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We are deep into the post-apocalyptic future. An alien race has taken up residence amongst the human population, using them as laborers. They are mining a special, ever-cold metal for reasons beyond human understanding-a metal that humans can not physically touch without intense injury-until one human learns that she is the exception to the rule. Learning to sleep with an eye open, the human race is ever vigilant of new predators; but when one of their own becomes just as dangerous as those they fear will they stand with her or against her in the struggle for freedom?

Fantasy / Adventure
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My dad told me about geese once. About how they sleep. They work as a unit, regardless of how big or small that unit is. They sleep in a circle with one eye closed, the other eye — the one facing away from the center of their circle, remains open. The eye facing inside the circle, and it's affiliated side of the brain, sleeps first. The other side remains alert and aware of potential danger.

Halfway through the night, the geese do an "about face." They spin 180 degrees and allow the other side of the brain to sleep and the rested brain to take its turn at watch.

At one point humans had that capability, or so my dad said. But we evolved, and based on our position at the top of the food chain no longer needed that skill.

I've never wanted to de-evolve so badly in my life. That human trait would be a great asset these days—I'd trade in every electronic I had to be able to keep one eye open while I slept. We aren't sure where these things came from. Speculation cites space, Russia, China, hell, people are even throwing Big Pharma out there. I don't really care where they came from; only that they are here.

And we are not equipped to survive the onslaught of terror they have begun.

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