived at the Royal Palace, the guards took to the room where the Queen is currently in and pushed me into that room.

Mother didn’t look at me worried at first, but when she saw me drunk, she became furious.

“Arthur, how dare you drink in the daylight and showed your drunk face in from of me ?” She scowled at me.

“Nevermind, now tell me. Who did you offend?”

“What do you mean, mother?” I asked.

She showed me newspapers where I was exposed to gambling, drinking heavily and also using brothel’s services.”

“To have my son illegally using poor prostitutes and doing illegal activities.”

In Ravendale, women considered goddesses and prostitutes are women who are captured and forced to do give services against their will. If someone is caught using brothel’s services, they are severely punished.

“The future King who is supposed to protect his people, not do atrocious stuff to his people instead.”

“You disappointed me, how can I now face the court? how can I face my people who know found that the heir of the throne is a piece of trash.” my mother yelled at me and I couldn’t react in any way.

Then my fathers came back, they didn’t show their disappointment, they didn’t even look at me.

“Did you find out who is responsible for pouring dirt on Arthur?” mother asked my fathers.

“The Amethyst did it.”

“How dare you disobeyed my orders, I told you not to mess with them. Where I did go wrong with you?” my mother almost cried when she said that.

My mother paced around the room thinking how can she clean up the mess. Then she faces my fathers.

“Maybe, we should talk to your aunt?” my mother suggested. “She definitely can influence Charlotte better, than I can.”

“Our aunt wouldn’t like this, but we need to tell her about it.” One of my fathers said and mother nodded.

“Alright then.” she turned her head and ordered her servants.

“The prince is grounded make sure, he won’t leave the room.” Cordelia ordered.

After a few hours have passed when Annabelle had arrived at the manor after her appointment with Jamison.

Annabelle decided that she would want to read some book in the library. She never felt brave reading book alone without her husbands. She was afraid that the husbands would run into her often and will start a conversation about her book and then have to talk about interest so that they would develop a bond.

Now, she didn’t have to worry about running into her husband. Now she is prepared to build the bond.

Alexander saw Annabelle sitting in the library alone. He wanted to hug her from behind, so he went up to her and hugged from behind. Annabelle giggled.

“How sweet of you!” I kissed Alexander on the cheek. Alexander’s inner cat enjoyed receiving a voluntary kiss from Annabelle.

“How was your appointment with Jamison?” Alexander asked.

Alexander was at the business meeting when I came back after the appointment.

“It was alright. It’s was not as bad as you imagined would be” I answered him. Alexander mentally sighed.

“How was your business meeting?” I asked Alexander.

“it’s was good, but it’s was a tiring meeting.” Alexander kissed her forehead.

“You should rest then.”

Alexander sat next to her and put me on his lap, so we can cuddle. I didn’t mind, I enjoyed cuddling with my husbands.

I continued reading the book until Alexander asked me.

“Annabelle, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” I answered.

“Why are you fine with us not giving you a divorce?” Alexander asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked Alexander.

“Why you wouldn’t try to convince us to give you divorce or just be uncooperative?”

I thought about his question.

“I don’t like confrontation and I will know that I probably have a hard time to convince you otherwise. Now, I have a question for you ?”

“What is your question?” Alexander asked.

“Why you both decided that you want to spend whole life, with a weird and boring person like me?” I asked him.

Alexander put his chin on my head and thought about his answer.

“Your not boring, at least not to us? We just didn’t want to miss out spending our whole life with you. We never felt strongly for someone like we do feel for you. ” Alexander explained.

“I understand.” I smiled at Alexander.

Love is a foreign concept in Ravendale, it’s doesn’t mean that people couldn’t able to love. They can still capable of expressing love.

“I guess, I do not need to feel worried about spending my whole life with you both.” I told Alexander.

Alexander looked at me and we both leaned in for the kiss.

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