Lady of the Ravendale

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The assassin didn't leave a trace when he killed Queen Cordelia. No one could explain where the assassin came from and who hired it.

Her husbands couldn't investigate her death since they are exiled to the mountains. The only one who would be motivated to investigate is Arthur and unfortunately for some unknown reason, he went insane.

My grandmother became in charge of the investigation, in case assassin wanted to kill me too. The months of investigation have passed, my grandmother didn't find anything.

The Ravendale's people went into a panic after the tragic news. Luckily for them, their formal Queen Anastasia took control of the throne before anyone could usurp it and announce that she will reign for three years.

She also announced that I'm the true heir of the throne.

People became calm after hearing the news. They trusted in Lady of the Ravendale who will soon become the Queen of Ravendale. After not only she is intelligent, her husbands are from a powerful background and her heir is on her way.

They felt safe hearing that the future of Ravendale is in good fate.

After the mourning period was over, we organized the wedding.

It was the wedding of the century.

We were more happy about this wedding because I had my grandmother and grandfathers supporting me. I felt more confident about marrying my husbands. My husbands enjoyed seeing me happy and confident.

I love them so much. I don't think anyone could replace my Prince Consorts.

After the wedding people became curious about the gender of the baby.

Will they be getting a princess or a prince?

They were happy when they heard that they will be getting both.

Of course, I made sure that Elizabeth wasn't left out.

Since she is not my biological daughter she cannot inherit the title of a Queen her origin is also unknown. She will still become a princess and probably become the new head of Blue Topaz family.

As it for me, I knew that I needed to grow up and learn to be the Queen of Ravendale.

I'm not a reckless teenager who could run away from home anymore, I'm not a simple Countess who could simply look after my household, I'm not a Duchess who could enjoy the fancy events.

I can't be that person to people of Ravendale.

I know that I need to do everything in my power to become a Queen of Ravendale that people deserve, a wife that my husbands deserve and a mother that my children deserve.

Even though I wanted men and women in Ravendale become equals, but meeting new people in Ravendale and talking to them made me understand that people of Ravendale are not ready for the change.

Some women are ready for change but there also men who are used to live and prefer to live under women's rule.

They need more time.

As a future Queen, I know that implementing those changes will lead to disaster, so I can only abide by the wishes of my people.

"Penny your thoughts?" Alexander asked as I looked the view outside my window, while I was holding my little Leon son.

"Oh nothing much, I guess I got tired from taking my turn at night to take of little ones." I smiled Alexander.

When my two beautiful children were born it was a big challenge to make sure they were taken care of properly. It's was a good thing that my husbands have some experience when they were taking care of Elizabeth.

"You always do a good job." Alexander complimented me.

"Too good of a job that now our children want to be held by you before going to sleep." Nathaniel said while carrying my little daughter Angelina who is awake at this moment.

I giggled.

"What can I say, I carried them for almost 9 months. We have established a bond long ago." I said while smiling. I gave sleeping Leon to Alexander so he could put him in his crib. Then, Nathaniel gave me Angelina so I could put her to sleep.

Angelina visibly relaxed in my arms.

I started singing a lullaby and she slowly fell asleep. Nathaniel was happy that finally, Angelina fell asleep in my arms. I carefully stood up and carried her to her crib and I put her next to her brother.

Elizabeth quietly came to a room. She didn't want to wake her little siblings and stood next to us.

"Do you also want a bed story?" I asked Elizabeth and she nodded. Nathaniel let out a little chuckle.

Elizabeth also wants me to put her to sleep. I didn't mind, I took her hand and went to her room.

Looking at our children made me realize that I made the best decision by staying married to my husbands.

I'm glad I chose them.

Dear diary,

In Ravendale, I've faced a different kind of hardships but it's was worth it.

I learned to live in Ravendale enjoy my life in there. Met new people and made some friends.

I never knew that I would able to fall in love again but I able to meet the love of my life.

There were a lot of challenges when my husbands tried to make me fall in love with them. After that, there were a lot of challenges to get to used to dynamic of the relationship.

In the end, I've found my happy ending.
You can find a completed sequel Queen of The Ravendale on Wattpad. My Wattpad account is Little_Dreamerz.

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