Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 7

It's the day when I will start living in Ivyvale. I packed all my items and decided to bring three maids with me since I'm sure that my husband's housemaids will be under their control.

Although I was prepared I was still worried about how I'm going to live there in six months, I felt that my anxiety started acting up.

What if I won't be alive anymore after this marriage?

What if they humiliate me?

Will I be sane after this?

My head started spinning with these questions, but soon I distracted myself with the scenery outside the train its helped me to calm down. In the end, I will figure out something, like I always did. I was talking with my maids about the city of Ivyvale and some working arrangements.

Then we finally arrived at Ivyvale's train station. There where a lot of women wearing expensive puffy dresses, and men who wear expensive tailcoat tuxedo, some represent the household they are from, some just like wear this color because they like the color.

I was wearing a new dress, but it still looked humble comparing to other people's dresses. I didn't care because it's was easier to move in my dress.

I thought I will have to hail a carriage to get to the Amethyst manor, but it appears that my husbands already sent out the carriage for me. Two lackeys were standing outside the carriage and one of them holding a sign with my full name but there is added Amethyst next to my Blue Topaz surname.

"Gentlemen, did I made you wait? If I knew that there was a carriage for me waiting, I would make sure I would arrive at the right time." I gently smiled at them they looked surprised for a second, but they shook their head. Then they helped me and my maids climb the carriage and we took off.

In the city, there were a lot of five-story buildings from the Victorian era that decorates the city of Ivyvale. There are a lot of people from different classes walking on the streets. Each of them has a different story to tell.

Then we rode past the castle, it was a huge castle that overlooks the city.

It's had pointy roofs and is decorated with white color meaning it is a house of Diamonds. Currently, Queen Cordelia ruling the kingdom of Ravendale with her two second-rank husbands that are twins, but people still remember the King who was a son of earlier rulers, that married Cordelia giving her a title of a queen. King Leonard was an active leader and the entire court liked him, even if the court filled with lots of women, but he was killed next to the river and no one found his body.

After the carriage passed multiple buildings and streets we finally entered the outskirts of the city. We passed the fields and villages. The carriage entered the small dense forest when we passed the forest, it's revealed a huge three-story manor.

The manor has a black tiled roof and light grey brick wall and there is a huge garden, but since it's February there is only a leafless garden covered in snow. Nevertheless, the propriety is bigger than my resort which is the biggest property I own with the garden and place for hot springs included.

Lackeys helped me and my maids climbing out of the carriage and then they took our luggage and started carrying them. I looked at the entrance and saw doors were already opened for me on top of the stairs where the entrance is there is standing two figures, which is hard for me to see details, because of the stairs.

I started getting nervous, but I knew I need to hide it, so I started climbing the stairs. Made sure that my posture is straight and I walked elegantly.

"Welcome to your new home." My twin husbands said at the same time. I looked at their face they both have welcoming expression, but they expression hid something. They didn't hide disdain or maliciousness, their eyes only hid unwillingness.

I started looking at their features, they have jet black colored slicked back hair that suited them. They have purple colored eyes. They have sharp features and perfect jawline. Their body is in perfect shape. They look like models who were forced to wear a butler suit.

They are devilishly handsome.

It was hard not to swoon in front of them, but I had to keep my composure.

"I'm Nathaniel and this is my brother Alexander" the twin who is standing on the left introduced himself than his brother who standing on the right side.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Annabelle, but you already knew that." I gave them a small smile and they nodded.

"I'm guessing you must be hungry, we have dinner ready. Let us help you!" Nathaniel helped to take my coat off me. Then Alexander led to the dining room in the corner of my eyes I saw a girl who is probably six years old, who is hiding behind a statue, she looked at me with wary eyes.

"Oh, who is this?" I asked Alexander with curiosity. Alexander looked at the direction where I was looking, but the girl decided to run away.

"Oh, that is Elizabeth our adopted daughter. She needs time to get to used to you." Alexander answered. Elizabeth had blonde hair and blue eyes meaning she can't be a biological daughter. I heard it's hard to register a child out of the wedlock, and it's harder to adopt a child from the orphanage for men. I can only imagine she was found abandoned and they took her in.

The dining room looked grand decorated with the family color, I guess it's no surprise for Amethyst family. Marie and Alice didn't joke when they said that the Amethyst family is one of the richest families in Ravendale.

Alexander helped me to sit down and the dinner was served, soon Nathaniel joined us. He asked me if I want to stay in the guest room our start sharing room with them. I answered that I wanted to stay in the guest room.

Fun fact that women would often choose to share a room with husbands because it's some kinda dominant thing. If they are uncomfortable with sharing the bed with husbands, they make husbands sleep on the floor. I chose to stay in the guest room because I wanted to have my own space.

Another fun fact is that if women marry husbands they not always have to take the husband's surname. For example, if a woman came from lower status than her husband, then she must take the husband's surname, or if the husband came from lower status than wife then he must take wife's surname. If they both have the same status, then deciding factor which family is more wealthy.

Then there is also a reverse harem thing after wife marries the first husband, then other husbands and concubines keep their surname.

I finished eating and Alexander led me to my guest room, I thanked him and entered my room. I was satisfied with the room because it's had its desk, bathroom, big enough wardrobe, and balcony, so I lied on the bed to think about today's events.

One thing I found strange is that the girl seems wary of me and I don't know why? Is it something to do with the past brides? Who knows.

The only thing I know that my husbands are putting up the façade, which means they are smart, if they are smart its means they can observe, so I shouldn't do anything to them and just focus on creating my clinic and making sure that resort would run smoothly.

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