Burning Will

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Lionel Magnar, A 10 year old who gets disowned by his father because his younger sibling is much more 'worthy' to groom into becoming the clan master due to the fact that he was born without the fire God's Blessing , which was seen as a great humiliation for the Magnar clan , which was one of the 4 major families in the Gloritian Kingdom. In a world where the weak dictate the rights and wrong , such a fate was expected for young Lionel however, he preserved and was not forsaken by the heavens. follow Lionel Magnar's story to Glory as he transforms from the young timid boy who used to get trampled on to a man who gains back everything stripped away from him. follow him to see him take back his honour , his name and watch him take a stand at the peak.

Fantasy / Action
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chapter 1: Hard Awakening




These where the poisonous words that assaulted the young master of the Magnar family.Day in and day out, since the second he was born to the second where he could understand the weight of those words. Lionel Magnar understood where he stood in the world, at the very bottom, the only thing that protected him is the the only thing he hated in this world, the Magnar Name. At one point he felt that even the maids and servants started to look down on him and even started to disobey his requests surreptitious. He could have ran to his father and tolled him of these affairs however he couldn’t do as such as this would make people look down on him more than usual saying,“Have you heard that the young master of the Magnar Family can not even control his own servants hahaha”, “i sometimes wonder who really is the servant”.To prevent this , all he could do was preserve.

....sigh... he only wished the heavens where fair. if only he were blessed by the Fire God at birth, then he would be able to fight against all the injustice against him however if he was blessed in the first place he would not have been in this dishevelled state in the first place.He would still be able to hold his head up like he was born too. He wold have been able to gain his fathers acknowledgement. he would have been able to train in the way of the Magnars flame fist which was his families martial arts which was passed down since time immemorial.

However this pretence came to an end when his younger brother was appointed heir to the Magnar clan . This was a major shock to every one in the clan since the only way to become clan heir rightfully is if the heir either dies or is disowned and in front of every living soul in the clan, his eldest son , the rightful heir to the clan of Magnar , was just disowned in front of every single person without remorse for his younger but talented half-brother , Christopher Magnar , who was just 2 years younger then the 10 year old, who shouldn’t have gone through such a heart breaking ordeal especially since the only person who unconditionally loved him died when he was of the tender age of 5 which basically resulted in him loosing his only anchor to this clan.

Due to the unquestionable Betrayal, Lionel Magnar finally realised that only through strength could he change his fate.only then could he truly soar to heavens and become it conqueror and only then would he be able to show who the real ‘trash’ are.

With the last bit of dignity left within him , he alone ,decided to leave the ‘home’, that had forsaken him which was a relief.

He could finally reach the peak without the clan stunting his growth. he could finally be free from all their toxicity and Most importantly , he could finally complete his mothers final wish.

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