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Dominant Twin Tigers Part 4

“Man, let her sleep in. We fucked her into a coma last night. Her body is going to need sleep if she wants to keep up with us.” I can hear the laughter in Jason’s voice as I’m gently placed down on a feather-filled comforter.

I release a contented sigh and open my eyes to see my males half-naked, looking sexy as sin. Yes, finally my males, as I have been waiting for them to mark me for a while now. They stand to the side of the bed, staring down at me with smirks on their supple lips and lust in their sparkling eyes.

“Mmmm, good morning.” I stretch my limbs over the soft blanket and reach up to touch the claiming marks they left behind on both sides of my neck. A feeling of euphoria shoots through my body at the slightest touch, and I bite my lip, raising my hips in the air with need.

“Look at our girl, all needy for the dick. I don’t think what we gave her last night was enough, do you, Jay? Want a quickie before breakfast, baby girl? Or do you want to be my breakfast?” Joel teases as he crawls onto the bed beside me, taking a bare nipple between his teeth and biting it as I thrust my breast into his mouth.

“Do what you want to me, but I want you both. Now, please.” I brazenly beg for both of my males. After last night, I will no longer be shy about asking for what I want when it comes to sex. How we got to their home, I don’t even care to ask about right now because that isn’t what matters at the moment.

“We drove home this morning when you were still out cold. We spent the night at the club last night. You looked too peaceful and relaxed for us to risk waking you. Clarie gave us her number to give to you if you decide that you would like to meet up with her for coffee, or whatever it is that you women like to do while out with your female friends.” Jason startles me by talking through the mindlink that I have heard mates share.

“Can you guys hear me, or is it only one-sided since I’m not a shifter?” I ask in my mind, wondering if it works both ways regardless of me not marking them since I am one hundred percent human.

Joel continues through the mindlink as he flicks my hardened bud with the tip of his tongue. “We can hear you as clear as day, baby girl.”

Jason wastes no time in crawling between my legs and spreading them wide as he dives right in without any warning. My mind goes blank on any other question that I was about to ask. His sinful tongue circles my pulsing bud rapidly as Joel sucks, bites, and soothes my nipples, alternating between the two. I throw my head back and moan at the sensations they are making me feel with their filthy mouths.

“Oh, fuck, you guys! Don’t stop!” I plead with my men, loving the pleasure coursing through my body. Being marked by them intensifies their every touch, making the skin on skin contact more sensual, sensitive, and simply more everything.

One of my hands reaches up into Jason’s hair, and the other Joel’s, pulling them closer to me as my hips lift off the bed, making his tongue drive further into my soaking core. Joel pulls against my hand and meets my eyes. Those of his tiger are peeking out as he growls through sharpened teeth. “We won’t stop until we’ve had our fill, baby.”

“Oh god, yes! I need you to fuck me, please!”

“Get her on her fucking knees, Jay. I want to watch you fuck her as her mouth swallows my cock. You’re going to take my hardened shaft down your throat like a good girl, isn’t that right, Kat?”

My only response is a whimper as I attempt to close my thighs around Jason’s head, wanting him to stay right where he is and finish getting me off. Before I can process what’s happening, I am on my hands and knees in the doggy-style position with Jason lining himself up from behind as Joel maneuvers his way to sit against the headboard.

His thick shaft is encased in his large palm as he strokes it, smearing precum around the bulbous head. I stare transfixed at the motions, watching his thumb roll over the tip as I lick my lips hungrily. He groans as my eyes shoot up to meet his lustful gaze. “Whenever you’re ready, baby.”

I focus my attention back onto his pulsating manhood when I feel Jason at my entrance, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my slit, wetting it enough to slip in easily with how wet I am for these two; no, he won’t have any problems with that at all.

“I’m gonna fuck you now, Kat. I don’t want to hear you making any noises unless they are vibrating around Joel’s cock, do you understand?” Jason slams into me before I even have a second to answer as I scream into the room as Joel grabs a fistful of my hair and shoves my open mouth onto his awaiting dick.

“Oh fuck, baby girl! The heat of your mouth feels so damn good surrounding my cock.” Joel growls as he raises his hips until the head of his manhood hits the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

“Remember what I said, baby. I don’t want you to release his cock until he cums down that beautiful throat and I am done fucking this tight cunt.”

I hum around Joel in agreement as Jason impales me with his thick shaft, owning my pussy. My head bobs up and down as Joel moves my hair from my face so he can watch as my lips glide down his smooth length. I relax my throat and take him further as he growls, lifting his hips to bring himself deeper.

Jason picks up his pace, circling his waist as he enters me. The sound of his groin hitting my ass along with their growls, groans, and the sound of my muffled screams of ecstasy are being slightly muted by Joel’s shaft and are echoing off of the walls. “Fuck, yes, baby girl. Take all of my fucking cock. That’s it, baby. Squeeze it with this tight little pussy.”

Jason’s words have me constricting his dick as I moan around Joel, wanting to get them to cum. They both growl in unison, Jason’s fingers tightening on my hips as he picks up speed, and Joel grabbing a handful of my hair at the back of my neck, needing to control the pace. I relax the muscles in the back of my throat so he can get deeper.

I close my eyes and just feel. My toes curl when Jason hits my g-spot, making me scream as my throat muscles tighten around Joel’s shaft, his ass lifting from the bed in haste. He is getting sloppy with his upward thrusts, so I know he is close. Jason alternates between slowly grinding and slamming me back onto him, which is his tell that he is nearing his orgasm as well.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum. Swallow all of it, baby. I don’t want to see a drop wasted.” Joel roars, his stomach tensing just as his cock starts to throb and his seed comes forth in spurts, coating my throat in its warmth as I swallow the salty cream. He lets out a relaxed breath as I release his cock with a pop. It falls semi-flaccid onto his stomach just as Jason pulls me tightly into him to the point I don’t know where he begins and I end.

“It’s my turn now, Kat. Clench around my cock. Fucking own it and feel my cum fill this pussy.” He roars possessively as he spears me with one final thrust that has me collapsing onto Joel’s chest and screaming out my release along with his. Warmth coats my insides as I feel both of their incisors lodge themselves into the claiming marks along my neck once more.

Right before I float into unconsciousness after being very thoroughly and well fucked, there is only one thing heard within my mind as my eyes roll to the back of my head.


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