Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 51

25 years ago

I remembered I returned from meeting with the ministers and went to Cordelia study room. I opened her door and saw Cordelia sitting in the desk looking pale doing her paperwork.

“What happened? Did our cousin take the news badly?” I asked with the sympathy she just nodded meekly.

“It’s alright, he eventually will get used to reality.” I rubbed her shoulders, then I noticed a bottle of pills on her desk, those were oddly familiar.

“What are those pills for?” I grabbed the pills. She the froze and tried to grab them from me but I was taller than her so she didn’t succeed grabbing the pills from me.

She forgot that she left pills on the table.

“Give me back my pills!” She commanded me.

I didn’t give her pills instead I just read the pill bottle sticker and I froze.
I never thought I would see those pills.

“You want to get rid of our baby?” I asked her. I know that Cordelia felt incredibly guilty when we married her and wanted to stay loyal so she would think about getting rid of the child in her stomach but I doubt she would want to use this method.

She began crying.

“I just ca-an’t, Leo will hate me if I keep the baby. I just don’t know what to do.” She told me through her crying.

“Did he gave you those pills?” I demandingly asked her and she nodded.

That bastard.

No, he is worse than those bastards he is a monster.

Those pills were rare but they are used to either kill wives with forceful miscarriage or make infertile so she would be easily discardable.

She would be deemed useless.

I can’t believe my cousin would do this such thing.

She doesn’t have a great backing to rely on if she was forced to divorce because she became infertile. Her family would greatly suffer because of this.

At the wizarding tournament she won against Charlotte, yet she lost against my cousin. He still decided to make her the Queen of Ravendale. Yet, he is now discarding her like a used object?

“How many pills did you drink?” I asked her.

“Just one.” She said with a weak voice.

One pill is nothing, but I don’t know what will happen if someone was slipping poison in her food all the time.

I grabbed her arm and decided to take her to the infirmary so the doctor can detoxify the poison that Cordelia took.

“What are you doing?” Cordelia asked him in tears.

“You understand that he is not only want to get rid of your baby, he wants to get rid of you.” I said and Cordelia looked at me unbelieving expression but I still took her to the infirmary.

On the next day, I told my brother Noel about what happened.

We didn’t know what is a better way to deal with Leonardo. He might decide to go with the drastic method that could harm either us or Cordelia.

He has always been an extreme idealist

“Should we get rid of him first before he gets rid of us, Noah?” Noel asked me.

In the end, we decided to corner him into a having a duel on the edge of the cliff.

We remembered the scene very vividly.

“So that how it is? You are taking revenge against me because of some woman? I thought we were cousins.” Leonardo said with no remorse.

“Cousins? We never got along no matter if we tried to be on friendly terms with you.” Noel’s eyes darkened as said that.

“We should handle matter between us not to use an innocent person against us.” Noah told me.

“Innocent person? Don’t tell me you love her.” Leonardo laughed.

“Enough! The sooner we will start the sooner we will finish.” They simultaneously said.

Leonardo stopped laughing and smirked.

“Alright then!” Leonardo grabbed his gun and shoot Noah in the shoulder.

Noel instantly took his gun and shoot his side. Leonardo was standing in the edge of the cliff the knockback of the bullet forced him to fall from the cliff into the river.

The currents of the river were strong so there was no way he could have survived.

They told their aunt that they were attacked by the rebels and gun wound was good evidence of the attack. Queen Anastasia sent troops to find his body but she couldn’t find him.

Little did we knew that he managed to survive and remarried.

Present time

Then the formal Queen Anastasia stopped holding his hand and Noah returned to the reality.

He is now in his aunt’s residence in the meeting where it would determine his and his brother’s fate.

Since Charlotte instantly revealed that they were the ones who tried to kill Annabelle’s father but it’s was unsuccessful. They didn’t blame Charlotte after she was also manipulated by him.

Luckily their aunt has a gift to see their past. Meaning she can see exactly what had happened and the reason why they did it.

Noel looked at the Annabelle to see if she has similarities with his cousin. She does have physical similarities such as eyes and hair color but she also looks similar to his aunt Anastasia when she was young.

But looking at her eyes we knew that she is not like her father or at least that is what he hopes so.

Everyone looked were looking at Anastasia awaiting her verdict. In the room, there was Charlotte with her husband, her sons with Annabelle and Anastasia with her husbands.

“Is this what happened?” Queen Anastasia wasn’t asking him she was asking herself confused. She didn’t believe that she saw her son in his actual colors.

She knew that her son was diligent and can achieve whatever he wants but she never knew that that behind his perfect facade he is a monster.

She sighed and said her verdict.

“Even though you both had a good reason to kill my son, you could just show me your memories instead of giving me such grief. I will still banish you to the Mountains until your third-generation descendant will turn 18.” Anastasia sighed when she started her final verdict.

It’s was a hard decision for Anastasia she treated her nephews as her sons. She wished that she didn’t have to do this but this was a reality.

She banished them to the mountains where an area with a lot of temples. Many women who ran away from their husbands go there to become priestesses. In there, was also place where the nobles are banned to appear in other Ravendale’s territory other than the mountains.

It’s a place where people regaining their good karma.

“And Cordelia would have to abdicate the throne.” Anastasia told them and the Prince Consorts nodded.

“We will accept the punishment.” They simultaneously answered.

“Is this is? Isn’t the punishment too little?” Charlotte asked.

Anastasia didn’t say anything and showed the Prince Consort’s memories to her by holding her hand. After Anastasia showed their memories, Charlotte was in shock.

If she had won the tournament against Cordelia than she could have been suffering like Cordelia was.

Charlotte wanted to say something but the messenger rushed into their room.

The messenger gasped for air and said.

“The assassins killed the Queen.” he managed to utter.

This day is the worse day for the Royal family.

Then Anastasia decided to keep a secret from Annabelle about her father so she wouldn’t feel the guilt that she isn’t supposed to.

Annabelle is oblivious who is the true villain.

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