Lady of the Ravendale

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Chapter 8

I woke up in my new bed, the bed was really comfortable and I didn't want to get up. I wanted to sleep more for few more hours, but my dreams ruined by Alexander. He knocked the door before going in and saw me lying comfortably and I looked at him.

"I see you are already awake, I came to tell you the breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes." He informed me.

"Okay." I said with a sleepy voice and he left my room.

I stretched and yawned, then I got out of the bed. Soon one of my maid entered my room to help to get ready, Elaine chose me a blue velvet dress that was long dress with long sleeves. It's was modest, the way I like it.

I have never preferred extravagant dresses, since they are expensive and only last for one ball since women afraid to show up in the dress twice, but the casual dresses are more practical.

Elaine helped brushing my hair and pining my hair into nice hairstyle and I was ready to go downstairs.

Nathaniel said good morning to me, when I entered dining room, I greeted him back too. Alexander was already there looking at the newspaper waiting for the food. I wish I could check newspaper, but for some reason I was to shy to ask. Then I noticed that Elizabeth isn't joining the breakfast, maybe she still wary of me, but I don't want her to isolate herself for six months.

Those thoughts saddened me, but I know I can't bribe her to trust me. I believe that she should decide for herself if I'm a trustworthy person. Furthermore, I think she been bribed before.

Soon the maid brought our breakfast and we silently started eating.

"Our dearest wife, would like to be involved in our business or you don't have interest to work?" Nathaniel asked me carefully.

In other words he asked me if I want to take part in their business and have a final decision as their wife or I let run their business freely? I have my own resort to take care, so I can't be involved with their own business.

"What kind of business you own?" I asked in curiosity. Although if they have something like a hotel or clinic I can utilize it.

"We have architecture company, our own bank,mine, shops and other things. Which one you would prefer to work with?" Alexander asked me. I was impressed of how much they own, but I don't think they would own a hotel or a clinic.

"Very interesting, but I think I would like to work on my resort, since I have plans regarding my resort." I said and they nodded at my response.

"We understand if you any questions or need help, you can always ask us." Alexander said. I was surprised that they offering their help, but I want to do it everything by myself.

Before lunch I decided to go to the city and try to search for Elliot. I notified my maid, that I won't be eating lunch at home today.

I took the carriage and decided to go to the center of the city, try to explore the city while searching for Elliot.

Today streets in the city looks emptier, which is unusual since the capital cities would always be filled with people, but right there are only few people. Usually, that would happen if there was an event, that involves noble and common people. I don't have any idea which event that could be. Until I have found the flier of the today's event.

Hover Motorcycle Racing?

As far I know that Hover Motorcycle exist in Etria, those are motorcycles that have ability to fly. Then it's no surprise that a lot of people would attend this event because everyone would want to see Etrian technology.

I started following the address to this event, then I realized that the event might be in outskirts of the city, so I took the carriage there.

I arrived at the event and I was right, there were a lot of people came to this event. There were a crowd of people standing there who couldn't afford a ticket, because on the last house the price gone up and the crowd was angry, I secretly paid for the ticket and got it.

The arena is was definitely big enough for racing, but it didn't help me to spot Elliot. Will I ever manage to recognize him at all? I sighed. Maybe this is a bad idea to search for him. I didn't even think what would I say to him, when I will find him.

I guess I should enjoy the race. I recognized some of the Etrian racers, because when I lived in Etria I would attend races and put my bet on certain racers that would win and I would the prize that was more than enough to pay my rent. My analytical skills helped me find the winner.

There was also racers from Ravendale and Faya, but I doubt they would win against Etria, because the one racer that I recognize is She-devil, she would always play rough on her opponents and she is the only racer that is female. Despite people are doubtful about her winning the race, I know that she won races before and she might win this race as well, but there is also surprise factor that about sixty percent of the racers I don't recognize, but I'm still rooting for her.

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