Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 47

Today is our wedding day.

I and my husbands planned this wedding for two months. I’m satisfied with the result. It turns out that it’s easier to plan weddings in Ravendale than in Etria.

I’m happy with the venue, dress and my husbands.

Currently, my maids are helping to put the wedding dress on me.
Nathaniel borrowed hundreds of dresses from different shops and made me try on all of them.

Then after I tried them on Nathaniel made choose from ten dresses. The that I liked were discarded by him, but I still trust his Fashion taste.
With my hair and makeup on, I looked like a fairy princess.

Nathaniel never saw me wearing the wedding dress with light makeup and hair made into a beautiful updo. My husbands will be astonished went they see me.

For those two months, we not only planned the wedding. We also grew closer together to the point that we started understanding each other more. Jamison’s therapy helped me become more confident in myself and understand my husbands more.

I didn’t believe that I would ever be happy spending my whole with Ravendalian husbands.

I also bonded with Elizabeth. We did a lot of mother-daughter bonding.

“When I can walk down the aisle.?” I asked the maid.

“Twenty minutes left only.” The maid answered.

I whined in my head, I wanted to go early, I wanted to see them badly.

Then it’s was finally time to walk down the aisle.

I’m thankful that there is no tradition of having seating arrangements where husband’s relatives sit on the one side and on the other side my relatives should sit.

I didn’t have relatives that I would personally acquainted. At least now I have a new family.

The wedding march started playing and I walked down the aisle. People looked back when they heard the sound playing.

I was right my husbands were astonished.

They looked handsome in their black wedding suit. Next to them was Elizabeth dressed as a flower girl.

Finally, I’m standing together with my husbands at the chapel.

“We are happy to able to marry you.” Nathaniel and Alexander both whispered in my ears.

Then the priestess started her speech.

“Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of this beautiful couple in marriage.”

The next part of the priestess speech interrupted.

The royal guards bargained in made the guests panic.

“Those are the former Queen’s guards.” Alexander mumbled.

“The former Queen’s? What did we ever do to her?” I asked but no one could answer my question.

I stayed close with my husbands and I made Elizabeth wouldn’t run away from panic. We stayed close together.

Edward my husband’s father made sure to bring his mages from his guild. They were skilled and managed to stop them.

“Hmm. Already resisting?” A woman entered with a man. That is probably her husband.

She had a dangerous serious face, she had blue eyes in her sharp gaze.

She looked she was in her late forties. Yet, I know the former Queen is in her sixties.

“What is going?” Charlotte demandingly asked the former Queen.

“Charlotte, I deserve explanation more than you do. You know what you doing right now can be considered betraying a Royal family?” The former Queen dangerously asked.

The crowd gasped, but Charlotte still stood brave.

“I’ve been loyal to the royal family, since the day I was born.” Charlotte stated.

“Then please explain why I’m only aware now, that your daughter in law is my granddaughter.”

Another wave of whispers breaks out.

Charlotte knew that she must choose to answer carefully because she knew her fate will depend on her answer.

The former Queen knew from the day she was born, Charlotte had a crush on her son and been his best friend for a long time. When her son ended choosing to marry the opponent in a magical tournament, who won against her, she had to give up. Former Queen Anastasia comforted her and later that time she recognized her talents as a politician.

Former Queen Anastasia had an unpredictable temper when she was mad. She could order to execute Charlotte or throw her into dungeons to either torture or interrogate her.

Keeping the secret from her. It’s definitely can count as betrayal, but she didn’t know how safe would Annabelle be if she told the former Queen sooner.

“Oh, I would love to explain.” Charlotte answered.

“Alright then. Guards take her to the dungeons. I will talk to her later.” Then the Queen turned to me. Her gaze was softer.

“Annabelle, please come with me.” She wasn’t asking she ordering me to.

I wanted to resist, but Alexander stopped me from saying anything.
“Just go with her, we will be fine.” Alexander told her.

She didn’t want to leave from her now ruined wedding. She didn’t want to leave her husbands, but she knew it’s will be worse for them if she had resisted.

So I followed her. Her two guards are walking behind me.

When we got on the carriage I just ignored her gaze and looked at the window. I was in a bad mood and I didn’t want to talk.

I needed to think about what happened.

Now it makes sense how my father was knowledgable about any subject. At first, I thought my father was from a rich family, but now I know he is from a royal family.

He was King Leonard the only son of Queen Anastasia.

If he was the King why didn’t he came back? Was there a reason?

If I’m Queen’s Annastasia grandaughter is that means I’m the true heir of the throne?

How would I even rule the kingdom? It’s not a clinic or a resort that I’m used to managing.

It’s bigger than that.

Will I even get to rule? People might now be thinking that I’m an illegitimate child and I have no right to rule Ravendale.

Why would Charlotte keep the secret from me?

A lot of thought going through my head, but I know whatever reason Charlotte of keeping secret from me, I know that my father trusted her.

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