The Civil War of the Underworld

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Civil War of the Underworld will be a short story (ideally) which narrates Clandestina's experience as a Warlock trying to solve a mystery with an old friend. Her attention, however is divided between the case and one of the attractive faces working with her- Would Damien prove to be more than just an investigator?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“-We need you to help us. We’ve got a lead and we need your help in following it. Can you meet up with us at the event? Come twenty minutes before it starts. Please tell me you’ll come.”

Clandestina didn’t know what to say. She wanted to help, but she knew that helping could result in her death. Potentially. If this situation is what she thinks it is, then it is quite likely she will not be the only one to lose her life. However, she didn’t have to ask to confirm her suspicions- why else would Arethusa call? This was her life’s mission, she had no other reason to ask for help with something. Clandestina let out a breath and nodded as she said

“I’ll be there. Do not come alone, Arethusa. Bring others. I suspect this “we” you keep mentioning is simply for my own benefit, but I would hope that you won’t be so reckless. Maybe we can cheat death for a little longer if you bring more people, don’t you think?”

She heard Arethusa scoff before she said

“I do not need to answer that. You know very well that I agree. Be here tonight, and bring nothing but yourself, understood? Under no circumstances are you to bring weapons”

She told her she understood and the line suddenly went dead. Arethusa most certainly liked her dramatics.

Clandestina couldn’t say she didn’t have her own to enjoy.


She didn’t have much time to get ready if she was to arrive at the event twenty minutes before it started. It was quite a distance away, so she simply put on a black outfit- which brought her startlingly white hair more attention- consisting of black jeans, blank tank top, and a cardigan, also, you guessed it, in the color black. She gave herself a quick once-over in the mirror, and satisfied with what she saw, hurried out of her apartment and towards the park where the event was being held.

The streets were crowded and decorated. Everyone has been anticipating this event for over a year and finally it was happening- just not the way it was expected to. Not that most of the attendees know this of course. They were oblivious.

Clandestina reached the back gates of the park and made her way towards a small group of people who were huddled close together in front of a tall statue of a mermaid. She recognized Arethusa from the color of her hair, much like Clandestina’s own, only far, far longer. She hastened her pace until she was face to face with her old friend, and smiled as they embraced for the first time in nine months. Arethusa was slim but you could feel the power coursing through her veins. It was a remarkable sensation that Clandestina never got used to in all her years of knowing Arethusa.

“I’m delighted you’ve come, Clandestina, thank you. I’m sure you know most of these people”

Arethusa slung her arm around Clandestina’s shoulders and gestured to the present company, listing familiar names to unfamiliar faces. Clandestina nodded politely but noticed something she hadn’t over the phone with Arethusa- her accent had changed. It was no longer the same Greek accent which Clandestina had spent a very long time trying to understand on top of Arehtusa’s terrible English, and it was instead British! She hadn’t known that this is where Arethusa had been all this time. England! She decided to ask Arethusa about this at a later date. For now, she was smiling and waving at the team she would be working with. There were three other women and two men- far more people than Clandestina had anticipated, which was concerning- and they all seemed to be Fey, except one of the women who appeared to be a Warlock, just like Clandestina herself. She greeted everyone and they all exchanged a brief comment about how long it’s been and how they had to catch up on so much. They seemed to be forgetting the reason why there was catching up to do in the first place.

There was only one person who she’d never met before out of the group.

“And finally, this is Damien. He’s Nephilim, though his father is Fey. I don’t expect you to know each other. I met him while I was in Instanbul trying to get some more information about The Rising. Clandestina nodded and listened carefully to what Arethusa told her, but her eyes were fixated on Damien. He was tall and broad, his already attractive looks enhanced by the blood of Fey within him. He smirked knowingly at her and she forced her eyes away from him. She hadn’t meant to be caught staring. She must look a fool now.

Not that it matters of course, what does she care about what this stranger thinks of her? Except she did care.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and finally Arethusa had debriefed her about everything- All three women were in fact Fey, and they were sisters. Amber, Cora, and Reef. The other man was a vampire, who’s name is Matthew. Clandestina knows of him. He’s legendary for having once been Nephilim, yet he was turned into a vampire. He’s the only one of his kind, and he has been shunned by both Nephilim and fellow vampires. He was a lonely man but with a friend like Arethusa, he probably didn’t think so.

Arethusa goes on to say

“We got a tip-off from one of the members of The Rising telling us that they would be here tonight, and they were going to make their presence known in a very particular manner. They kept themselves anonymous and only tipped us off because their leader asked them too. I do not know whether it was a female or a male. All we know is that they will be here tonight and they will wreak havoc.

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