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Two (Heads) Are Better Than One P4

Two (Heads) Are Better Than One P4

I drift along in water with the current as I weave and bob. Honestly, I feel as light as air, like I’m floating on clouds instead of water. I start to wonder how I got here when—

“I think she’s finally awake,” a mischievous voice says as it brings me back to the here and now.

As my eyes pop open, I see Xaro and Malek looked at me as they bring me up the stairs. Malek is holding me in a bridal carry, and I quickly remember everything Dryx and Aspar did to me.

“Dryx and Aspar are with the horses,” Xaro tells me.

Again, reading my thoughts without my permission. I’ll have to talk to them about that later. It’s kind of eerie. “They’ve watched you enough to know how to rub them down. Aspar may act a quiet and dull, but his bedside manner is superb, even with animals.”

“He grew up raising cattle before he became a doctor,” Malek adds.

“We’re lucky he wanted to become a doctor and not what you would call a veterinarian.” Xaro says the word as if he’s amused or confused by it, and I have to smile weakly back at him. I’m not hurting, but it feels like all my muscles are sore.

And that’s really not a surprise seeing as how I was stretched to max capacity a little while ago.

Xaro opens the door to my bedroom, only it doesn’t look like a bedroom at all. Granted, there’s a bed in it, but everything else looks like the middle of the woods.

“What the hell?” I try to squirm out of Malek’s arms as I blink at my surroundings.

Good Lord! It even sounds like we’re in the middle of a forest.

Bird chirps, and I can hear a far-off howl. Coyote, maybe?

I turn to them with an accusing tone in my voice. “Are one of you two doing this? Is this one of your abilities?”

Malek laughs quietly. “Guilty. I promise what Dryx and Aspar did to you was only the tip of the iceberg. We have many more talents—”

“—and we all don’t share the same abilities. While Malek can charm you into seeing what he wants you to see, like this forest scene here, I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well.”

I blink back at him as his tongue slips out of his mouth and elongates. It’s nine or ten inches long before his swells and becomes one ginormous cock-shaped tongue. I clap a hand to my mouth when he lifts the end in a come-hither motion. Like it’s fucking finger.

Holy mother of…

Xaro winks and slowly pulls his tongue back into his mouth as it diminishes to a normal size again.

“Holy shit.” It’s a whisper. It’s all I can get out, and about as loud as I think I can talk without having to suck in another bout of oxygen. I’m speechless, and it usually takes a whole hell of a lot to render me incapable of my usual mouthiness.

“Cool, huh?” He tips another wink at me as Malek lets me down to allow my feet hit the floor.

I walk over to the bed and sit down on it, feeling the familiar brush of my usual, simple cotton sheets. The bed’s certainly mine, but everything else is like a crazy, drug-induced mirage.

I’m still naked, so there’s no messing about as I’m flipped onto my back before Xaro and Malek both strip down to their skin and climb onto the bed with me. Malek waves his hand in the air, and it’s suddenly daylight in the forest, though I think his hand gestures were just so I wouldn’t be startled when it was suddenly midday.

Still, I gasp as sunlight peeks through the canopy of foliage above me.

Mouths, hot, sinful mouth latch onto my breasts, pulling the nipples in with greedy groans. Already their manhoods are elongated and becoming firmer by the second.

God. All of these men are huge. If I hadn’t already nearly been split in two by Dryx and Aspar, I would have shrieked myself hoarse and run away.

My pussy is still humming with the effects of the medical gel, but Malek still slathers some on me right before Xaro slithers his way between my legs, dropping them over his shoulders. He grins up wickedly at me, and my nerves over the prospect of his weird tongue fly right out the window as I feel him shoving the throbbing, lengthening muscle right up my cunt.

“Holy—” I scream it, then slap a hand over my mouth. I immediately think that I’m going to be heard, though the idea is pretty silly when I think about it fully.

“Fuck, I love the sounds she makes.” It’s Malek who breaks away from my chest just long enough to speak.

“And her pussy is divine, Mal,” Xaro grunts from between my legs. It comes out more like mush, but I can basically understand him even with his swollen tongue. Another ability he has? I’m afraid to find out more.

“Trust me, sweet girl. We won’t overwhelm you with everything we can do in one night,” Malek promises with a grin against my skin.

“Yes, we wouldn’t want you expiring from pure ecstasy our first night together now, would we?”

Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better, but then his tongue is inside me licking me everywhere, wiggling, and I suddenly concede that I don’t really care. As long as he keeps doing what he’s doing, he can rocket me into a million orgasms before I’d let my heart give out on me.

“Can’t wait to feel you squeezing my cocks as you come, sweetheart.” Malek sounds agonized, and I look down to see him fisting one cock, then the other, arousal leaking from both tips as I watch on in awe.

Then when he looks at me, deep, deep into my eyes, I see his green irises starting to glow. It’s much like a cat’s, but somehow it shows me just how otherworldly he is, and I gasp when Xaro flicks his tongue and pegs my g-spot. I soar into an orgasm that makes me rethink letting them give me a million before dying.


I feel like I’m flying and threatening never to come down, though I hear a chuckle. My eyes had slammed shut upon the first pulse of my release, and I blink them open to see Xaro’s hazel irises twinkle and glow.

That settles that. They both can share some of their abilities, and crazy cat-eyes must be one of them. I start to wonder if Dryx’s and Aspar’s will glow too when aroused.

Xaro pulls his tongue out of me, and thankfully—at least for now—it diminishes to its normal size.

But not before licking away all the wetness from around his mouth like he couldn’t bear to let even an ounce of my pleasure go to waste.

I have to think that they’ve talked about how they would go about impregnating me before when I was asleep. Malek is too quick as he slides up the bed behind me and draws me in so my back is against his chest with his two hard cocks trapped between us.

Xaro follows up on a crawl, smirking the whole damn way, his eyes turning golden instead of the hazel they once were. When he’s level with me, he kisses my lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth and tangling it with mine.

God, no wonder I came like a freight train. He has a seriously lewd and talented tongue.

And it’s all yours, so hop on that dick over and over again, bitch.

If I didn’t know my subconscious so well, I would’ve thought Xaro could push his thoughts into my head. At least they sort of sounded like something he would say, even though I didn’t know them all too well at this point.

Fuck it, it’s something he would say and I know it. I don’t care, but I know it all too damn well.

Soon, I’m being lifted into the air as four cocks strain against my holes. They pop through the puckered rim of my ass first, my pussy clenching and making them have to really work to get their cocks in through my quivering folds. Already I’m tightly wound, and when they slam home, I call out as I come all around them.

“Fuck!” I’d wash my own damn mouth out with soap if these two didn’t earn every damn cuss word I give them.

“We’ll fuck you so good you pass out on us, love,” Malek whispers against my neck as I shudder between them. It’s like they’ve possessed my body, and I can’t stop the whimpers, groans, and curses flying from my mouth as I hold onto both their bodies with clenching fingers.

“Ah, yes! Right there! Fucking squeeze my cock!” Xaro sounds joyous, and I can concur. These four have certainly come into my rotation at the right time. I must have been seriously thirsty for it to come just from initial penetration twice in one night.

As they stroke in and out of me, crashing their hips into mine until I’m sure I’ll be bruised everywhere the next day. I’m pushed higher and higher, tightening around them with the filthy whisper of their words, the grinding oaths they give me to fuck me into unconsciousness. I’m squealing my next climax just as the scene around me changes, and my eyes lock onto the big sign to my right.

Times Square.

Holy shit!

Malek laughs as people pass by and through us, and my eyes are everywhere as I fly apart at the seams.

When I’m almost through with my climax, they still their bodies, their cocks completely sheathed by tight, wet heat, and I feel that odd little trickle again. I know exactly what they are doing, but it still sends a chill down my spine as the coolness of their prongs comes forth and tickles my insides.

I’m shot through the roof with ecstasy, and my whole body shakes as I continue to orgasm. My fingernails score Xaro’s hard pectorals as my other hand latches onto Malek’s dark mane of hair.

I swear I’m about to pass out when the sensation ceases, and I take a deep, shuddering breath of oxygen as the black dots in my eyes fade into nothing.

A string of curses flies from my mouth. Some are nonsensical, while others are phrases I’ve only heard some of Carlo’s friends use, and those guys are utter toolbags.

“Oh, God. I’m dying.”

Malek chuckles before Xaro speaks. “I knew she could handle a four-minute orgasm.”

Four? I’m dead. Utterly dead.

Oh well. Life was good while it lasted.

“We wouldn’t allow you to die,” Malek chuckles.

“Stop…digging into…my head…”

Xaro laughs and simply replies, “You’ll get used to it.”

I groan. He’s probably right.

So unfair.

Both of them pull out of me suddenly, and Malek sits on the edge of the bed before patting his lap in invitation for me to sit astride him. At his gesture, I face away from him, and Xaro comes up between my spread legs. They both lift me, and I’m once again so full it pulls the breath right out of my lungs.

At first, they stroke slowly into me, Malek’s strong hands lifting me off his cock and back down. The delicious stretch is just as intense as before, and pretty soon I’m being slammed down onto all four cocks when the door to my bedroom opens and artificial light filters into the room.

“What did we miss?” Dryz saunters into the room like he missed the beginning of a movie and not me being slammed hard onto four cocks at once.

“Oh, fuck!” I cry out as another wave of pleasure breaks me apart and has me coming all around them.

“Good work, but I see her mouth is far too empty,” Aspar says before pulling his pants down and ridding himself of every stitch of clothing. He climbs onto bed just as Dryx starts undressing as well, taking his sweet ass time as his grins widens across his face.

“Excellent idea, Aspar. What you lack in loquaciousness, you make up for with that big, muscular brain of yours.”

“Fuck off, Dryx.”

“I meant it as a compliment.”

“Oh, God!” I’m building up to another orgasm as those two are trash-talking. I’d kill them if I wasn’t thirsty for their dicks in my mouth.

I didn’t say that.

What the fuck has happened to me?

“See, she wants it so badly, she’s salivating.”

Oh, my God. I am.

I wipe drool that’s spilled over the side of my mouth as Xaro chuckles wildly.

Before anyone can say another word, two dicks are stuffed into my mouth, and Dryx’s hand is gripping my chin to keep me still to take both their massive lengths down my throat.

Gagging around them, they drive deeper, and I wonder if they slathered their cocks with that medical gel that seems to help me take four massive intrusions into my pussy and ass.

Dryx and Aspar are soon groaning as their hips rock into my mouth with abandon. Xaro and Malek speed up, their gigantic manhoods swelling as I feel the large rods in my mouth weep a tangy, salty fluid.

“Fuck, I’m so close to coming in this tight little pussy,” Xaro hisses through his teeth.

I’m tightening around them, every hole stuffed to the max with their thick erections while Dryx and Aspar stroke their secondary cocks and point them at my tits.

My next orgasm builds, but I’m so full I can only weep salty tears. It’s not with pain, but pleasure as I cry out my release as Xaro and Malek come inside me with a series of wild, caustic grunts.

Dryx and Aspar follow suit, my mouth filling with thick, salty semen that drips down the back of my throat. I swallow thickly as their secondary cocks spray my chest, and I can feel the warmth as it slides down onto abdomen.

I’m pulled off Malek and sat on Aspar’s lap, Dryx making a motion with his hands and—poof! No come left on my chest. I’m completely clean, and he does the same to my thighs and pussy as soon as I catch my breath.

Smiling sheepishly, he shrugs. “I could have done that before, but I didn’t want to freak you out at first.”

“She can handle it,” Xaro says before kissing me straight on the mouth. “Can’t you, sweetheart?”

I nod, still shaken, and I’m pulled under my covers as four naked men cover nearly every inch of my flesh with their bodies.

Their hands caress my skin, and they murmur against it in a language so foreign I don’t know if I’m hearing them correctly.

“What are you doing?” I ask sleepily when Aspar slides a hand over my belly. At least I think it’s him. It’s strange how I can almost sense his large hands on me. They’re somehow gentler than the others.

“Bonding,” Dryx says shortly.

“To ensure the eggs are fertilized properly, it’s best if we’re close to you after inseminating you,” Aspar explains in a softer tone than usual. “I won’t be able to tell if it takes for about a week, but it should so long as we’re close to you for the next several hours.”

They continue to stroke my skin, and it lulls me to sleep.

Right before my mind turns off, I think one last overwhelming thought.

Holy shit. Four babies. At one time. You’re in for it now, Rose.

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