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Two (Heads) Are Better Than One P2

Two (Heads) Are Better Than One P2

Xaro smiles knowingly as my laughter subsides when I place a hand to my aching stomach. Honestly, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

“I thought you said you had watched me and…I don’t know, did research on me,” I say, my lips still quirked up into a small barely-there smile. If nothing else, they gave me my first good laugh in months at the ridiculousness of their words. “If you had, you would know just exactly why Carlo left me.”

“Actually, we do know why he left, but that doesn’t matter to us, and only reaffirms our intentions with you. You see, Aspar here is what you call a doctor on your planet, and fortunately, our medical skills are far more advanced than the one’s here on Earth. Sadly, as skilled as our physicians are, there is no way to fix the constant radiation that make women on our planet infertile.”

“So, you’re saying you can ‘fix’ me? Make me able to have babies?”

I will believe it when I see it.

“Not only would you be able to have children, you would be able to have multiples at a time,” Dryx says with nod.

Holy fu—multiples?

“Like twins?”

“Twins, triplets, quadruplets, you name it.” My hands had fallen away from his when I’d started to laugh, but Dryx takes them into his again and squeezes. It is both reassuring and frightening. Having multiple babies is always a risk—even I know that.

“Many of the women on this planet are frail, shallow creatures,” Malek states. “Besides your infertility issue—which Dryx says can easily be managed—you are a hale, hearty female, and one who we admired greatly.”

He’s so sincere that I almost want to break down. After being told I couldn’t have children and Carlo leaving me because of it, it’s the first sign of any person—on Earth or beyond—wanting me. Id’ felt like less of a person earlier today, but now—not so much. Their words made me feel whole again.

“But—four of you? I’d give children to all four? I mean, how would that work?”

I both want to know and am afraid to find out. It’s the ‘multiples’ that gets me. Although, with four men to help out with that, the possibilities are definitely intriguing.

“The first thing to do is to fix your womb,” Aspar speaks. He has a low, gravelly tone that threatens to knock me off my feet with its dominance. It’s no wonder he speaks so seldom. Although Dryx appears to be their leader, Aspar holds such a rare Alpha quality to his tone that it sets my teeth on edge.

Dryx leans in and brushes the straight line of his nose against me cheek. It elicits a shiver, and I have to hold on tighter to his hands to keep from melting into a puddle on the ground at his feet.

“Aspar has a shot of medicine that he can give you, love. It will help fix what’s broken inside you. Do you trust him? Us? I promise we would never harm you in any way.”

I think about that and find that, yes, I trust them. Trust them enough to ‘fix me’, though I can’t say why. It’s like it’s intrinsic, instinctual.

Nodding my head, Dryx pulls away as Aspar comes forward with a small device shielded in his hand. He gestures with his other for me to come nearer, and I reluctantly move forward so I’m close to his statuesque perfection. He’s so tall I feel like I’m next to one of the horses in the stable again, ready to give them a good rubdown.

“This needle has a drug in it that many of our medics use to create temporary fertile cycles in our women. Since the atmosphere on our home planet is so poisonous, it only lasts a few weeks before the female is deemed barren again. Since there is no such toxicity on Earth, this shot will completely fix your fertility problem. The organ will never fail you again.”

I hold out an arm, thinking it will be like a flu shot or other vaccine. Instead, he presses the plunger up to my neck and glances at the startled look on my face.

“You’ll barely feel it, and that’s a promise. The moment the point of it touches your skin, it will numb you.”

He almost sounds too soft. Caring. I feel a little better, but still have to close my eyes as I hold my breath. A few moments pass until he continues. “All done.”

My eyes blink open. He is right. I didn’t feel a thing. Only when I press my hands to my neck do I feel the slightest imperfection—a raised bump that Aspar assures will go away in a day or so.

“So, what do you think?” Xaro asks, his eyes eager and bright. Playful. “We could give you much pleasure and the children you’ve always wanted in exchange for help around the ranch. What do you think?”

I blink. Aspar has supposedly fixed my infertility troubles in a second, and I am practically starved for sex and a decent orgasm, but I didn’t just want companionship and babies. It wasn’t enough without something deeper.

Dryx seems to read me loud and clear.

“It’s not enough to just be pleased sexually in exchange, is it, my dear? Humans need more to feel complete,” he says sagely. “It’s been a long time since our kind has felt the bond of anything deeper than trying to find a female to procreate with, but I remember, more than the others you could say, what it is like to feel something meaningful, powerful. Something beyond just slight affection or lust.”

He goes on to tell me of the first female he loved and how she was too close to the explosions as they went off. The radiation from them killed her within minutes. He seems sad, but he smiles brightly at me through the dreary story of his past.

“All four of us are already quite taken with you,” he admits as his thumb skims across my cheekbone. “But if you feel it’s too much, being with all four of us, we will leave you be. None of us would force you to take us all into bed.”

His tone is grim, and I’m suddenly very aware of all of them looking at me expectantly.

“Okay,” I breathe out. A wash of some foreign emotion I haven’t felt in ages passes through me, and I feel somehow lighter. My heart thrums in my chest, racing to rush oxygen-saturated blood to every jittery part of me. Adrenaline pumps through me, making me feel lightheaded and tingly. “What—I mean, how do we do this?”

I feel like I am bum-rushed as both Dryx and Aspar move towards me quickly. Their actions are quick and deliberate, and my mouth is taken my Dryx’s full lips as he slips a tongue easily into my mouth. I can feel Aspar’s heavy breathing on my skin before his tongue traces over the curve of my shoulder and up my neck.

As my mouth is taken with brutal, hungry kisses, I can hear the other two men murmuring in the background. I break the kiss, looking up into Dryx’s silver-flecked eyes.

“One thing you should be aware of before we do anything to this delectable body of yours, is that our male genitalia are different than humans.” His eyes blink and glimmer brightly, like a sunrise on the cusp of the horizon.

Aspar takes up the dialogue. “We have two male organs, for front and back penetration.”

“Our cocks are large, little one, so we will need to prepare you.”

Suddenly I feel like I’m a virgin again. Completely and utterly unprepared for sex. As my thighs pinch together, I feel hands squeezing and cupping my ass, and a firm and deft finger rubbing against my clitoris through my clothing as my whole body shakes.

“H-how?” I stutter. I can’t seem to muster up two words to string together.

“Medical gel,” Aspar answers. “It will stretch you so you can take four cocks in, two in front, two in back. You’ll feel no pain, and your muscles will be able to revert to normal afterwards as well.”

It’s clinical and concise, but I still feel the heat pool between my legs as Dryx’s hands start to bunch the fabric of my shirt around my waist before pulling it up and over my head. It’s gone in a flash, tossed over the side of my old, ratty sofa, and forgotten before the rasp of my zipper sliding down tenses my knees and causes them to clench.

My pants and panties are dragged down my legs as Aspar unclasps my bra from the back. I thank God that I had started a fire before rubbing down the horses earlier. The cool night air and lack of proper ventilation in the cabin can be a pain, but the house is so old it would take thousands of dollars to fix it up to current building codes standards.

My nipples pucker as Aspar’s large hands grip them firmly. He pulls at the aching points, and I arch my back just as Dryx cups my pussy.

“Wet. God I love the feel of a female’s tight, wet pussy on my fingers,” Dryx rasps.

“It’s been too long,” Aspar seems to agree as I am hauled off and draped across Dryx’s large body on the larger of the two couches in my living room.

“Much, much too long.” Dryx groans as I feel his finger flick and pinch at my overstimulated little bud.

I’m quickly pulled up to straddling Dryx’s face, and I feel heated breaths against my moist sex. A tongue swipes out once, my eyes slamming shut as a gust of hot air passes my lips in a rush, my throat closing up as I nearly choke on my own spit.

I’m sucked into a heated mouth as a tongue licks the puckered rim of my ass. It’s sensational, but I have to look back to see Aspar’s dark head buried between my ass cheeks.

Aliens are kinky as fuck, I think to myself as my eyes close on a groan.

My eyes flicker open a few moments later, and I almost forget that Xaro and Malek are there. They’re watching attentively, but I can’t seem to care as I’m being filled with too much pleasure. My hips grind, and Dryx’s filthy words are muffled as my hips rock wildly against his face.

A palm cracks against my skin, stinging, but Aspar’s other hand is pressed against my stomach, keeping me from flying off the couch when I startle at the action.

Figures he’d be the first one to spank me.

Soon I’m moving again, nearly humping Dryx’s clever tongue as I chase my release. When it finally comes, it blinds me, and I’m held aloft by Aspar’s sturdy arms.

I can barely breathe as I hear Aspar getting off the couch. The whisper of a zipper later, I look to see him taking something out of the pocket of his trousers. It’s a small tube, but it’s not what holds my attention.

Two. Two long, thick cocks, both hard and weeping already from the tip. I whimper a little and squirm away, already wondering how one is even supposed to fit inside me.

“Medical gel,” he explains coolly, ignoring my shameless ogle. “And we will fit just fine once we’ve lubed you up with it.”

I start to wonder if they can read minds.

“We’re empaths,” Xaro offers up blatantly. “We can’t hear your exact wording, but we can seek and sense what you’re feeling.”

That makes sense. They’ve already displayed that much with their ready answers before I could force the slew of questions out of my mouth.

Dryx is also getting up from the couch and pulling down his pants, and I am amazed. He’s larger even than Aspar, and it’s definitely daunting.

Another crack lands on my ass as I’m lifted off the couch and onto Aspar’s waiting lap.

My damned behind is going to be as red as sin when he gets done with me.

I watch as Dryx tosses aside their clothing and lifts the cork from the bottle of medical gel. He pours some of it onto his hands as Aspar’s lip take in one of my nipples.

Suddenly, I’m squirming and writhing, both his massive cocks pressing between us. I can feel them twitch and lengthen, but it only makes me hungrier.

Dryx uses the lube to slick both my pussy and ass, and I can feel a slight warmth being left behind from both his hands and the gel. I feel myself relax and become anxious as my hands drive through Aspar’s hair as his lips and wet tongue tease my flesh. As my mouth parts on a sigh, he pulls the other nipple into his mouth and groans.

“You’ll take all four of us tonight, as we wish to impregnate you as soon as possible,” Dryx’s sinfully low voice tells me as he spreads more gel between my legs. “First Aspar and I, then Xaro and Malek, as we rank higher and are older than the other two.”

“W-we?” I splutter out the question.

“Oh yes, all of us. “We have a prong that shoots out from our cocks that will stimulate your ovaries to release one fertile egg each. You will have one child from all four of us at once.”

Holy…quads. I’ll fucking have quads if what they say is true.

Again, I’m lifted off Aspar and settled over Dryx’s hard body. His hands reach out to soothe the tension his words caused, and I’m immediately a pliant puddle of goo. My hips shimmy and slide against his cock, and he groans, the sound vibrating his chest against mine.

“Fuck. So wet. So ready. You are ready, aren’t you, love? Ready to be taken by four cocks at once?”

Once of them slides in an inch, and I immediately clench my muscles in delicious anticipation.

“Oh…fuck, yes. Please.”

Okay, that sounded much more desperate that I thought it would.

Aspar chuckles from behind me as he seats his manhoods at the ready. When they both thrust into me suddenly, I expect pain, but only a wave of pleasure courses through me as I immediately come at the thick intrusions.

“Oh, shit!”

They both release deep laughter as I shake between them. Already I’m feeling them stroke into me, a slow methodical place that builds pleasure between my hips at an alarming rate.

“See.” Dryx smiles up at me. “Perfect fit.”

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