Blindly Led

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Fala is in a race against time to unite with her one true mate or face a forced marriage of a young alpha chosen by her Father, Falon, Alpha of White River Pack. As territories expand and tension between packs arise, Fala must do her part to make peace, for the future of White River depends on it. The question isn't will she find him but who will she find? Soon she will have to choose.. Mate or Marry?

Fantasy / Thriller
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It was already noon as I made my way into the park. I can smell the food from the vendors all the way from my house and the sound of my stomach grumbling enticed me to get out of the house. Stands were everywhere filled with all kinds of food, mostly what was found at carnivals. For a Saturday it wasn’t quite as busy as I thought.

Suddenly a familiar scent of Sandalwood and Pine hits my nose. A pull, very light and not very noticeable, accompanied the scent.

My Mate.. he’s here.. -My inner wolf cried out.

You mean OUR mate. Don’t get too excited. -I warned her and a wave of disappointment arose in my chest.

My wolf should be used to this pain as we have known it for 2 years already. After the first few times I had promised myself I will murder my mate for causing this much devastation.

It all started a day after my 18th birthday. Like most werewolves, the need to find a mate arises. Like most they find their soulmate within a week. Only thing was I felt him. The pull at my chest, the scent of his body.. screaming ‘I’m here!’ yet nowhere to be found.

I felt my inner wolf, Geo, pacing anxiously. Whining so loud I could barely hear myself think.

Where is he? He is so close as if I can taste him.. Fala, find him!- Geo paced and cried the entire night as I had spent the entire night and following day searching but seemed to have been going in circles.

Does he know I have been searching for him? Has he been searching for me? Is he hiding from me? I asked myself those questions until I couldn’t take it any longer.

As the days turned to weeks, then to months, finally a year then two years.. Geo has become depressed and I have learned to build a wall around my heart. Those questions were replaced with anger and pain.

Why are you hiding? Am I not good enough for you? How can you make your presence known, watching and feeling your affect on us and still turn away? Why don’t you just reject us already?!

I was about to give up all hope but I couldn’t bring myself to add to the misery. Had to pick the lesser of two evils in this case. Instead of cutting all ties of hope and her suffering a massive rejection of her other half, I chose to keep that small hope alive but paying the price of the small feeling of rejection every now and then. At least hope is what is keeping her spirit alive within me.

Choosing to ignore the scent a moment so I can satisfy my other kind of pain..hunger. Scanning the vendors nearby Geo spots hot dogs pulling me over and she can feel me groan with slight disgust.

Hot dogs.. why does it have to be hot dogs..

The Lady at the window takes my order and suddenly Geo’s ears perk up and she’s yelping so loud I’m positive those around me can hear her. Then I noticed it.. the scent was growing stronger. People were scattered everywhere however no one seems to be paying any attention to me. Just like every other time, no one shows to account for it.

“That will be $7.80.“...“Ma’am?”

“Huh?.. oh .. right.” I dig through my pockets for some change.

“Fala!” I turn and see my best friend running towards me. Her straight black hair pulled back into a messy bun and a few loose strands flowing in front of her face. Wearing her usual short denim shorts and a light pink off the shoulder T-shirt. She is only 5 months older than me and has a mate of her own. Wearing his mark just above her collar bone she likes to flaunt it around showing it off to any male catching her gaze.

“Hey Aspyn, what’s up?” I wave to her as I pay for the lukewarm warm hot dog.Playfully bumping into me as she gasps for air trying to speak.

“Your father.. he’s in town.. He wanted me to get y-”

“I’m not going” I cut her off.

I knew my father wanted to see me after our last conversation a couple months ago when he left. Honestly I wasn’t quite ready to start that convo again any time soon.

“What?! But he just got back. You can’t even welcome him home?.. and it sounded important.” Linking her arm around mine raising a brow at me.

I narrow my eyes at her, willing for her to stop pestering me. She seemed to get the hint that I wasn’t going. So Aspyn, being Aspyn, she did the only thing she could think of.. SHE SNATCHED MY HOT DOG! In only 2 bites it was gone!

“ASPYN!” I shrieked as she took off.

I chased her out of the park. Out of the entire pack she was indeed the fastest. Only downfall was her stamina was weak, like a cheetah it was a short burst of speed. I was able to catch up to her as she disappeared into the town hall where my Father’s office was.

UGHHH... I’m going to strangle that girl!

She slips through the double doors of his office. Realizing it was too late to turn away now, I sucked in a breath as I entered the office. A strong scent of cigars and the Red Oak furniture filled my nostrils. The room was full of natural sunlight as it showed through the open windows. The plants neatly placed on the sill had vibrant green leaves with an array of flowers just starting to bloom. It added a splash of color and life.

Everything seems to be just how he had left it 2 months ago. With the help of his secretary, the bookshelves were kept dust free. Previous paper work was kept in neat stacks on top of the desk. My Father’s briefcase stood on the floor against the side of his chair.

As I assess the room I find my father nodding a thanks to Aspyn. His appearance hasn’t changed much in the last few years. He was a tall man, 6′ 5, and even in his mid 40′s he was well built with broad shoulders and chest. Despite the grays peeking out of his perfectly groomed hair, he could easily be mistaken to be in his early 30′s. He was dressed in a gray suit and, as usual, had a concerned expression plastered to his face.

Almost as quickly as I came in, Aspyn made a dash for the door. Glared at her as she passed and she mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’. It wasn’t her fault though. When my father sends for someone or something he expects complete obedience and compliance.

My father cleared his throat requesting my attention. He was our Alpha of the White River Pack and demanded respect. That especially included me, as his daughter. If his own child, granted I’m a grown woman, didn’t respect him as alpha then how was the rest of the pack expected to do the same.

“Father, I see you made it back safe.” I gave a slight smile as he motioned me to have a seat.

“Yes.. I did..” he stated curtly. He waited until I sat down in the chair in front of him before continuing.

I promise a steak afterwards if you will just calm down..- I promise my wolf as I feel Geo pacing, wanting this meeting over just as quickly as I did.

“Fala our last discussion didn’t go as I had hoped but it’s important that you understand where I’m coming from.” I look at my hands, fidgeting with some loose string on my pants.

“I understand Father, but I can not commit myself to a marriage I have no choice in. I’m only 20.. my mate is out there somewhere, I know it!” I look up with pleading eyes. “Please I need some time.”

He subtly shakes his head.

“I gave you 2 months Fala.” He reaches down holding my hands in his, a soft but sad expression forms on his face.

“My time as Alpha will be ending soon. In a matter of time one of ours, or God forbid, a rogue from another pack will be looking to take my place.” He pauses a moment meeting his gaze with mine. “I just worry for you, Daughter.”

Does he not trust me? Why is he treating me as if I’m still a child?! I don’t need him to worry about me..

Before I could stop myself, I shot up from my seat pulling my hands away almost yelling. I feel anger rising within me.

“I can handle my own! I don’t need a mate to protect me as if I’m useless. I’m well capable of running this pack if you’d just trust me for once! ”

He stands up with a stern look, crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes narrow and locked on mine.

“Watch that tone of yours young lady.”A warning that wasn’t to be taken lightly. Biting my lip keeping myself in check, I take in a deep breath lowering my voice.

“I’m just asking to give me a few more weeks. Please, Father.. I will have my mate” I hear him sigh before nodding.

“One month, that is it Fala. If you don’t find you mate then you will be wed to Alpha Avery Paxton. Understood?” I nod with a quick “yes sir” before leaving the room.

Alpha Avery Paxton?! We can’t mate a brute like him! Your father can’t be serious right?- Geo growled

As serious as a heart attack, I’m afraid. It’s not that surprising Geo.. you know he ranks highest in all of the Alpha tests. Of course my father would choose him.- I say plainly as I step outside.

Geo scoffs and disappears within me as I step outside into the blinding sun.

“So he’s on you about marriage again?” I found Aspyn climbing out of the bushes under the window as I was heading down the steps. Rolling my eyes at her, still mad that she had tricked me.

“You know it’s rude to eavesdrop on others conversations.” I reply. She just shrugged.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Keep looking I guess.. there’s not much else I can do. What is a girl supposed to do when her mate keeps running away? I swear I’m going to kill him once I do find him..”

Suddenly her phone’s obnoxiously loud ringing blares from her pocket. With a quick glance at the screen, she pulls me into a hug.

“Hey I got to go, my mate needs me but later I can help you search! Bye Love!” And off she went skipping down the street with an abundance of energy. I couldn’t help but laugh.

The walk home was peaceful. Everyone seemed to be content, including Geo as I have fulfilled my promise of a big juicy steak. A Couple was taking a stroll down the block. The man was waving to an elder who was sitting on a nearby bench. A group of children were chasing each other through the trees. Receiving a respectful nod from most I have passed by, nodding in response. I would like to think it was out of respect for me as a person but we all knew that wasn’t the case. The reigning Alpha and his family was to be treated with the utmost respect. The young single men still looking for a mate wouldn’t dare to give me more than a playful wink.

Ughhh.. I thought mentally gagging at it all.

All the attention makes my stomach queasy. Growing up, girls my age thought of me being stuck up as I was taught to accept formalities of my rank. Once I had learned to find my own voice I had made it a point to ‘lower’ myself to my peers. In a way it was out of respect to them, I would tell myself. No matter the ranks, a lady was to be respected and seen as an equal to their mates. This is just one of my issues if I am to be forced to marry Alpha Avery. He was a strong, independent, dominant male. He would expect complete submission of his luna. She was to let him take over every aspect of the Pack all while sitting by his side in silence. Her duty was to raise strong pups, keep up with the household, and make him look good at social events and gatherings.

I found myself lost in thought and didn’t notice I was home until I had reached the doorstep. Removing my shoes, I make my way into the living room. Dropping my keys and phone on the coffee table, I plop myself onto the couch with a sigh. Taking a look at the clock it was just past 6pm. Not wanting to think about my task at hand. I pull a blanket over me and close my eyes.

Later, My mate, I will find you.. I promised as I drifted off into a slumber.

*** Thank you for anyone who takes their time to read this story! This is my very first book/chapter and would love any feedback. I will try to get a chapter in every few days. If you become a fan of my work please let me know by following me on here!***
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