Blood Legacy

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Carrie Julian, a not quite normal teenager, with lots of behavior issues and a seriously f*cked-up life, meets the biggest trouble of her life: werewolves...the most dangerous predators in the whole world. But what she doesn't know yet is that she has them wrapped around her little finger...And all that because of her little(big) secret.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Awake

Inhumanly glowing golden eyes lurked from the shadows, waiting, observing, studying their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to attack, going for the kill...

“Hey! Stop being so dreamy and watch were you’re going!”

My breath caught in my throat, suddenly noticing how the car kept skidding from a side to another on the still wet asphalt from the last night’s rain, instantly making me take my foot off of the gas pedal, only now noticing Andrea’s obviously distressed expression as her nails roughly dug into the edges of her seat, breathing fast and hard.

I was clearly too distracted to focus, my mind continuously revolving around that horrifying dream.

That dream...

“You know what? If you’re not able to properly drive today, just pull over and let me do it, because I definitely don’t want to end up in an E.R, ok?” She practically bellowed at me as I was once again unconsciously pressing on that damned pedal, the car now moving at an insanely high speed.

“Oh god!”

I instantly took my foot off once again, obviously scared as hell, gradually pressing on the brake, making the car slow down until it reached the legal limit again, giving my sister an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry, ok? I promise I’ll pay more attention...” I quietly said, reassuringly touching her hand resting on her lap before I averted my attention back to the road, this time trying to do my best and fully focus, ignoring those horrid images still trying to snake their way before my eyes.

Whew...this is going to be a long-ass day....

Golden eyes, sharp teeth-


I tightly closed my eyes, struggling to rid my mind of those nasty images, momentarily resting my forehead against the steering wheel.

Focus, Carrie, focus.

Taking a deep breath, I finally got out of the car, getting my backpack from the backseat, then locked the car and hurried towards the school entrance as my sister had already left.

As I walked on the concrete alley, a sudden cold chill crept up my spine, followed by the strange sensation of being watched and I slowly turned around, attentively scanning my surroundings, only to notice there was no one around the area, as all the students were probably already attending their classes -unlike me- but once my eyes landed on the farthest end of the parking lot, I saw him, attentively watching my every move, looking like a predator observing its prey.

Leaning his elbows over his grey Toyota Corolla’s open door, he slowly ran a hand through his dirty blonde tousled hair, those honey brown eyes continuously scanning me from head to toe like searching for any flaws or something.

Seriously, what’s with this guy and his obsession for always staring at me like that?

“Are you planning ways to throw me out of your classes already?” I yelled at my history teacher, throwing him a cheeky smirk.

I was actually kinda expecting that,since I was practically our school’s most hated, disobedient student. To be honest, all teachers hated me. And that for a good reason.

I watched him for a few seconds more, noticing how he didn’t even move a muscle, let alone reply so I finally turned around, heading to my first classes for the day.

Later, sucker.

So, after that little staring contest between my weird history teacher and I, I finally made it to my biology class, trying to get to my seat being as silent as possible since I was sooo damn late.

Tiptoeing on the hardwooden floor, I only managed to take a few steps before Ms. Clark’s squeaky voice suddenly echoed through the whole classroom,

“Carrie Julian!”

“Here!” I startled like a scaredy cat, clutching tighter onto the strap of my backpack, not even daring to turn around and face her.

“How many times do you think you can get late to my classes?” I heard her ask, that annoying squeak in her voice making me want to blow my brains out.

Fucking old hag.

“I’m sorry but I had to wait for my sister,” I annoyingly muttered, rolling my eyes as I did so then hurried straight towards my seat afterwards and plopped in it, placing my things on my desk as I didn't even care if she allowed me to attend her class or not.

“Oh I know, same excuse every and your ‘always late’ sister...” She retorted, slowly striding through the desks, her heels clicking on the wooden floor, suddenly making me aware that she was heading straight towards me.

“You know, one of these days you two will be kicked out of this school if you keep doing this...” She added, stopping at my desk whilst glowering down at me.

Yeah right, you keep telling that to yourself...

I mentally smirked, knowing principal Mabel would never get me expelled since I was also one of her brightest students in this sea of morons...
Sadly, I had to “behave” since I’ve had so many strikes in the past, being so close in getting three full months of detention.


I then sunk back in my seat, lowering my eyes to my desk.

Damnit! I so hated my sister for that...
She was so used in being late every single morning, doing god-knows-what in that stupid bathroom while I was waiting downstairs like a freaking faithful dog. And after all that, when we would finally arrive at school, I was always being forced to invent some lame excuses to save both my ass and hers.

Luckily, she was one year older than me and was also in senior year, meaning all this stupid late game would be ending soon, because she would be gone to college, this meaning I could at least have my senior year riding on my own.

I seriously can’t wait for that.

Besides being bored and annoyed, like always, I now felt also sleepy as hell...
I only had three hours of sleep last night after that stupid nightmare replaying on and on in my head, giving me massive headaches besides the fact that I hadn’t slept at all after dreaming it.

It was lunch time already and I grabbed some food from the serving area before heading outside to our lunch table. I knew my friends would be there since it was so sunny and warm now, unlike this morning.

Only the second I set foot out of our inside cafeteria, I instantly heard Kayla shouting like a lunatic towards me,

“Hey! Move your sorry, lame ass right here! We’ve got a shit ton of stuff to do today!”

Yeah, right...

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and hurried to our table.

“You know Kayla, no one wants to hear about your plans for today. Especially not the entire school...” I bluntly replied, crashing in my seat while slamming my tray of food on the table. There were people as well besides us, but clearly she didn’t seem to care too much anyways.

Jess and Andrea were now giggling beside me while Kayla crossed her arms, frowning,
“As you know it very well, we are already far behind with our training and if we don’t speed up we’ll look like a bunch of losers.”

“Uh, excuse me, and who’s fault is that?” I retorted, knowing she would shut it right away because it was hers. And she knew that. She was the devil of our group. Of course we weren’t saints either, but she beat us by far. She was the craziest one, planning all kinds of stupid parties and “meetings” that always ended up with us being drunk as fuck or doing some batshit crazy things instead of keeping up with our training like normal people would do.

I started picking some fries and as soon as she started yammering about her “cool” ideas again my mind suddenly slipped, once again remembering all about that frightening nightmare. Those glowing golden eyes watching me from the shadows, staring at me like I were some tasty prey...

So real...


“Huh, wha...”

I suddenly woke up with a jolt from my drifting thoughts, ultimately noticing Kayla’s palm firmly pressed against the table.

“Carrie, are you still with us, dear?” She sarcastically asked, raising one perfectly arched eyebrow.

“Yeah...It's just that I didn’t manage to sleep too much last night...” I absently muttered, once again averting my gaze somewhere past her, staring at nothing in particular.

“Dreaming about Fallon, huh?” Andrea jokingly commented whilst rather loudly chewing on a piece of gum.

The sound of that name made my blood boil in the fraction of a second.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??” I snapped, glaring at her. “That bastard doesn’t even deserve the mere mention of his name!”

Fallon was my childhood friend and after we grew up he somehow turned into my boyfriend. My first and only boyfriend. But then he had the guts to cheat on me with the sluttiest girl in school, while I was in vacation with my mom and Andrea, and then acted like nothing happened...

Son of a bitch.

“Um, guys...” Jess suddenly interrupted our little bicker, drawing our attention,
“He’s right over there,” She pointed towards the doors.

“And judging by the looks of it, I think he’s heading straight here,” Andrea added, my anger suddenly getting even higher, if that was even possible, already imagining how I would strangle the shit out of him.

“Boy he has some nerve,” Kayla commented with a scowl etched onto her face while looking at him with disapproval.
And in the very next moment, he was in right in front of me, looking with his sad dark brown puppy eyes, for the millionth time begging for mercy.

“Hey, Carr...I was wondering...can we talk, please?” He asked in a small voice, keeping his gaze down this whole time like he were afraid my glare would kill him. And I sure as hell wanted to. I hated his guts. He was such an could he do that? Cheating like a pig, especially with the biggest whore in our school, Missy.

“No! We can’t talk! never again! Now get the fuck out of my face!” I shouted, extremely pissed off, then got up and turned around.

“Let’s go to class, I don’t wanna see this fucker’s face anymore,” I stated, not even bothering to look back.

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