Everyone Has Naughty Secrets

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Vibrators, Bullets, and Dildos-Oh, My!

“Adam! Carrie and I are going on our lunch break now so holler if you need us, alright?” I yell out to our coworker who is up front hanging up our newest selection of vibrators. It’s a good thing all of the products are packaged or wrapped in plastic, because that male touches everything.

“Alright! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, ladies--or better yet, do something I would want to walk in on.” His chuckle follows us to the little lunch room we have in the back for us when it’s a slow night and we just want to relax.

Carrie laughs while shaking her head at Adam’s remark. “That man is one horny bastard. I swear he has nothing better to do then dream about us getting it on.”

I simply shrug my shoulders. “It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve done some girl on girl action, Carrie, so it isn’t that strange. He just wants to walk in on us next time instead of hearing about it secondhand from Jacob.”

She turns to face me, walking backwards through the door that reads Staff Only, a naughty smile on her lips. My right eyebrow arches upward in question.

“What is that look for?”

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking that maybe we should give him something to walk in on,” she replies in a sing-song voice as she turns around to pop a DVD into the Blu-ray player, looking back at me with a mischievous glint in her brown eyes. That look usually means she is up to something.

I flop down on the brown suede couch, throw my head back and release a sigh, wanting to rid my brain of vibrators, dildos, and a ton of other bedroom sex toys. My head bolts up when I hear moaning and skin slapping coming from the TV that Carrie just turned on.

I mockingly narrow my eyes at her as she starts to sway her hips to the sounds as if it’s music to dance to. Looking at the TV, I see two gorgeous men fucking two females from behind while they lock lips in between. I squirm in my seat as I feel my clit start to throb with need, causing Carrie to chuckle knowingly.

I groan in frustration.“You did this on purpose, didn’t you, you hoe?”

“Damn right I did. You need to get that stick out of your ass and let someone take care of you for once. You have been running this store nonstop for years and barely give yourself any time to make yourself feel good. Let me do that for you, RayRay. Let me help you relax,” she pleads with me, batting her thick eyelashes as if that will work on me.

It doesn’t, but I agree with her. I have relaxed for a long time. I definitely need help with the shop--and some hot cock pounding my pussy. It’s been way too long since I’ve been fucked hard and fast.

She slowly takes off one article of clothing at a time as she sways her hips seductively my way. My eyes roam Carrie’s hourglass figure hungrily, my body craving what she is offering. As she gets closer and is clad only in her purple bra and panties, I slide my hand down my pants and start to lightly play with my throbbing bud.

Damn, sometimes I hate how Carrie knows just what I need. Her body has always turned me on. She is sin wrapped up in silk panties.

The noise in the background and Carrie’s provocative body has me so damn ready, I will cum within a minute of touching myself.

“Get your hand out of there, RayRay. Let me do that for you. I just want you to sit back and not move,” Carrie orders as she drops between my knees and clutches the top of my pants. “Lift your sweet ass up so I can take these off you.”

I do as I’m told, and my pants and underwear are thrown over the other side of the couch. My shirt is next, and I am left sitting on the couch completely bare so her hungry eyes can explore their darkest desires.

“Fuck, you have beautiful breasts, Ray,” she expresses as she cups them in her hands, massaging the globes roughly before pinching and twisting the stiff peaks.

Carrie knows how I like to be touched. We’ve had plenty of threesomes in the past, and when I was in between boyfriends, she always helped relieve that ache instead of needing to search for some random dick.

As she reaches up and circles my hardened nipple with her warm tongue, I moan and toss my head back against the couch with a cry of pleasure. “Jeez girl, how long has it been since you have been fucked?”

I know she doesn’t expect an answer, but I tell her anyway. “It’s been at least two months. Carrie…”

She continues to give attention to my breasts while I reach out to grab hers; they are plump and firm as they spill out of the cups of her lacy bra. I pinch her nipple to the point of pain since that’s how she likes it and what gets her off, causing a moan to erupt from her full mouth.

Biting down on my right nipple with a wicked smirk, her hand trails down my stomach with a firm pressure until it reaches my throbbing clit. She circles the needy bud a few times before pinching it and slamming two fingers into my clenching core, wanting to get me off quick.

The first time at least.

A loud moan falls from my mouth as I cum hard all over her fingers, clasping tightly and holding them hostage. She removes her mouth from my breasts as I grab her by the back of her neck and bring her face up to mine to dominate her mouth with my tongue.

The second her fingers slip out of me with a slick sound, I twist my body around hers, slamming her face into the back of the couch.

“Fuck, RayRay, you haven’t dominated me in months,” she moans into the grey leather. Clutching at the top of it, she spreads her legs wide for easier access.

“Do not move from there, Carrie, or you will be punished,” I purr against her left ass cheek, nipping at it with my teeth.

Fuck, I’ve missed telling her what to do. And the taste of her ass and pussy on my lips is like a drug I’ve been depriving myself of. I can’t get enough, and I want to take advantage of every opportunity when it arises.

My hand cracks hard against the cheek that’s still wet from my mouth, and my tongue slides against smooth flesh, seeking the wet heat I crave to taste as I position my back against the seat of the couch with my head between her thighs. At the first tantalizing taste of her pussy on my lips, her hips jolt, bucking up to slide against my chin and mouth as I try to suck every drop of her sweet nectar down my throat.

Her legs seem to want to clench around my head, though I force them apart as I lick a line up her cleft from her asshole to her clit, flicking out at it with a stiff tongue. Her hips buck up into my mouth, and her copious juices sluice down my chin and dribble onto the couch beneath where her sweet cheeks are pinched together.

I give her another quick smack on the ass, the sound tearing through the air until she’s crying out. I want to giggle malevolently, but I’m interrupted by a groan from the door. As both our heads whip over to it, I’m almost shocked at what I see: Adam with his pants pushed down to mid-thigh, his hard, heavy cock being stroked from root to tip slowly by one of the strong hands I’ve always admired. He seems unashamed at being caught, and I slant a wicked grin at him before tilting my head, inviting him to come and join us on the couch.

He doesn’t seem to see Jacob standing behind him with a wicked grin. Jacob is perfectly fine with me messing around with Carrie as he knows I’ll never leave him for her. Now, if Adam started to fuck me without Jacob being in the room, he would become jealous. If I’m going to be pounded or eaten out by another male, Jacob has to be there to witness or join in on the fun.

With a few quick strides, Adam is joining me, his manhood jutting out, it’s glistening tip leaking freely as his hands slide up Carrie’s thighs in search of her alluring heat.

“I’ve wanted to touch you two for the longest time,” he groans, as if in pain. “Jacob, what can I do to Ray that won’t get me killed?”

Damn, he did know that Jacab was behind him. I bet they closed up shop, too!

I can only hear Jacob’s feet shuffling as he comes closer since Adam’s body is in the way. His cock is inches away from sliding between my breasts, so I reach up and shove the two round globes together in invitation.

“First, you can fuck her tits. Then you’re going to get on your knees and suck my girlfriend’s pussy while she’s choking on my cock. Carrie, I know you’ve craved Adam’s cock for the longest time. Get underneath Ray when he is slurping her cunt and sink your tight pussy around his fat dick. Suck it all the way in. I know you’re a loud one, so don’t let me down,” Jacob slaps my breasts, making my pussy clench from the sting.

Adam doesn’t miss a beat. He thrusts his cock between my tightly clenched breasts. The mushroom head comes all the way to my mouth, demanding entrance for a split second. Instead, my tongue flicks out and swipes the essence off it every time he thrusts forward. His groans of pleasure only heighten mine.

“That’s it, baby. Take his cock.” Jacob growls, his hand threading through my hair after Carrie moves. “Taste his cum.” The wild look in his eyes is what I’ve been missing. Keeping this business alive has taken a toll on our sex life. No more. I need his dominating hand now more than ever before.

“Suck Jacob’s cock, Carrie. I want to hear him moaning as you gag on his thickness,” I cry out when Adam slaps my breasts the exact moment his prick empties itself all over my face, coating it in his white cream.

“First, I have something to clean up,” she giggles while bending down and licking my face partially clean.

“Fuck, I haven’t cum that hard and fast in years, Ray,” Adam grunts with heaving pants. “I can’t wait to pound Carrie’s pussy, now. To fill it up and watch it leak out into your mouth.” He groans heavily.

Glancing to my right, my eyes catch sight of Jacob with his hand wrapped around Carrie’s ponytail. He is using it to keep her in place as he pegs the back of her throat. The sound of her gagging on his meaty shaft sends me flying into another orgasm.

Adam is lucky as he places his mouth directly on my mound the moment I shatter. He leisurely flicks his tongue from my pussy to my clit, giving it a nip.

“Oh!” I cry out.

“Lube up your fingers in her cunt juices and finger her ass, Adam. She loves it when her ass is being pounded while a mouth is sucking harshly on her clit. Biting it sends her into orgasm after orgasm,” Jacob grits between clenched teeth with every hard thrust against Carrie’s mouth.

“That’s it, baby girl. Swirl that tongue around my head.” Dropping her hair, he grips the sides of her face and holds her nose directly in his pubic hair until she is shattering in his arms. Yanking her back, she gasps for air as cum slips from her mouth. “Fuck, you’re a good suck. Why haven’t we done this before, baby?” He looks to me for an answer.

I have no idea.

Adam doesn’t let me come down from my high as he inserts a finger into my ass. At first, he is gentle until I begin to buck my hips, sinking further past his knuckle. The heat of his finger going in has me salivating to feel a cock sliding between those tight muscles. Stretching and burning them.

“You want my thick cock, don’t you, baby?” Jacob stares down at me. Never again are we taking such a long break between having fun.

“Please,” I beg, bucking my hips up.

“Adam, help me stand her up. I want to fuck her ass as you eat her pussy,” Jacob demands, not leaving any room to argue. Adam does as he is told and helps me to my feet, but instead of having me stand, he hooks his hands under my hips and swings my legs over his shoulders.

With Adam’s hands on my thighs, Jacob comes and stands behind me, lining his prick up with my puckered hole before he inches in with a vibrating groan. Once he bottoms out, my back drops against his chest. His hands take residence next to Adam’s on my thighs to help keep my pussy level with his mouth.

“Carrie, moan for us. Tell us how good Adam’s cock feels within your clenching pussy. That goes for you too, baby. I want to hear and feel every moan, cry, and scream of pleasure. Don’t hold anything back. No one can hear you. We have the whole store to ourselves right now.”

Doing as Jacob says, I begin to bounce up and down on his cock. At the same time, I thrust forward onto Adam’s tongue. Jacob’s rigid girth slams into me, none too gently either. He’s brutal on my ass. Marking it as his.

“Yes, harder!” I scream when fingers are inserted into my spasming pussy. Jacob doesn’t stop slurping or biting my clit. He rather intensifies his movements, biting down harsher and adding two more fingers. Soon enough he is fisting my pussy, making my eyes roll back as orgasm after orgasm rolls through my body.

They don’t stop, though. Both continue to drench our bodies in cum, sweat and claw marks.

“Fuck her ass harder, Jacob. I want her cumming so hard she blacks out!” Carrie cries out, her voice on edge and desperate. “Adam!” she screams.

Oh, how I wish I could see her orgasmic face. Adam must be fucking her pussy hard right now.

“You like hearing her wet pussy being fucked, don’t you, baby? Does that sound turn you on too?” Licking a path up my throat, Jacob nibbles on my ear. “Such a naughty girl. I think you deserve to be punished when we get home. How about that double-ended cock up your ass and pussy while you sit down to eat?” Biting my throat, he groans his last thrust, emptying his balls into my suffocating ass.

It doesn’t stop him though; he picks right back up as he rams into my pussy. Fuck, he took a pill. Tonight is never going to end!

“You know it, RayRay. All night long we are going to fuck you two. Your holes will be drenched with our cum as we paint your beautiful breasts with what spills out.” He drops my hips and palms to said breasts, rolling them in circles as he smashes them together. “Such, perky tits. I love them.” Pinching a nipple, he tugs on them until my body is convulsing with my third, forth, or possibly fifth orgasm of the night. I lost count a long time ago.

“Ray, he is so thick! I don’t know how much longer I can take before he splits me in half!” Carrie moans drastically . At this angle, I can see her head thrashing back and forth with every thrust from Adam’s hips. He isn’t gentle, and that’s exactly what Carrie loves.

Her bubble butt bounces, making a slapping sound.

So fucking hot!

It takes no time at all for Jacob to slip out of my aching ass, walk away and then come back with a few toys. He hands something to Adam, blocking it from my line of sight.

Within moments, I know exactly what they are. A bullet vibrator is sending my heavily engorged clit a series of tantalizing currents. Jacob doesn’t give me a hint as to what he retrieved until both my holes are stuffed to the max instantly.

“Fuck! Jacob, yes!” I scream in pure orgasmic heaven.

“Adam!” Carrie echoes my feelings.

“What did he give you?” I pant, breasts jiggling with every thrust of Jacobs hips.

“A large vibration anal dildo,” she slurs, edging closer to release in her drugged state.

“Come on, Ray. Cum for me again,” Jacob demands as his thrusts speed up and his cock expands.

I look up at Adam and see that he is leaning over Carrie, whispering something in her ear which has her rolling her eyes to the back of her head. Her mouth is open in a silent scream, and her body shakes as she drops. With one last thrust from Jacob, he sags over me as he groans out his release. He breathes heavily as his cock pulsates inside of me, my pussy gripping him tight.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” Adam groans as he rolls over to Carrie’s right as Jacob rolls to my left. We all lay completely still and satiated for a little bit, until the men decide to get up and get some cloth to clean us up a bit.

I close my eyes and wake up to Jacob’s fingers between my thighs a few hours later, making me wet and whispering in my ear, “I’m not done with you yet, baby. I’m going to fuck you all night long.”

He definitely doesn’t disappoint me all night.

Not once.

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