Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 5

I agreed to marry a stranger, even though I promised to give James a chance. I don't think he can wait six months and I don't think I can survive six months unscathed. I can't do a two-timing or three-timing, it's too much of the risk.

What did I get myself into?

On the next day, I was reviewing the condition of the resort and in my opinion, it's won't hurt to renovate, plus it's will be good to change all bed mattresses into new ones, since they are almost thirty years old.

Also, I introduced to hotel workers to a new booking system that will efficiently check reservations through the computer without using a book.

Then I made a yard sale since my grandfather's house is been used as a storage, also I cleaned up the attic in three houses, so we had a lot of stuff to sell. Surprisingly, a lot of people came to buy, mainly only common people came to buy, but I'm not surprised since we sell old stuff at their affordable price maybe even cheaper.

In conclusion, the yard sale was a success. We earned a good amount of money to cover more than half or renovation expenses.

Later that day I decided to research opening a new clinic with technology from Etria, since opening a new clinic will be beneficial to a lot of people in Ravendale, but it's will not be free. Since I decided to open a clinic with my own money, not with the help of the government, it's counts as if I was opening a private clinic. On the positive side people who can afford it can have a better option.

It's will take a lot of time and money to open clinics, because we need a physician, nurses, surgeons, pediatrician, dentist and more. Furthermore, the clinic can't function without a pharmacy, since we need something to cure patients. I think my first steps will be opening a pharmacy, make a place for physicians,nurses, and surgeons and then hire them.

"They responded." Marie came to my study and informed me. I looked at the chocolate haired woman with confusion.

"That fast?"I asked her.

"They probably paid for fast delivery." Marie explained. I thanked Marie for giving an envelope to me.

Either my in-laws want me to marry their sons fast, or their sons want to me marry as early as they can, so they can divorce me early. I sighed and I opened the envelope and in the envelope, I saw a letter and documents that I needed to sign, but first I looked at the letter.

Our dearest future wife, I read I don't know if its sarcasm or what are they trying to do. Why did they choose to address me like that? They could have used my real name, it's still would've sounded formal, or they wanted to make it personal? Who knows.

We glad that you decided to marry us. No, you don't.

Next in the letter, they explained that I needed to sign the documents and give those documents to the nearest registry office, and then our marriage will be official without a ceremony. Also, they explained that I have to start living in their house on the first day of February, which is only eight days left.

Alexander and Nathaniel from House of Amethyst. They signed formally.

I don't know how to feel about the letter. I mean I feel curious about them and curious how is my life will going to be with them I have a weird feeling. I started looking at documents and reading thoroughly before signing, then I noticed the other document.

Consent of Adoption.

Do they want to adopt a child? I know that in Etria you can't adopt a child without wife's consent and even if they don't have a wife. It seems they want to adopt a girl. I was confused about why they want to adopt a child, but I still signed the document.

Later that day I wrote an email to Ashley since she is the only one check emails. I explained that I had to stay here for six months and I told her that she can tell James about my arranged marriage and it's was okay for him not to keep a promise.

The weird thing about Ravendale that you would always find a trace of modern technology no matter where you are.
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