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Everyone Has Naughty Secrets

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Join TessaT, R.K. Knightly and gloriab84 as we join together to bring short stories together.

Fantasy / Erotica
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A Vampire's Seduction P1

A Vampire’s Seduction

Part 1

Taking a deep breath, I square my shoulders and lift my head up. I’m not going to let the image of what that prick did ruin my night out. It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed a freshly brewed beer, bar food, and a good fuck.

Camryn, though he always demanded I call him Cam, never lasted more than fifteen seconds in bed. I never realized how good sex felt until last night when my car died outside this exact same bar. I threw caution to the wind and decided to get out of the house and stop moping. My asshole ex-boyfriend and bitch of a sister weren’t worth my tears. I had to think that. Had to.

I sigh, squaring my shoulders as I shut the car door and stride towards the front of the bar and push my way through. It’s just as busy as it was the night before, and there are several familiar faces I see scanning me unabashedly as I head in the direction of the bartender, Paul, whose friendly face brightens as I take a seat in front of him and order a drink.

“Back for more?” he smirks. The bastard knows what I did last night as it was with him...in the employee lounge, no less.

“When you’ve spent the last four years having sex for fifteen-second spurts, you bet your ass I’m coming back for more, Paul. I’m not wasting any more of my twenties being vanilla.” Leaning up against the lip of the bar, I quirk my lips up into a smirk. “Who do you recommend for tonight?”

Paul looks around the bar, his eyes scanning every potential partner like he’s weeding out the unworthy. When his eyes flicker with a gleam of mischief, his lips turn up into a slow, beaming grin before he cocks a brow at me and jerks his head over my left shoulder.

“You see that man in the far corner drinking a glass of scotch? He’s come in here every night for the past six months. Never leaves with a patron. No one ever holds his attention...until tonight. He hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since you walked through the door.” Paul runs a rag over a beer mug, drying it.

“Really?” Excitement courses through my veins. Glancing over my left shoulder, my jaw drops to the floor. “Him?” I go wide-eyed at Paul. “Seriously?”

Paul snorts and nods his head. “Yeah. I mean, if I was gay, I’d definitely tap that.” Throwing the rag over his shoulder, he serves a few dozen drinks as I stare at the hunk of man-meat in the corner.

How in the hell has no one snagged this fine piece of ass? I mean, do these women not have eyes in their heads?

From his ruggedly handsome face to the noir Versace suit and piercing blue eyes...I’m creaming in my panties just looking at him.

“Here, love.” Paul saves me from drooling. “He ordered another drink. Why don’t you take it to him instead of sitting here gaping like a fish out of water.”

I whip my head around so fast, a kink snaps in my neck. “I wasn’t staring!”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Paul smiles wryly as he places the half-filled glass on the counter before turning his back on me.

“Damn, I feel loved!” Shaking my head, I slip off the tall bar stool and take in a deep breath. I can do this. With unsure steps, I weave my way through the drunken bachelor party and scantily-clad females dancing in the middle of the floor.

Someone else is going to get lucky tonight as well.

Coming up to the table with the finely-dressed male, I bite my lip to keep from making a fool of myself by stammering. “Paul said you ordered this? He’s a little busy at the moment and asked if I could deliver it for him.”

The man looks up at me, and all of the oxygen leaves my body in one swift gust of air.

Holy shit.

His bright, blue eyes are like lasers piercing my soul, and I immediately feel myself grow wet between my legs. If that’s the result I get from just the deep wells of his crystalline orbs, I can’t imagine what his body could do to me. I’m nearly salivating as he turns to face me, the outline of his abs apparent even through his tailored suit as his arms flex with every movement he makes.

His eyes go from my head down my body, running a circuit slowly as he pulls in a slow breath. I realize then that I’ve stopped breathing as dark little spots dance before my eyes. I clear my throat and force myself to inhale as his head swivels up and I place the drink down on the table top with an unsteady tremble. I pull my arm back and clench it into a fist as if that would be able to stop the whole-body tremor I have going on.

It doesn’t help.

“Thank you,” his cool, deep timbre rumbles out at me as I try to take small gasps of oxygen to quell the storm within me.

Don’t just stand there! Say something--anything!

I’m properly cowed and am about to turn my back on him when he stops me with a cool hand to my wrist. I flinch slightly as a tingle shoots up and down my spine, finally settling in my nether region to flicker at my hungry core. When I look back at him, his body is tense, almost predatory. It is somehow exhilarating and frightening at the same time, though the thrill overrides the tension in my body and nearly forces me to melt at his cooling touch.

“Would you like to sit?” he asks, the soft, melodious purr of his voice nearly sending my mind spinning up and out of my head.

Who is this man? Where did he come from?

I’m afraid to ask for fear he’ll vanish from whence he came. Instead, I nod gently and take the seat across from him before curling my legs under me, crossing them at the ankles. The black mini dress rides up my thighs, damn near giving him a peek of my lady bits.

Before leaving the house twenty minutes ago, I had decided on wearing the naughtiest dress I had, and damn if it doesn’t accentuate every dip and curve of my body. I might not be the thinnest or sexiest female at the bar, but I know what to wear and how to wear it. Even the low cut of the bodice shows off my ample cleavage, and I know I’ve done right by me when the man’s electric gaze dips to between my chest.

Smiling inwardly to myself, I lean forward the tiniest bit, trying to gain enough courage to speak. I’m surprised when my voice comes out stronger than anticipated.

“Hi. I’m Cecily.” I force my hand out to shake his. He takes it gently, but instead of gripping me, he places his lips on the back of it, grazing my heated flesh. It sends a shiver of delight up my arm and I have to pinch my thighs together to contain my arousal.

“I am Basile, though some people prefer to call me Baz for short,” he replies as his lips part with the flesh on my hand. I swear I almost see him wink. Before I can respond, he drops my hand and I immediately miss the tingles and soft, cool touch of his skin. “Paul, for instance, prefers Baz over Basile. He thinks it makes me sound like some anti-hero in a Victorian romance. It is, in fact, an old name--a family one at that.”

“Your father’s?” I blurt out blindly. I’m still shaky and unable to quell the riot of emotions inside me. His eyes flicker wider just slightly.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.” He takes a sip of the scotch I brought him before placing it back down and giving me a cool eye. “I’m sure that wouldn’t have come up last night, seeing as how you and he were a little too busy for such niceties as that.”

Fuck. Did he see me, see us last night?

Paul and I certainly weren’t quiet or subtle when we were tumbling through the employee door to the back in a giggling tangle of limbs. Or, at least, I was--drunk off my ass as well, though I remember everything to the fullest, which is why I came back.

“Oh…” I can’t say anything else to say, and my eyes drop to the table before I’m nibbling absently on my lower lip to keep it from quivering with the nerves that are slowly making their way through my body.

“No judgements,” he says blithely, leaning back against the booth’s curved back. “Besides, you certainly looked like you came in with a storm cloud over your head last night. Might I inquire what had you pounding back shots like a frat brother at a party--if that’s not too invasive a question?”

I let out the held breath I had been holding and my eyes flicker up to his inquisitively. What do I say? No one wants to hear someone else’s sob story, but he asked, and I give him a tight, experimental smile that feels phoney on my face.

There is no point deflecting, as I could feel his steady gaze on me, scrutinizing every slight movement I make. Still, something in me wavers, and I avert my eyes from his deadly blue orbs.

“My…” Jesus, this is awkward. Airing out my dirty laundry always feels like a plea for pity, and I wasn’t made that way. “My ex-boyfriend left me.” I watch as his eyes widen in surprise. “For...for my sister.”

He winces, and I feel the pity party behind his eyes, though he doesn’t respond for a good solid ten seconds.

“That...that’s harsh,” he says, his voice gruff and throaty. “Were you together long?”

I nod. “Just a little over two years, though at times it seems longer.” I heave a sigh in relief that my clumsy response didn’t push this delectable man away. Perhaps he likes his damsels in distress as some men feel the need to become protector or avenger for a flailing, whimpering female. I almost wish this man would. Something inside me tells me he could be scary if he liked--a certain intense coldness that I see flickering behind the icy-blue depths of his eyes. It sends a shiver up my spine to even think of this man’s gaze locked upon me in anything resembling anger.

I try to shrug off his words as if I’m completely over my cheating, dickhead of an ex. Camryn doesn’t deserve any of my thoughts, especially when I’m this close to such perfection as I’d never seen before.

Don’t you dare drool, girl. Have some fucking patience for once. After all, this man looks like he would have the stamina of an ox. He would certainly be good for more than just a quick romp in the sack.

Still, I can’t help but marvel at all the perfect muscles as they bunch under his expensive, black suit. What I wouldn’t give to have his salty sweetness coating my tongue as I tasted his flesh.

As if he could read my mind, he makes a show of tensing his shoulders as his hand drops to grab up his glass of scotch, the liquid disappearing down his throat in one smooth swallow.

To be that glass right now.

Unconsciously, I lick my lips, sweeping my tongue across them in one smooth motion. I can’t help myself--or the thrill I feel when his gaze flickers lower, taking in the swell of my heaving breasts again.

“I can’t imagine a man wanting to leave a little beauty like you for someone else. Is your sister a supermodel or a Playboy bunny?” His smirks shows me he’s teasing, trying to lighten the mood as mine starts to sink lower into a pit of deep self-doubt at remembering Cam as he threw everything we had for two years aside for a quick fuck with my whore of a sister.

I put on a brave face, even as I blush to the roots of my hair at his words.

“She’s a beautician,” I say, the distaste for her fouling my words. “She makes people pretty, but she’s no great beauty herself. I have no clue why he chose to be with her, but she can have him. It’s not like he was great in bed or anything.”

That seems to amuse him, and his eyebrows climb his forehead as he gifts me with a dazzling smile. I can see every white tooth in his mouth before he opens it in a soft, husky chuckle.

“Too fast on the lift off? Or was he one of those that doesn’t believe a female needs adequate foreplay before splitting her with his dick?”

My lips twitch and I snicker at his raunchy comment. “He’s worse than a minute man. He’s more like a fifteen-second man.”

Basile groans as his own lips twitch up with his amusement. “That’s practically a travesty,” he says. “A beautiful woman such as yourself certainly has needs. Why stay with him when he’s shown over and over again he isn’t concerned about you getting off before him?”

I droop, my amusement floundering as I take in a wheezing breath. “I thought I loved him, I guess.” I shrug my shoulders again, the intense ache in them making the movement stiff as my gaze once again meets the table top of the booth I’m sat in. I almost wish the floor beneath me would swallow me whole.

Before I can ponder my sudden mood shift further, I feel a hand--a finger, really--tilting my head back up into cool, blue eyes. They’re both sympathetic and lustful, and how he denotes both at the same time, I have no clue.

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