Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 6

My husbands live in the capital city called Ivyvale, so I guess I'm moving to Ivyvale in four days.

Ivyvale is a great place to make connections because in Ivyvale live royalties and powerful nobles, who are in the court. There are also huge balls and good parlors, which make sure of new connections. In Ivyvale we have a battle of the wizards, where each year wizards compete to win the title of the champion.

I don't know if I have genes for a magic user, because my father had amnesia and my mother told me that I have some genes, but it's only because my ancestor was a healer. Furthermore, I've never learned magic, so chances of having magic power are less than five percent, so there is no way I can summon magic.

At least, I'm glad that my parents took a chance and they sent me to Etria's boarding to learn since Etria is more futuristic than Ravendale. I came back with a lot of ideas.Today I was discussing with Alice about how I can evolve a resort, so it's can thrive and probably be the best spa resort in the city.

"You think letting people rent ballroom is a great idea?" Alice her green eyes looked hesitantly at me, not believing my idea.

"Yes, there are noble families that don't have a ballroom in their house or their ballroom is not big enough, if they want to have a big ballroom they can rent it. Then we are not only be profiting from the rooms and spa treatments we offer, but we also profit from the venues we offer. " I explained

"I see, but don't you think we should offer catering to the clients too? I'm sure that noble families that don't have large income are willing to spend a lot of money to hire caterers and bring them here." Alice suggested.

"I see your point, we can offer caterers, but we need to make sure that our food would be high quality, then we need to hire better chefs."

We are brainstorming a lot of ideas. Although, it's would take a lot of time to set everything in my resort, but at least we know how we have plans for the resort.

Suddenly an idea flashed in Alice's head.

"You know your childhood friend owns a chain of restaurants and has a catering company, you can talk to him about hiring new kitchen staff." Alice explained.

She was talking about Preston from house Ruby, I indeed know him, but I was more acquainted with his stepbrother Elliot.

Since Elliot and Preston share the same father but not the mother and their father is married to Preston's mom, it means Preston was being groomed as an heir, and Elliot was often left out. Elliot often came to my front yard playing with worker's kids and I joined in too.

During childhood I would always play with Elliot, of course, I talked with Preston during the New Years' balls, but since I felt anxious in the ball, I would always sneak out with Elliot. My mother was not happy about it.

When I started going to school I rarely saw Elliot, since I was always in Etria. I always came to Ravendale during the holidays, but we rarely spend time together, because the more we aged up the busier we became. My mother wanted to invest my time in Ravendale learning etiquette and dancing in hopes that I will be prepared to live in the noble society.

"Well, I should try at least know if he is single or I have to talk with his wife about hiring their workers." I asked because sometimes wives would be involved in the business and sometimes they don't care and let husbands do everything for them.

"He is currently not married." Alice told me.

"Good, I guess I'm going to talk to him only."

I arrived at Preston's house, his house is bigger than mine, but I at least own three properties and territories inside the Mountainville and outside. Blue Topaz was a big family in the past, but some of them got arrested and had their titles removed and now I ended up being the last descendant of the Blue Topaz family.

Soon I heard maid opening the door, she asked about my identity and she was surprised when I told her that I'm from Blue Topaz. She let me in and told me to wait in the lobby room as she will tell Preston about my presence.

Since this house of Ruby family, the lobby is decorated in red color. Read coach, carpet and curtains, the floor is covered in dark wood. It's was always a tradition is either decorate your house with the color of the gem or just wear your color of the family.

"Lady Annabelle, long time no see. You look wonderful." Preston said as he grinned and kissed my hand. He looks the same as I remembered him dark brown hair and yellow eyes. I know that he is a dragon shifter.

"Thank you, Preston." I smiled at him.

Preston noticed that Annabelle has a calm aura surrounding her it's suited her looks since she has angelic looks, but he knows that Annabelle was a shy person before, but he noticed that she became more confident in herself.

"What brings you here?" Preston asked with curiosity.

"I came to ask if you have any available kitchen staff that I could hire." I asked but Preston chuckled.

"How interesting, your mother was against building a restaurant in the Mountainville. Yet, you came here to ask me for workers. That is unfair to me." Preston answered.

"My mother is against it, but not me. I think it's will be a good idea to have at least one restaurant in Mountainville." I answered. I know that restaurants can add town attraction points, meaning it's can attract more people.


"The menu has to contain at least sixty percent of exotic foods. Besides, I do offer compensation for the workers" I firmly answered.

"At least that is better than nothing." Preston sighed.

"Well enough about the business, tell how are you been?" Preston asked and I sighed.

"Well as you may know for the last five years I lived in Etria. I was studying medicine in there." I answered him. I don't like talking about personal stuff, but I knew that I should answer him, he will now sooner or later.

"Medicine? So you are graduated, I noticed that men would always choose women who graduated from college or university and not in Institute where teaches you to be a perfect lady. So have you received any marriage proposals lately?" Preston asked in curiosity. If Annabelle was single, he wouldn't mind marrying Annabelle, since he knows that she is not like other women in Ravendale who would rather treat their partner as a slave than a lover.

Institute not only teaches how to be a perfect lady but also how to control your husband. There is also Institute for men where teaches you discipline and teaches you how to please a woman. Also, there is a rumor that men are also taught how to sexually pleasure women, but it's only a rumor.

"I'm already married. It appears that my parents already arranged a marriage for me." I answered truthfully to him.

"By the way how is Elliot? I didn't see him anywhere in town. Does he still live in Mountainville?" I asked him. It's would be great if I get to talk with Elliot.

"He is currently in Ivyvale, hoping to make a lot of money there." Preston's mood changed. He was sad that she preferred Elliot over him and that she is already married. Elliot still has a noble status, but he is born from a mother that doesn't have noble blood.

We talked a little while then I returned to my house. I guess I can find Elliot in Ivyvale only.

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