Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 49

My grandfathers Samuel and Johnathan invited me to drink tea with them.

I accepted their invitation because even though I’m upset about my wedding day getting destroyed I still want to get to know my relatives that I didn’t have a chance to get to know.

It was a good day so I picked the lightest dress and went to a big room with balcony. Of course, the servant led me to that room.

My grandfather greeted me politely as always.

“How are you feeling today, Annabelle?” My grandfather Johnathan asked me.

“I’m feeling good, thank you for asking.” I politely answered. I knew that he was making sure that I’m feeling good since I’m pregnant now.

“Are you happy that you are soon will become a mother? Since you are a little too young to become a mother.” My grandfather Samuel asked.
I understood he was asking if I’m the type who hates children.

“I don’t mind having children at this age. I always dreamed of having children and I get along with my step-daughter very well but I don’t know how my husbands would react to this news.” I explained to them and they nodded.

“Speaking of husbands, how were they treating you before we took you from your wedding ceremony?” Grandfather Samuel asked me.

“Since your father is dead we are the ones who are supposed to your father’s role. We are worried about you because your husbands don’t have a good reputation.” Grandfather Jonathan explained.

“I understand your concerns, but during the marriage, I didn’t get to see their cruel side.” I hid the fact that when I tried to divorce they threatened to ruin James’ life if I try aggressively insisting on divorce.

“Really, how did you both got along?” one of the grandfathers asked me.

“Well, when I entered the household we just both became neutral. They were polite to me and I was also polite to them. I didn’t plan on staying married to them but they became curious and wanted to get to know me more. Soon they became more affectionate and then I also returned their feelings.” I explained to them.

“I see.” both of my grandfathers answered simultaneously.

“What about you two? How did you get along with my grandmother.” I asked.

It was rare for a Queen to retire only with her first rank husbands and also live with them for so long.

“Well, the reason your grandmother is so worried about because we also had an infamous reputation as infamous tyrannic crown princes.” Samuel started explaining and I nodded.

Now, I know why my grandmother has prejudice to my husbands.

“At that point, our mother was willing to give anyone her crown who are willing to marry us. The only rule was that she must survive for a year with us and also taking lessons on becoming the future Queen.”

“Barely anyone survived three months. Well until your grandmother came along.”

“Her motive was to survive as long as she can so her sister can marry her crush.”

“We did give her a bad time like we always did to the other candidates, but she just patiently suffered. At one point we became interested in her.”

“Instead her sister ended up marrying someone from the Royal family. She wanted to leave us but her parents threatened to disown her if she left us before her sister’s marriage.”

“Her sister’s marriage was close to the deadline. At that time there were wedding preparations because your grandmother already survived 10 months.”

“After her sister’s marriage she didn’t want to stay with us anymore so she became anxious tried to be disobedient so we would let go of her. But we didn’t want to we later found out her motives and we understood we couldn’t treat her like we did before.”

“It’s was a long journey but we managed to get along with her like we do now.” They explained to me.

I attentively listened to their story.

“It makes sense right now.” I said as I sipped my tea.

“By the way, we are curious about what kind of abilities you inherited?” Johnathan asked me.

“My abilities?” I didn’t understand what they meant.

I have always been human with no abilities whatsoever.

“We are light magic users, your grandmother is avian, your father inherited magical abilities from us. We are curious do you have wings like avians do? maybe you inherited light magic abilities? Or you perhaps inherited from your mother something?” Samuel asked me.

“I have always been a human with no special abilities.” I told them. They just looked at in disbelief.

“Give me your hand.” Johnathan asked me and a gave him my hand. He closed his eyes and I felt tingles all over my body until the white fire popped out with black specks from my hand.

“You indeed inherited our magic, too bad your father didn’t help to develop your power.” Last part of the sentence Johnathan sighed.

“I guess it’s will be our duty to teach you.” Samuel said.

“I have one question. What are those black specks that surrounding this fire?” I asked I was curious the black specks I though it will be white specks around white specks.”

“Oh, those are your husband’s magic. We heard that at one point they were trained dark magical abilities for a short time.” Johnathan answered.

“How did I inherited their magic?” I asked but my grandfathers chuckled.

“We would tell you, but I don’t think it’s will be appropriate.” Samuel chuckled.

Now I understood what kind of transfer require for me to inherit my husband’s magic.

We ended up chatting for a few minutes until we had to go eat lunch, this time we ate peacefully. My grandmother wanted to walk within the garden, so I agreed to walk with her.

The garden here is very beautiful, the garden had light pink bushes. It’s pleasing to the eyes.

We just walked silently until my grandmother started a conversation.
“You must miss your husbands, I assume?” my grandmother at this time gently asked me.

“I do.”

“Well, your grandfather filled me in on the reason why would husband would dirt my Nephew’s son name. I also interrogated Charlotte and I listened to her story. I guess I can allow your husbands to visit you. ” my grandmother told me.

“It’s will be a good opportunity for us to get to know your husbands and a chance to convince me.” She finished saying.

I just hugged her, she was, of course, surprised that I hugged her.

“Thank you, you will see they are not the person who you think they are.” I said.

Then we continued walking talked for a while until it was time for us to eat dinner.”

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