Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 50

On the next day, my husbands came to visit me, they also brought Elizabeth with them. I was very happy to see them, when I saw their carriage is in front of the residence I went to hug them.

They almost forgot that I’m not wearing a wedding dress anymore I’m just wearing a white dress. I never wore a white dress as my casual dress so it was unusual to see me right now in one.

Of course, I had to greet Elizabeth first, since she is still too young to understand what happened at my wedding.

“Hi Elizabeth, did you miss me?” I asked her. She just nodded and I hugged her. She hugged very tightly. It’s was clear she indeed missed me and was afraid that I would never return.

“We will be staying for a few days, so you will have some time to play with your mother.” Nathaniel tells Elizabeth.

Then I went to Nathaniel and hugged him.

“What about you? Did you both miss me?” I asked my husbands.

“We did.” Alexander answered and then I went up to him to hug him.

After a few seconds, my grandfathers came to greet my husbands. They took away my husbands for a talk.

I just took Elizabeth’s hand and took her to the garden. My grandmother was currently in the garden, so I decided to introduce Elizabeth to her. She was surprised seeing me with a child.

“Grandmother, this is my daughter Elizabeth and Elizabeth this is my grandmother.” I introduced them. Elizabeth, as usual, was shy, but she didn’t hide behind me since I told her that this lady is my grandmother.

“Is she your husband’s biological daughter?” She asked me.

“No, she isn’t. They took her in when she was by my husband’s doorstep in winter.” I explained to her.

Elizabeth looked around the fountain she was near for me to see her, so she didn’t hear anything that I told my grandmother about it.

“Yes, light blonde hair and blue eyes rarely anyone inherits from Amethyst family.” my grandmother commented.

“Funny thing is that Elizabeth does share the same magical abilities to shift into were cat form with my husbands.”

“They shift into a black jaguar, she shifts into a snow leopard.”

“I guess whoever left her, knew that my husbands can teach her about her magical abilities.” I sighed.

“I see you got along with her very well.” Grandmother said.

“Yes, she was very shy when at first met her. She was afraid to eat in the dining room when I was there. I gave her space for her to observe and decide to trust me or not. Then little by little, she started to trust me more and calling me as her mother.” I remembered when she called me a mother for the first time.

My grandmother saw my smile as I was telling about Elizabeth to her she also smiled at me and said.

“You like kids, don’t you?” She asked.

“I do.” I truthfully answered and she smiled.

“When do you plan to tell them that you are now pregnant with their children?” Grandmother quietly asked me.

“I think, I will tell them this evening.” I answered her.

Then it’s was lunchtime. I called Elizabeth so we could go together to the dining room.

My husbands and my grandfathers are already sitting behind the table. They smiled at me when they saw me walking with Elizabeth.

Grandmother was the last one to sit, so she started the conversation by saying.

“I decided to let go of Charlotte since now I know her reasons. ” Then she looked at my husbands.

“Please inform your parents that in two days we will be having a big family talk. Which we will be discussing the fates you and Cordelia’s family.” My grandmother said in a serious tone.

In two days I will know if I have to divorce my husbands or not. For some reason, I believe that my grandmother won’t force me to divorce my husbands.

After we had lunch and dinner I was in my husband’s room because my grandmother wanted them to sleep separately from me.

Elizabeth was a little an uncomfortable sleeping alone in the new room, especially since my husbands didn’t bring a nanny with them. I decided to sleep to let her sleep in my room with me.

We were on the balcony drinking tea and looking at the sunset.

“You know I never asked about what happened to your previous fiances, is it alright that we will talk about it right now?” I asked them. Alexander looked at and he put his teacup on the table.

“I guess its now our time to tall about our previous fiances.” Alexander sighed.

“The first one was alright at first. We were fallen with her and spoiled her until she became pregnant and it was too late for her to abort a baby. She went mad.” Nathaniel said.

“After the baby girl was born, she killed her in her sleep.”

“We decided to put her in asylum and she killed her self after a few days.”

I was shocked by hearing this story. I didn’t know that they experienced such grief.

“We griefed for our dead daughter until someone left Elizabeth on our porch.”

So Elizabeth became some kinda replacement for their dead daughter. I knew that Elizabeth was found on their doorstep but I didn’t know it’s happened after their daughter’s death.

I just silently sat and continued listening.

“Then the second fiance came she pretended to sympathize with us but when we are not at home she would tyrannize the servants and also abuse Elizabeth behind our back.”

“When we found out we called out the engagement and we kicked her out.”

“She then also killed her self because she couldn’t face the shame.”

Her family must have had high expectations for her.

“After that, we decided to act aggressively so women wouldn’t dare to get closer to us.”

“We did that for a year until we met you.” They stopped explaining.

“I see now I know why people portray you as a bad person. I didn’t know.” I silently told them.

“It alright sooner or later you are bound to know.” Nathaniel told me.

“We don’t mind if you want to divorce that after that. Now since you are grandaughter of the formal Queen you have equal right to divorce.” Alexander explained to me.

“Are you kidding me? I will not divorce you when you share something personal. I’m just glad that you trusted enough to tell me.” I said.

“Besides, I don’t want to raise babies without you.” My tongue had accidentally slipped.

When they hear the word ‘babies’ they instantly looked for you.
“What do you mean babies?” Nathaniel asked me.

I’ve been told if my grandfathers are twins and my husbands are also twins. I might be pregnant with the twins.

“I guess also had something to tell you both today.” I sheepishly said.

“Are you pregnant?” Alexander asked and I just nodded. Alexander just hugged me and then Nathaniel hug.

“I still need to get a check-up to be sure after I fainted I found out that I was pregnant, but after that, I started to feel symptoms of pregnancy.” I told them.

I looked at their eyes I saw their tears the didn’t say anything and I just wiped their tears and comforted them.

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