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Two (Heads) Are Better Than One P3

Two (Heads) Are Better Than One Part 3

When they slam into me again, I cry out, the sound echoing against the high ceilings as ecstasy, pure and deep explodes from within. Only a few measly strokes more, and already I am close to coming apart again.

I have no time to relax, and both men pull back before thrusting into me.

“Fuck, my sweet. Your pussy is divine.”

Filthy-talking aliens. But I admit, I actually love that. Carlo was too busy fucking me cross-eyed to say anything to wind me up the way these two men do.

Still, the orgasms Carlo had given me were usually with my hand on my clit, rubbing vigorously and desperate to come before he did. He rarely went down on me, but always begged me to suck his cock, sometimes fucking my face until I wept tears of pain. He was sadistic, that one, and liked to see the hurt he inflicted.

“Don’t think about that useless man,” Aspar rasps into my ear. “He’s gone for good and will never come back. You’re ours now. To fuck and to breed, and we’ll give you more orgasms that you can count on all your fingers and toes in one night.”

God, I believe him. They had sucked my pussy to weeping for them, slammed into me so good I instantly came, and now I am on the cusp of another delicious release, trembling between them as I cry out.

All of their cocks scrape against sensitive nerves, the drag and pull of their thick girths causing my body to clench as I’m spiraling upward and nearly out of my head.

“Dryx! Aspar!”

They both groan in harmony and thrust into me again. I fly apart as I feel something tickling me from within as they remain seated deep within me, unmoving. It’s like ice in my veins.

“Just a tickle, love. No pain.”

It’s weird, like an icicle is being wound through a path of wet heat. I almost laugh at the odd sensation, and then they are tightening their grip on me to keep me still as I continue to shake with my release.

“Prongs,” Aspar breathes into my ear. “We’re using our prongs to bring forth a fertilized egg into your womb. The strange, icy sensation will go away in a minute or two.”

I can feel them pulse in me, their cocks throbbing and drawing out my orgasm. I wonder briefly if that’s a possibility too.

Dryx chuckles before speaking. “You are a smart one, Rose. Yes, with our cocks impaling you and bringing your ova out will elongate your pleasure. Many females that have been impregnated on our planet sometimes pass out after their release.”

“Not our Rosalie,” Aspar’s dry laugh vibrates deep in his chest. “She’s stronger than all those women.”

God, I hope so. Already the tightening in my chest is making me gasp and struggle for air. Just when I think I’m about to pass out from pleasure, the tension eases, and I’m brought spinning down as their hard bodies pull away from mine and I’m able to suck down life-affirming oxygen again.

I hear Xaro grumble something to Malek.

“I’ll bet we can make her orgasm last five minutes instead of a measly two.”

My heart races. These men will kill me. But before I can toss back a witty rejoinder about how I’ll make those two beg for it, I’m being slammed into again. My pussy clenches as my eyes roll back in their sockets.

“Oh, fuck!” It was meant to be a scream, but it comes out as more of a whimper as all my muscles contract as I clench my hands over their well-defined bodies. As my fingernails scrape across Dryx’s biceps, I feel Aspar’s large hands grip hard around my neck, squeezing until I choke out a sob.

“He thinks he can take you to new heights of pleasure and make it last longer than us. Don’t believe a word of it. We will have you screaming by the time we’re done with you.”

I believe him. God, I do. He sounds like he’d play my pussy like a fucking harp with the way his words wind deliciously into my ear. I let out a choking sob, and their bodies rock into me again, causing me to grip onto them tight, one hand around Dryx’s bicep, the other latched onto the back of Aspar’s thick neck.

“Oh, God.” My eyes close. This is heaven. Or hell. I’m not sure which as his threat to give me pleasure yet unrealized zings through me with every raspy syllable.

“What Aspar says is true, darling Rosalie. Those younger men may have the advantage of youth, but stamina comes with age.” He growls it out, sounding more like Aspar than himself.

I’m soon flipped over until I’m pulled onto the side of the couch, and Dryx is still rooted deep into me before sitting on the arm rest. Aspar is at my back in a blink, and I’m being speared again. The sound of wet flesh permeates the air and I’m lifted higher, over and over again, my voice crying out as my bliss spikes higher and higher.

Aspar’s grunted thrusts crash against my skin, pushing me off Dryx’s lap before his mouth is on my skin, breathing a hot and heavy flow across goosebumps I’d no idea were there. His tongue licks the sweat from my skin as he groans his appreciation.

“Such a hot, tight little cunt. I looked forward to stretching you over and over again.”

For someone who rarely speaks, Aspar has sure found his voice while his two cocks were pumping deep within me. Even Dryx isn’t as verbose as they both slam me into another earth-shattering orgasm.

I tumble down after blinding flashes of light behind my eyes, both of the men grunting as I squeeze around them. They don’t stop their brutal pace, and I’m fucked right into near unconsciousness as I scream out their names. The sounds bounce back at me from the walls and ceiling, and I can’t even begin to care as I hear a slight chuckle as it’s ripped from Dryx’s smiling mouth.

As his lips press to mine in a claiming kiss, I am able to suck a lungful of oxygen before his tongue flicks it away. I’m lost, and I don’t think I ever want to be found.

His tongue explores and probes my mouth as his fingers come down and squeeze one of my breasts, plucking and pinching at my nipple before breaking the kiss.

“We will do our best to make sure you and our children never want for anything.”

“Make sure you’re safe and nourished,” Aspar agrees through thick, heavy pants.

I feel a hand as it squeezes my ass, and my hand pulls Dryx closer before I’m slammed hard onto both their cocks.

“Fuck!” I cry as I’m ratcheted up into a heaven. Or hell. I still haven’t figured out which.

Don’t think I want to either.

“That’s right, my darling. We’re fucking you. And we’ll fuck you ’til your throat is raw from your screams of pleasure.”

The bounce me on both their cocks, the speed enticing me until my toes are curling against the worn fabric of the sofa. I would never think of this dreary room again without getting got hot flashes, I’m sure.

I’m so close to flying apart that my heart hammers in my chest. I hope Aspar has medicine in his little bag of tricks for that too, because I’m going to need it by the time they’re through with me.

I’m thrust higher and higher, never plateauing until I scream out their names as I come around them both.

“Dryx! Shit, Aspar!”

Aspar flicks his tongue at my earlobe, and even that is turned into an erogenous zone when I feel him lengthen and throb within me.

“Damn it,” he growls. “So fucking close to coming in this hot pussy and ass of yours.”

I shiver and let my hands wander over every inch of the men that I can reach. It’s not enough, feeling the smooth lines of the skin as I try to latch onto anything to root me in the moment. Hot, sweat-soaked flesh, and I want every inch of it.

“Are you ready for us, ready for us to come inside you? Pump this pussy so full of us it leaks down the insides of your thighs?”

Yes. Yes please. Do that. All of it.

“Dryx.” Aspar sounds like he is barely holding on, and I move my head to catch his eyes, dark chocolate and soulful. His lips press to mine, and my cheeks feel like they go up in flames as his tongue lewdly strokes into me. Like a snake charmer, he makes me submit to his every whim until I’m breathless, boneless, and praying they’ll keep me up between their sinful bodies.

I feel a hand sliding down my waist and coming to rest above my pussy, a finger sliding across my wetness until it brushes against the sensitive flesh that’s engorged fully. I feel ready to burst, like flames stoked in a fireplace, some of the logs cracking and popping. It’s both dangerous and pleasurable.

This is the kind of sex you could get addicted to.

As Aspar rubs more vigorously, a hot, wet tongue strokes across my nipples, turning them in aching points that make my back bow in order to grant me more. More tongue, more mouth. Just more.

My lips feel swollen, Aspar is alternating nibbling and licking, making me groan as my hips churn, seeking friction as I’m thrust suddenly into another soaring orgasm.

Aspar never neglects my lips, and I feel feverish. A hard bite to my nipple nearly tosses me over the edge again.

I don’t know how many times they’ve made me come, but I have a feeling they’re getting close to spending inside me as well. I can feel them thicken and pulse, rubbing against heated wet flesh until their movements hasten, and I’m swept away again.

The long kiss breaks, and I’m begging—no, pleading—for them to come in me. Desperate and needy, my words slip out of my mouth in a babble I’m sure will embarrass me when I think back on it in the future. Begging for two men to come in me.

I’ll blame the lust that’s seeping from my every pore.

The two of them seem to love it, and when I tell them to fill me up, they both lose it, slamming into me a few more times before hot breath licks every part of my skin as I feel them emptying out in hot, wrenching pulses inside me.

Aspar pulls out first, kissing a sweet line up my shoulder to my neck and causing a little shiver to race down my spine. He immediately moves into the kitchen where I can hear him rooting around in drawers, looking for something.

At this point, I don’t care. He could be looking for a meat cleaver to dice me up into small little pieces and I wouldn’t have been able to move to flee his murderous, post-coital tendencies.

Dryx presses wet, drugging kisses to my mouth between pants, and my eyes open slowly to take in the grey-blue of his irises. They’re twinkling back at me, and his lips pull up in a gentle smile before he presses his lips to mine again.

“Aspar is going to get something to clean you up with, my sweet. He may seem like a beast in bed and a sullen old fart when out of it, but it’s in his nature to care and coddle. Don’t let him know I told you that, but he’s a teddy bear, truly.”

“I heard that.”

Dryx chuckles and pats me on my ass. My legs slide down his and I’m standing on my feet, wobbly as I am.

Aspar comes out with a towel and starts wiping me down.

I’m patted dry but I still somehow feel full. I guess being stuffed by four cocks will do that to you.

“Rest for a little,” Aspar tells me before pulling me onto his lap as he sits, still nude, on the couch. “I can tell that Malek and Xaro are salivating for their turn, and I believe they have a few tricks up their sleeve with what they have planned for you.”

I look over at Xaro and Malek, both their eyes glimmering in the dim light of the room. Malek looks nonplussed, but I can tell by the wicked grin on Xaro’s face that he will enjoy every minute of what he has planned for me.

I’m in so much trouble with these four.

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