Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 46

After when James left the Ravendale. Ashley and Robin kept me a company. During this time we had a great time, I introduced a lot of traditional games to them. We explored Mountainville and tasted food from Preston’s restaurant.

Seems like Preston became interested in Ashley. He would always give her a free dessert.

Also, I and Ashley relaxed on the hot springs, enjoyed spa treatments together.

Then after a week of staying, they decided to leave.

After that, I had scheduled the grand opening of my clinic and also introducing noble figures to my resort. My husbands were very supportive at that moment.

The event was a success. I made it fun for noble figures too.

I made a raffle, that three families can win free consultation in my clinic or family will won’t have to pay a medical bill for a specific limit.

They were fascinated by the technologies of Etria and how my resort is family-friendly.

That day I gained new investors, who are willing to invest in my clinic.

I made my family’s business bloom in full potential.

After the grand opening, I enjoyed spending time with my husbands and Elizabeth. I feel that we built a stronger bond with my husbands and Elizabeth.

I always became excited each time when Elizabeth would call me mother and I would my husbands with the news. They were happy because I was happy about it.

We returned to Ivyvale and my husband became more relaxed.

His friends were surprised to see them happy and well-rested. They were surprised when they said they didn’t want to divorce me and invited to our wedding.

His friend’s opinion was changed.

Now I have a chance to support my husbands.

I found out the been working on bringing the grand ancient temple back to life.

They managed to restore the temple into former glory.

Now I’m standing behind them in a press conference in Fenex town that is close to Fayan borders. The place is filled with jungles and the temple was part of our Ravendale’s and Faya’s history.

I could stand next to my husbands, but I decided not too.

Because I didn’t contribute to the project and it’s was their time to shine.

I stood behind them, in a light purple dress, since the jungles are hot and have a high humidity level. My husbands also didn’t wear a suit that they would always wear instead they wore a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.

A standard outfit for the jungle.

“I’m thankful to Amethyst brothers who managed to restore the ancient temple of Goddess Lux ” the town’s mayor finished the speech.

I clapped at the end of the mayor’s speech.

It’s was my husbands time to speak. Alexander started his speech.

“We are glad that this project entrusted to us. It’s the greatest honor to be the one who managed successfully to restore the complicated architecture of the Goddess Lux temple.” Alexander started the speech.

Alexander finished saying his long speech. It’s was time for questions.

Nathaniel and Alexander perfectly answered all the questions regarding the rumors and scandals about this project. There were not a lot of questions.

Some reporters ran out of questions to ask about the project, they decided instead to ask me.

“We are curious about Lady’s Annabelle presence, we want to ask her opinion about the project.” one reporter boldly asked.

I didn’t plan to be interviewed in my husband’s press conference. I felt guilty, but my husbands smiled gently and motioned to come to the microphone stand.

" I’m just glad that my husbands managed to restore the historical object that is part of Ravendale’s history. I’m glad that I able to come here and support them.” I said.

Some reporters taking pictures, some scribbling the words I just said others wanted to ask more question.”

“Is it true that you will be having a wedding ceremony?” the reporter asked. All reporters went quiet and wanted to hear my answers.

Usually, if a wife having a wedding ceremony when she is already married. It’s meant that she is getting another husband.

During my stay in Ivydale and I have a little bit of experience with interviewing, I decided to end the press conference.

“True, this what I can say for now. Now excuse me I’m feeling tired.” I excused myself and left the press conference platform with my husbands.

“I’m sorry for stealing the spotlight.” I apologized to my husbands.

“It’s alright. We can’t blame you for being popular.” Nathaniel said.

“Besides, you’re very likable.” Alexander added.

I smiled at my husbands and we went to our carriage. The reporters wanted to stop us, but luckily security mages stopped them.

We sat in our carriage and went back to our hotel.

Being in a town that is made of jungles, made me sweaty so I decided to go to the shower. My husbands stopped and invited me to the balcony. That had a jacuzzi in it.

I guess the hotel is aware of Etria’s technology.

I sat on the jacuzzi and relaxed, my husbands also joined with me.

I admired the scene of jungles from the balcony while relaxing in the jacuzzi.

“This place is so beautiful. It feels like we are on a honeymoon.” I told them.

“It feels like a honeymoon, but it’s still missing one detail to make it into a real honeymoon.” Alexander told me.

I understood his hint.

“Oh? You both want a real honeymoon.” I seductively asked them.

“Depends, if you are in a good mood.” Nathaniel purred.

“I’m definitely in a good mood.”

Nathaniel and Alexander’s eyes started glowing in the dark.

This time we made love without a need for both of us to be drunk.

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