Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 44

I manage to convince my husband to come with me to spend a few weeks in Mountainville. I was so excited.

We were on the train that is going to the Mountainville.

“We are going to have such a good time there.” I started rambling my husbands just obediently smiled and listened to me.

“We can relax in the hot springs, enjoy the food, swim in the lake. Even Elizabeth will enjoy playing in the playground and making new friends.” I looked at Elizabeth who was sitting on my lap.

I also took Elizabeth’s nanny, because I know I would be busy with the grand opening and inspecting my resort. I wanted my husbands also relax and I wanted Elizabeth to enjoy playing in the playground and making new friends that are the same age as her.

We are going on a family vacation.

“If you both need to do the work, there is a study room at my place. I can ask my maids to set it up or you if you would want to.” I told them.

“You are so thoughtful, Annabelle. As you suggested we will try to relax.”

We arrived at the train station. I was so excited about being in Mountainville again.

I had the best summer memories of Mountainville.

There was a carriage waiting for us. The coachman greeted me and I greeted him back. My husbands were carrying the baggage and I helped them to put baggage in the carriage.

We arrived at my beautiful resort, at the entrance Mary and Alice waited for me I got off from the carriage and went to hug Mary and Alice.

“It’s been so long! You should have come here sooner.” Mary said as she hugged.

“I was busy.” I told her.

“With what?” Alice teased me and I laughed and didn’t answer her as I went to hug her too.

“You should meet my husbands Alexander and Nathaniel. Alexander and Nathaniel meet my most trusted assistants Alice and Mary” I introduced my husbands and assistants to each other.

Nathaniel and Alexander politely greeted them and Alice and Mary also greeted them. Mary looked over me and saw Elizabeth who was hiding behind my back.

“Who is this little cutie?” Mary asked.

“That is Elizabeth my daughter, she is just very shy.” I answered her.

Then we proceeded to go to the cottage to unpack our stuff.

After we unpacked our stuff, we went to the cafeteria. Where people who stayed at my resort dined.

My husbands were surprised seeing a cafeteria, where people would have a lot of option of choosing good quality food.

Can’t blame them I just adapted Etrian invention in Ravendale.

After eating the lunch I suggest Elizabeth’s nanny take Elizabeth to the playground.

In the evening I was just sitting on my balcony and looking at the wedding ceremony that is being held at my resort. Nathaniel saw me looking at the wedding ceremony.

“Do you wish to have a wedding ceremony?” Nathaniel asked me. Nathaniel’s voice woke me of my daydream.

“What do you mean?” I blinked my eyes a few times and asked him.

“You were looking at the wedding ceremony. Do you want a wedding ceremony someday?” Nathaniel asked me again.

Ravendale saved the ancient tradition of the wedding. We still have a bride in a white dress, grooms in a black suit, same ceremonial process. While in Etria most young people prefer signing a contract.

“Yes, it’s was my childhood dream to have a beautiful wedding marrying someone I love.” I dreamily answered.

“If you want it, we can arrange it.” Nathaniel offered. I looked up to him.

“B- but weddings are stressful to plan. Are you sure?” I asked him while being awestruck by his suggestion.

“I’m sure we can manage it. If it will make you happy, then we will plan the wedding.” Nathaniel said.

I didn’t know what to say, I hugged Nathaniel.

I was very happy and I even shed some tears from happiness.

Next day we were having breakfast outside. Enjoying the fresh air, tea, and biscuits. My husbands were in their cat form laying on the grass and enjoying the fresh air.

Mary came to us and reported the surprising news.

“Annabelle, James and your other friends have arrived.”

Dear diary,

I’m sorry that I took too long to write anything in the diary.

A lot of things have happened since I last time wrote to you. Those mysterious strangers appeared to be the princes.

I was shocked.

From the start I knew that I didn’t have any advantage to become a Queen, so I decided to help princes to choose Queen by befriending the candidates and describing their personalities to the princes, in exchange after selection I will receive a noble title and a big sum of money to live a good life in Ravendale.

But it didn’t the way I desired.

Instead, the princes have fallen in love with and tried to win my heart, until I gave in.

And I gave them my heart.

On the day of my coronation and wedding, something unexpected happened.

My ex-boyfriend found me in Ravendale and asked me to take him back on the day of the ceremony.

My fiances were furious of the audacity of my ex-boyfriend. They ordered guards to put my ex-boyfriend in dungeons.

I was shocked about this. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t think my boyfriend would break up with my sister and decides to go to Ravendale to win me back.

The wedding ceremony was ruined, because of him. My fiances are mad and confused. They think he was trying to steal me instead of joining the harem, but I explained the traditions of Etria.

I hope they won’t let him rot in dungeons, but instead deport him and ban him from Ravendale.


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