The Innocent and the Cruel

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The story of a cold-blooded killer and an innocent soul.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Strange Eyes

I was never too fond of elves; they’ve always reeked of trouble.

Ever since I was a child, I always had my eye on those sly bastards. Always beady-eyed and full of themselves, it makes me sick to my stomach.

As I sit in this tavern, I think to myself, ‘What went wrong, and how could I have prevented such a tragic thing to happen?’ No point in mulling over my past.

I take a large swig of ale in hopes to drown out all of my thoughts.

I sighed heavily. It’s no use.

One jug of ale won’t do me any good, and I don’t have the money for anymore. How pathetic.

The tavern had a few twenty-something year old lowlifes drinking tonight. They sat near the back on the old tavern, just barely lit by the lamps that sat in the corners of the room

As I’m sitting alone at the bar, a black-haired Paladin comes up and sits in the seat next to me. Judging by his rose-tinted cheeks and terrible coordination, he was wasted. To think, a holy knight completely slammed at a bar past midnight. That thought alone was hilarious.

“Hey, you. Cloak-Lady. I heard about the little jobs you’ve been doing for people. How about we go around back and I give you twenty gold?” He asked with a slurring speech. His drink dripped from his glass as he swung it.

I scoffed at his offer. “Twenty isn’t nearly enough, I’d do fifty at the least, but not twenty. Besides, I’m not doing that anymore. Can’t risk bearing a child to some random person. If I bear a child, I can’t fight.”

The Paladin didn’t seem to like the answer. He quickly leapt up and hastily stormed off...into a table and onto the hardwood floor. His mates laughed at his shortcomings as they tried to pick him up to leave.

The bartender strolled up from behind the counter and placed some dry nuts in a bowl in front of me. “Sweetheart, I gotta ask. Why sell your body in the first place? If you need cash I know some people who do hit jobs. They would love to have you, a hulking seven-foot half-Orc,”

I shook my head. “Axel, I don’t like killing others...for others. It just ain’t right. Besides, I’ve stopped my business for now. Too much fear and risk and all,” I said looking down into my ale. Getting pregnant would mean no fighting, no drinking, and the fact that I never get customer info means the father is a guaranteed no-show.

Axel nodded, then returned to polishing some mugs from underneath the counter. I finished off my ale and left a small tip on the counter.

Slightly buzzed, I wandered out of the tavern into town. It was nightfall. I always have to go out when most of the town is sleeping so I don’t rouse suspicion. Don’t want an angry mob chasing me out of another town as soon as the bartenders are starting to warm up to me. Not many people are kind to half-Orcs, or anything of Orc blood.

As I was heading towards the woods to sleep in my makeshift campsite, I heard voices coming from the alleyway.

And if you hear voices coming from an alleyway past midnight, you go and fucking check it out. One never knows what kind of sick people roam about during the night.

I turn my head around the corner to see two men and one woman in the cramped space. The woman was backed up against the wall while the men were slowly making their demands.

“Look, it’s simple! Just give us all your money and weapons and we’ll let you go free,” one man said. He kept himself up by having one of his hands on the brick wall. He had greasy black hair, and his clothing was completely disheveled.

“And if you don’t, well, let’s just say you don’t want to know what’ll happen,” the other said.

I recognized one of those voices; it was that Paladin from the tavern and one of his mates. What possessed the two to back a defenseless woman into a damp ally?

The woman cocked her head in confusion. “But I want to know what’ll happen. I’m curious.” she beckoned politely. Her voice sounded shy, but also had a bit of courage in it.

The two men gave a snarky laugh and slowly closed in on this poor woman. They were both drunk, but determined.

“If you’re so curious, why don’t we show you?” the Paladin said.

I had personally seen enough, and wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I just left this woman alone. As soon as the Paladin reached out towards the woman, I lunged at the them to attack. Little did I know that wouldn’t happen.

Before I realized it, the woman grabbed the Paladin by the arm, spun him around and smashed his face into a wall repeatedly. She kept smashing his face in until the wall was covered in his blood. Seeing this sight, his mate tried to run in hopes to escape the ally. I quickly grabbed him by his shirt collar and held him so we were both eye to eye.

“If I ever see you, or your poor excuse of a teammate over there again. I’ll do more than smash your face into a wall,” I said, practically growling at this point.

I dropped him on his ass, and he scattered away. His Paladin friend got up too and followed suit, tripping on himself as he tried to run.

“Freakin’ jerks,” was the only thing I could muster to say. However, my anger quickly subsided when I realized the woman was now staring up at me in silence.

She said nothing.

“Are you alright? Did they hurt you?” I asked calmly.

She still said nothing, all she did was stare into my eyes. Speaking of which, she had some weird looking eyes. They were bright and a vibrant color of violet.

The woman finally broke her stare and quickly rushed in to hug my leg, grasping it tightly. I stumbled back at this unexpected action, but manage to retain balance. I looked down again to see a happy, beaming face looking directly at me.

“Hello!” she chirped with a big smile.

I didn’t say anything. I think I was suffering from whiplash from the sudden mood change.

This woman had a vice grip on my leg but wasn’t hurting me in the slightest. I slowly reached down and gently pulled her arms away so I didn’t hurt her. Upon closer inspection, this woman had short dark purple hair, shiny eyes, baggy clothing, and a smile brighter than any sort of spell I’ve ever seen.

After a few seconds go by, I carefully responded. “Hi.”

“My name’s Jetty! Those guys must’ve been after some of my weapons or instruments or something. Glad I could show one of them a thing or two. Thanks for taking care of the other one for me. I didn’t want him to get away without being taught a lesson.” Jetty said as she started shadowboxing, playfully showing me some of her fighting moves.

I was completely dumbfounded with this person. The odd look, the abnormal strength, the sudden change in mood. This was something completely bizarre, something I’d never personally experienced.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jetty waving her arm around to catch my attention. “Heeeeellllloooo! Can I pleeease get your naaame?” she asked in a very grand way.

Without any more hesitation, I looked at her strange eyes and uttered my name. “Bunny. Call me Bunny.”

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