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Backwoods Fun

An infectious laugh brings me up short, causing my mouth to drop open in shock. No way! How is she here?

“Julz?” Michael questions as he realizes I’ve stopped. “What is it, babe?” Sniffing the air, my Alpha male doesn’t scent anything unusual.

“Mandy,” I whisper in shock.

“You mean the new wolf?” He shifts his attention to Mandy who has finally caught sight of me. “She joined a week ago. I thought I told you we had a new she-wolf? I could have sworn I did,” he says curiously as I haven’t taken my eyes away from Mandy, my ex-girlfriend.

The male Mandy is talking to realizes he is being ignored once she doesn’t respond back to him. With a quick look in my direction, he scurries off, giving Mandy the push to take the first step towards me.

Gulping, I clench at Michael’s hand tightly. “She was my first lover, the one that got away. We were seventeen when her pack was attacked. I was out of town when it happened, and by the time I arrived, there was no one left. A neighboring Alpha helped me search as he was there to cover up any of the wolf bodies that didn’t shift back or burn to ash. I never found her body, and the ones charred were too far gone for DNA testing. Until this moment, I thought she died five years ago Michael.”

Sucking in a breath, I nearly explode with excitement, hatred, guilt, and curiosity of where the hell she has been all of these years. If she was alive, why didn’t she come looking for me?

Mandy stops within a couple feet of me, her eyes wide and filled with tears before she launches herself at me. It’s such a shock that we fall to the ground. She either doesn’t notice Michael’s claiming mark on my shoulder, or in her eyes it doesn’t matter. Which confuses me.

“Julz?” she breathes, cupping my face. “How are you alive? I don’t understand how you’re alive!” Pressing her forehead to mine, she breathes in my scent, choking on her sobs. “I thought you died along with the packhouse exploding. I swear I saw you go into it, and then when I couldn’t locate you afterwards, I just assumed. Oh, Goddess...you’re alive!”

In a swift and shocking turn of events, Mandy slams her lips down upon mine.

A furious roar is heard before Mandy is lifted off me and held up by a furious Alpha male. “You dare touch my mate sexually?” He bares his teeth at her.

Knowing if I don’t step in, this will definitely hit the fan, I place my hands on Michael’s chest. “Please don’t harm her, babe. She won’t do it again. I promise. It’s the shock of realizing we are both alive and weren’t burnt to a crisp all those years ago.”

He gently puts her on the ground as she looks between us in confusion, “What the hell, Julz? What’s going on? Why do you have a mate mark on your shoulder? Who is this male, and what is he to you?! You’re my mate! Can you not feel the pull to me as I do you?”

Michael clears his throat and speaks a lot calmer than he was mere minutes ago. “Look, you’re overwhelmed and need to calm down so we can talk rationally. All of this yelling won’t do you or Julz any good, and I think we should all go to the farm and sit down to talk about what is happening.” He grabs my hand and brings it to his mouth to press a kiss on my knuckles as the taste of my skin helps keep him to remain calm.

I’m utterly confused about what Mandy is saying. How can I be her mate when I’m Michael’s?

“Mandy, correct?” Michael tries to get her attention off me and onto him. “Did you drive here or do you need to catch a ride with us?”

“I drove here, Alpha,” she grumbles as she looks down at the ground like a chastised child. She makes eye contact through her thick black lashes, and it crushes me to see the hurt and devastation swirling within her chocolate orbs.

The urge to sooth her broken soul and reassure her that things will be okay consumes me. I’m torn between holding Michael’s hand and reaching out for hers--and not in a friendship kind of way.

It confuses me. Why am I feeling this way about Mandy? Can she be speaking the truth? Am I her mate?

Michael doesn’t say another thing as we stroll towards our truck. He helps me up and kisses me passionately before closing my door. The man is a gentleman, and I love that about him. Always thinking about my needs before his.

When we arrive home, it’s clear to us that the packhouse is occupied by all the teenagers. Meaning the only place to hold this conversation without being interrupted is the barn. Most of the pack members believe it’s a normal barn with animals. Yes, it has those, but we use it for secret conversations or sexual encounters.

Michael directs us past the horses, pigs, and cows to the very back of the barn wall. Pressing a button, a latch pops out for him to tug on, opening up a door. Once inside, he closes it and makes sure the latch on the outside is in its original spot.

He doesn’t say a word until he is sitting down on the couch with me on his lap and Mandy across from us on a loveseat. “You say she is your mate?”

Mandy nods her head rapidly. “Yes, Julz is my mate. I felt the bond the moment I hugged her. If I had known all these years that she was my mate, I would have searched high and low for her. Believing her to be dead, there was no reason to search.”

Michael hums before turning my face to his and smashing our lips together. His tongue thrusts within, owning, conquering.

A violent snarl is all I hear before my head is yanked back and another mouth claims mine. It shocks me how I never felt it when Mandy first touched me, but now with her tongue caressing every inch of my mouth, there is no doubt in my mind that I’m hers.

Pulling back to catch my breath, I realize what is happening. “Why would your Goddess give me two mates?” It’s rare within the werewolf community, but two wolves mated to a witch is almost unheard of, especially if they are mated to each other.

“Because she knew Alpha and I both needed you to complete us. Now that we have you, we won’t be letting you go. I’ll die before you keep her from me, Alpha. I don’t care what I have to do to be in Julz’s life, I’ll do it. After all, she is my mate too.” Mandy stands up with her hands on her hips and a nasty snarl on her lips.

I can already see the fight in her eyes now that we aren’t in front of the rest of the pack. Mandy’s father was an Alpha, which means she has Alpha blood.

“Are you bisexual, Mandy?” Michael asks.

The question shocks both of us. Is Michael okay with this?

Shifting my body to get a view of his face, he gives nothing away. What is his angle with all of this?

“I am…” Even Mandy sounds uncertain.

“Get on your knees and suck Julz’s clit. I want to see if you’re worth keeping around. If you can’t satisfy her, there is no reason for you to be here.” Michael sounds harsh, but I do understand his reasoning.

If she brings us no family ties, no money, and cannot bring me to an orgasm, what can she do for our pack? It sounds harsh, but that is how everyone lives. If you are a third wheel in a relationship, will not produce children or have no skills, a pack isn’t going to keep you. They will send you to another in hopes of you finding another male or female to mate with.

The glint in Mandy’s eyes says she knows exactly what Michael is getting at. A sense of excitement rushes through me as she kneels between his legs. Michael easily lifts my legs up and positions them on the outside of his.

Mandy takes my panty-covered crotch as a challenge. She leans forward and licks a line up my pussy, inciting a moan from my mouth. Ever since our first exploration on her seventeenth birthday, I’ve craved a tongue running slowly up my wet slit. It’s pure sin to me and I love it.

Clutching onto her hair, Mandy begins to nip and suck at my clit through the thin fabric. Already, juices soak it and begin to coat her face.

“Mandy!” I cry when she bypasses my thong to insert a finger into my aching pussy walls. With a lift of my hips, I shove my drenched cunt into her face.

Or at least I try to, but Michael has other ideas. He lifts the rest of my dress up and over my head, tossing it to the ground. With swift movements, his zipper is undone and I’m being impaled with, not only his massive cock, but Mandy’s finger as well. They plunge back and forth, massaging my slick walls.

“Oh, yes!” Screaming, my head rolls back and forth as he bounces me up and down. Mandy has moved forward to the point my pussy is rubbing up and down her face on every thrust. Michael isn’t gentle in his loving; he wants me to squirt all over Mandy’s face to see how she will react. Little does he know, but she used to wake me up in the morning to do just that.

Slamming me down upon his cock one last time, he shoots his first load off within my clenching walls. Michael loves to cum first so that rounds two through ten last a lot longer. I think this time he wants to see how Many reacts to his cum.

“Lick it up, Mandy. I want to feel your tongue sliding up and down my cock when it’s not on her clit,” he snarls, yanking her hair back until her eyes catch ours. “Do not disappoint me.”

Moaning, I roll my hips, gaining friction not only against his cock, but her coarse tongue as it laves against me.

“Mandy, oh, yes! Right there...yes...yes! Oh, fuck!” Clutching at her hair, I cry out my first release when she sucks hard on my clit, drawing all the blood to the tiny little nub.

Every muscle in my body locks up to the point that Michael cums for a second time as I spray Mandy’s face, shoulders, and chest. She slips her finger out with a pop and stands up as my eyes continue to go cross-eyed.

“Well, that was better than I remember it. Why don’t we have some more fun on the bed over there, beautiful?” Mandy steps back and begins to strip from her shorts and tank top.

Ever since I met her, I’ve never felt the urge to kiss another woman. None held my attention quite like Mandy. Now I know why I’ve dreamed of her in the middle of the night. We belong together.

Michael lifts me up and carries me to the massive bed made for this room. It’s twice the size of a king, and I love every inch of it. Tossing me on the bed, he stands with his hands on his hips. “Babe, bring your ass to the edge, I’m going to alternate between fucking your pussy and gagging Mandy. She is going to sit on your face. If I don’t feel her moaning around my cock, you aren’t pleasuring her enough.” He sends me a wink while stroking his eleven-inch cock.

Mandy obeys, but smacks Michael’s ass along the way. The sound makes me clench my thighs together at the image of his firm buttocks barely shaking and turning a slight red before it vanishes as if it never happened.

“Hi, love.” Mandy draws a line down my chest, flicking a nipple before taking it into her mouth to bite. “You taste so much better with age.” Looking over her shoulder at Michael, I can’t see what they say with their eyes, but I understand it when she looks back at me. “If you thought I was possessive and rough with you when we dated, you are in for a surprise.”

Without another word, she spins her body around and kneels on both sides of my head. She doesn’t even wait to line her pussy up with my mouth. Dropping it on my face, she swirls her juices all over my lips, cheeks, and nose. “I want you to not only smell like Michael, but me as well. All those hoes will know you aren’t up for grabs now that I’ve shown up. I’ll cut a bitch if she thinks of flirting with you.” Lifting up a tiny bit, she bends over my body to reach for Michael’s cock, no doubt.

When the sound of slurping begins, I reach up with my tongue and swipe along her drenched slit, moaning at her sweet taste. I forgot how good her juice tastes. She says it’s due to what she drinks, though she never told me as she said that she would die a happy female drinking from my pussy.

“Oh, we are definitely keeping her, love. If this is how it feels on your pussy, there’s no way you can let her go,” Michael grunts as Mandy’s body begins to rock back and forth.

Placing my hands on her ass, I pull her down so that my tongue can dive straight into her pussy while a finger slips through her little star. She’s always loved her ass being played with. It’s one of her fetishes, and I’m sure it hasn’t changed in all these years.

“Do it again, Julz. Plunge those fingers into her ass. She loves it. Her throat is constricting around my cock so fucking tightly.” His groans are mixed with Mandy’s gags, forcing an orgasm out of me.

It doesn’t matter that no one is sexually touching me, the sounds turn me into a pool of molten lava as it flows from my pussy.

Screaming my release into Mandy’s lower lips, my fingers shove their way all the way to the knuckles within her tight hole, forcing her own orgasm. It’s fast and hard as her cum gushes from her onto my parted lips. Thankfully she doesn’t squirt as I’d probably die from not being able to breathe.

It seems like hours pass by as I suck on her pussy and clit, pummeling her ass and rocking my hips back and forth against Michael’s thigh, drenching it with my cream. Orgasm after orgasm consumes all three of us until Mandy rolls to the side, forcing my fingers to pop out.

“Oh...my...Goddess!” she gasps, her chest heaving up and down. “And I’ve been missing this all these years? Fuck me!”

“I plan on it,” Michael responds with a wicked glint in his eyes. “This toy just came in the mail today, and I wasn’t sure if Julz would be up to using it. Now with you here, Mandy, it’s the perfect opportunity to try it out.” He struts his sexy ass over to the corner of room where all of our sex toys are to open a drawer and pull out a strap-on.

Mandy shifts to lie next to me, her left hand rubbing circles along my sweaty stomach. “I never thought I’d feel this complete, Julz. Not after losing you all those years ago. It didn’t matter that I had a mate out there for me, I’ve always wanted you.” Her eyes tear up, making me emotional as well.

“You’ve no idea how much that means to me, Mandy. Michael knows about you. How you were my first love and how deeply your death affected me. Now that you’re here, I feel complete. As if you and Michael are two parts of a whole.” I press my lips to hers softly, loving our private moment. “And to think, just yesterday, Michael and I were thinking of ways to spice up our sex life. I think we’ve done that, haven’t we, babe?”

Michael grunts at the foot of the bed as his hand slides between my legs and coats it with my juices. “I’m not done with you two yet.” Slapping my pussy makes me flinch with excitement. “Mandy, straddle Julz hips. I’m going to fuck you both.”

Mandy doesn’t do what Michael says, instead she hops off the bed and struts her way to the cabinet. “What else do you two have in here?”

I share a thrilling grin with Michael as he kneels down to have a taste of my pussy for himself as he waits for Mandy to find what she is looking for. My legs shake as every inch of my body is overstimulated. Even a small swipe of his tongue has me clenching up in slight pain. Oh, such delicious pain.

When I get to this point in our sexathon, I’m dying to feel him within me. Every slap of his hand on my ass, tits, or clit does me in instantly. My body is overly-charged and ready to burst.

“Perfect!” Mandy squeals as she skips her way back to us, her full tits bouncing up and down with each step.

“Should I be worried?” I try to joke, but it comes out as a moan as Michael thrusts three fingers in to stretch me. The damn bastard is not only long, but thick as well. It doesn’t matter how many times we make love, his cock is a tight fit.

Mandy crawls up on the bed, wiggling a double-ended pink dildo in her right hand. “I want you to straddle me, Julz. It’s time to show you who the Alphas are here.” Grinning as if she’s already won, Mandy smacks each breast with the end of the dildo not in her hand. Never would I have thought a bright pink wiggling penis could be used quite like this.

“And if I don’t?” I bite my lip trying to be all cocky, but it doesn’t end well for me.

Michael yanks my legs to him, flipping me onto my stomach and spanking my ass twice. The stings distract me long enough for him to lift my hips up in the air and plug his thick, juicy manhood straight into my suffocating walls.

“That’s it, baby, suck me in.” Growling, his claws tighten on my hips with each pound.

“Hey, now. Her pussy belongs to me this round. You can have her ass,” Mandy warns with a snarl as she slides under my body.

At this moment I don’t care as long as someone fucks me hard and rough. I’ll die if I don’t orgasm around a pulsing member.

In one smooth shift of limbs--fake cocks and a real one--I’m straddling Mandy while the double-ended dildo is shoved straight up my pussy, making my eyes roll back at how stuffed I feel. All the air is shoved violently out of my chest when Michael nudges his mushroom head past my tight rim.

We’ve played around with anal plenty of times, but being double-stuffed like this? It’s my first time, and I feel as if I’m about to burst.

A hand wraps around my throat, forcing me against Michael’s chest. “How does that feel, baby? Do you love being dominated by your two Alpha mates?” Nipping at my ear distracts me from him rocking back and forth until he hits balls deep, making me choke on a gasp. “That’s it, feel us within you. Cum for us, Julz. I want to hear you mumbling as we stretch both your holes wide open.”

Neither speak as my body becomes adjusted to the two intrusions.

“Do it, Mandy,” is all Michael says before a vibration against my clit has my back arching, my lungs screaming and cum spraying Mandy’s chest as my body convulses.

Neither of them give me the chance to come down from my high as they work together; rocking back and forth, up and down. They work together for hours to bring me to many orgasms. At some point, Michael uses the strap-on to start pounding away at Mandy’s ass, showing us who is the true Alpha in our relationship.

Our limbs wrap around each other as lips attack. Tongues taste the salty sweat as mouths swallow moans and screams of ecstasy. Every inch of my body is touched, caressed, and owned by my two mates.

Right before my last and final orgasm of the night hits me, two sets of teeth sink into my neck, placing a claim within my soul. Michael’s claim is rewritten to work with another Alpha, even if she is female. Mandy’s soul wraps around mine, putting its own mark on me.

“Sleep well, Luna, for when you wake, Michael will not stop pounding this pussy until you’re carrying his heir. Practice always makes perfect, honey, and I plan on practicing every single day for the rest of our lives.”

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