Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 48

No one spoke in the carriage, it’s was awkward.

I know that we are going outskirts of Ivyvale.

Then we arrived at Royal’s residency, the size was close to the manor we live in.

For some reason, I felt dizzy, when I got off from the carriage. I guess today was a stressful day.

In front of the gates stood the twin of Annastasia’s husband, he is her other husband and next to him stood servants. I assume they are my biological grandfathers, not my step-grandfathers since I don’t know much about my supposed grandmother harem.

Even one if one of them is my biological grandfather, I still have to refer his other twin as my grandfather when in reality he is my grand uncle.
The man who was at waiting in front of gates approached me.

“Hello Annabelle, I know you are in not in the best mood and probably tired. Would you like me to take you to your room?” He asked.

I just nodded.

He took to me to my room I will be staying, he knew I was in a bad mood and didn’t ask anything. For that I’m grateful.

The room was the same size as my room in the manor.

“In the closet, you will find clothes to change into, dinner will be at 8 pm.”

My grandfather informed me and then he left.

I went to look at the clothes and there were a lot of white dresses in the closet.

White - the color of Diamond Royal family.

There is no difference if I go to eat dinner with my wedding dress or white dress that I’ve been given, but the wedding dress is heavier so I decided to wear to another dress.

I removed hairpins from my hair and spend some time removing my make up.

There goes my wedding. I sighed.

It’s was hard to plan a wedding in two months and it’s was ruined.

Why it’s had to happen at my wedding?

I felt my sadness wanting reach outside my expression, I shed a few tears and then I starting sobbing.

I went to my bathroom to wash my face.

I shouldn’t cry, soon I will have to eat dinner. It’s wouldn’t be appropriate to look like a trainwreck in front of members of the Royal family which I’m part of it.

It’s was almost eight o’clock. I left my room outside there was a servant who is kind enough to take me to the dining room.

In the room, there was sitting my grandmother and my two grandfathers.

My grandfathers greeted me and I nodded and I sat down on the chair.
I didn’t have a mood to talk with anyone, so I just silently sat. Servants brought food and I continued being silent until grandmother started talking to me.

“Look, I did it for the best.”

“For the best? Destroying your granddaughter’s wedding is for the best?” I raised my voice.

" Yes, it’s better that way. You don’t know anything about Amethyst family, it’s better to stay away from them.”

“I’m already married into Amethyst household, you can’t keep me here.”

“Then you will have to divorce!” Grandmother firmly told me.
I stood up.

“You know you might acknowledged that I’m your granddaughter, but I haven’t acknowledged you. You don’t have a right to tell me how I should deal with my marriage.” I stated.

The grandfathers were just silently watching us.

“You disrespectfu...”

“I have no reason to respect, so please excuse me I don’t have an appetite to eat.” I said.

When I walked I felt dizziness. I didn’t reach the doorway as I fainted.

I don’t know If I fell or I was caught because at that time I blackout from reality.

Soon I started hearing voices I didn’t open my eyes

“Doctor why did she faint?” my grandmother asked her voice laced with worry.

“Well it’s nothing serious, women tend to lose consciousness when they are pregnant.” Doctor explained.

“Pregnant?” Anastasia silently muttered.

“How long is she pregnant?” my grandfather asked.

“I’m not sure, she needs to have a full check-up” Doctor said.

Grandfathers proceeded to ask questions but my grandmother just stood silently. Then she left my room.

I opened my eyes. There were my grandfathers and the doctor. My grandfathers noticed that I’m awake and one of them left with the doctor.

“You probably heard what the doctor told us?” the Grandfather asked I just nodded and he smiled.

“From now on you should take care of yourself.” Then the grandfather decides to change the topic.

“I know you have a bad impression of your grandmother, she is just very worried about you.” He told me. I didn’t interrupt him.

“Your the only grandchild we have.”

“I’ll try to get along with her but I’m not divorcing my husbands.” My grandfather chuckled.

“She wouldn’t do that but then again she needs to gather pieces of evidence before making a final decision. If you get along she will get to know you more, she will get to know your feeling for your husbands.” He told me.

“Why did you have to stop my wedding?” I asked him.

“Well, we found out that your husbands where paying newspapers to dirty the Prince’s reputation and they also made sure there were pieces of evidence. Also, Charlotte knew that you were our granddaughter but she never told us about it. It’s considered conspiring against the Royal Family” He explained.

“I don’t know why my husbands decided that they wanted to ruin Prince Arthur’s reputation unless...” I said.

“Unless what?” Grandfather asked.

“Well, there was one weird incident.”

“On the day of the annual Royal ball someone spiked our bottle of champagne, we all three drank it. Fortunately, we went home early. My husbands were investigating that incident, it’s would make sense if they decided to dirty the Prince’s reputation.” I placed my hand under the chin.

“But I don’t know for sure if that is the case.”

If I’m related to the former Queen then I’m related to the current Prince consorts because they are nephews of the former Queen Anastasia. Meaning Arthur is my second cousin.

“I see.” His expression turned dark, but then he smiled.

“Well, alright I should let you rest.”

He left the room.

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