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A Vampire's Seduction P2

A Vampire’s Seduction - Part 2

“You deserve better, my sweet.” His voice is even lower and causes a dull throb to ache between my legs. I want to whimper as his touch brings sparks along my skin with its intensity.

Suddenly, my unforgettable night with Paul seems far away and it’s like I’ve never experienced such blinding arousal as this.

Camryn? Camryn who?

The thought of ever having had deep feelings for the man seems quite ridiculous at this juncture when all I want to do is mount the man in front of me like a prized stallion, sink down onto his delicious manhood until he has me cumming quarts.

All ounces of wariness shrivels to nothing and I become braver, even more fearless than I had been the night before, or even when with Cam, the lousy bastard.

“Better? Like you?”

I don’t know where they come from, but the words were flying past my lips before I could stop them. I don’t regret it one bit as his gaze becomes hooded and dark, almost sultry. “Oh, yes, definitely like me, my pet. A man worthy of a stunning female such as yourself.”

If he wasn’t so damned delicious, I’d knock the cocky son of a bitch upside his chiseled, droolworthy chin.

I study him for a moment, wondering. The way he talks is old, like he lived for many years without the benefit of aging. He couldn’t be, though, as he looks no older than his mid-30s at the most.

As his thumb traces over my jaw, I feel the thrum of my body’s need surge and multiply by just his tiny movement on my skin. It’s like his touch is an aphrodisiac, one I would gladly drown in.

“Baz,” I whimper, fighting the urge to lunge over the table and sink down on his cock right then and there. That would be ridiculous, though, and completely unlike me. What is it about this man that has me acting like a crazed woman? I can’t say that I care at the moment, for all I can feel is the deep jolt of arousal as his fingers tighten around my chin, grasping me in his firm hands.

His body sweeps up into standing position, and I marvel at the easy grace with which he moves. He’s like a dancer, all of his joints oiled and sinuous...and it’s completely captivating me and drugging my senses. To follow him anywhere, everywhere, even if it’s to the ends of the earth--which I would do so without a second thought.

“Yes, my darling?” His voice is a soft, silky purr. It heats up my limbs as I’m moving with him, desperate to be near his body. Whatever it takes, I would do it at this moment, and I wonder, when had I ever felt this free, this reckless? I don’t care, and it’s not only because of the stud before me, gazing at me with unfettered lust. I want to melt under his withering stare.

“I...” No words will come out. Just his proximity has every muscle tensing, and I can’t move until his hands are on my neck, stroking my anxieties away.

“Come with me.” It’s both commanding and supplicating--a decree and a gentle entreaty. I hesitate for the slightest of moments before my head is bobbing gently, nodding my agreement.

In a flash, his hand is at my hip, curling around me in both a protective and possessive gesture, and we’re moving through the crowd, completely blinded to anything going on around us. All I can hear in the beat of my heart as the pressure soars in my head, and the unsteady gasps I’m emitting. I’m panting, all shallow breathing and raging hormones as I follow his every step blindly.

He leads me to a door that reads EXIT above it and I follow without any hesitation. Whatever spell Basile put on me tonight makes me want to trust him, to let him lead me into the darkness and remind me just how alluring our time together will be.

The second the door behind us clicks shut, he pins me up against the wall and devours my mouth with a ferocity I’ve never known before. His rough hand grasps my thigh and lifts it over his hip, encouraging me to wrap my leg around his waist. I do so with much fervor.

He forces his tongue into my mouth as I moan at the feeling of his thick rod being pushed into my lower stomach. Throwing my head back as he pushes me harder against the brick wall, a whimper escapes me as my want for this gorgeous being intensifies tenfold.

He licks a path down my jaw to the sensitive spot behind my ear, sucking on it to bring the blood to the surface as I push my hips forward, needing some pressure on my throbbing clit.

I feel a nick on my neck before his tongue swirls around the spot, enticing a groan from me. A rumble deep in his chest is felt throughout my body, making my bare pussy constrict around nothing but air. The rough feeling of his dark trousers help alleviate some of the pressure on my pulsing nub.

“Oh fuck.”

His seductive chuckle does something to my body, making me need him fiercely. I grab his hair and slam his mouth to mine, nipping at his bottom lip before I pull away for much needed air.

The hand that isn’t holding me up forcefully tears at my dress, ripping it away from my breasts as his chilly fingers go right to my nipple. He pinches the solid bud gently at first before twisting it to make the pleasure borderline painful.

He reaches down to my naked, soaked pussy and flicks my bud, shoving his middle finger into me. I moan at the chilled intrusion of my hot walls, and the contrast is fucking amazing. His thumb circles my clit as he leisurely thrusts his digit in and out of me. Curling his finger upwards, he hits the spot I need him to.

“Oh. fuck...I’m so close!” I grind my pussy into his palm, needing the additional, sizzling friction. He removes his hand completely right as he feels my walls start to hug his finger tighter.

“What? No! Why did you stop? I was right there, dammit!”

His knowing chuckle tells me he did exactly what he was planning. Asshole.

“Basile, I...I need more.”

“More what, my pet?” he questions seductively as he bends his knees and thrusts upward into me, my body inching up the rough wall, no doubt leaving scratch marks on my bare back.

The repeated force of his hips driving into me, causes the bottom of my dress to inch its way upward. The bastard knows I’m ready for him. I’m pretty sure he can feel how wet I am through his jeans, if his soaked fingers aren’t proof enough.

“Basile...” I gasp out in needy desperation.

“What do you need, my darling?” His hot breath fans my sensitive skin, causing shivers to course along sensitive nerve endings. “Do you want me to fuck you against this wall to the point you’re so sore that you will remember who has been between your legs for weeks?” He growls as his manhood slides between my slicked folds, teasing me.

When the fuck did he whip that monstrosity out?

“Fuck, yes. I need your cock, Basile. Please.” I’m not too proud to beg, especially if it means he can get me off that much quicker.

“Tell me, Cecily, do you enjoy the bite of pain when my cock is balls deep within your tight pussy?” His bold words shock me, and I’m too stunned to feel his hips pulling away only to slam with brutal force against mine.

I choke on air as black dots spark in front of my eyes. “Holy...shittt!” Every nerve ending in my body explodes as I cum, shattering in his secure arms.

“I’d say that would be a yes, my dear. Excellent.” A throaty chuckle leaves his lips, no other sound than that ringing in my ears.

Sinking my nails into his bare shoulders - when the fuck did he strip? - I toss my head back and he begins to bounce me up and down on his thick juicy meatstick. And damn is it thick.

“Oh, fuck...yes!” I cry out as pleasure spikes straight through to my spasming pussy walls. They clench around his velvety-smooth cock, loving how the ridges rub perfectly within me on every thrust.

Grunting, Basile props my back up against the wall and grips my chin between his forefinger and thumb, forcing me to face him. “You’ve no idea what you just got yourself into, do you, little one?”

I try to shake my head no, but his hold on my chin prevents any movement. A whimpered protest leaves my lips, answering his question as I stare deep into his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Why don’t I show you exactly what you’ve signed your life up for, shall we?” His alluring voice drugs me, seducing me to bend to his every will.

Before I can utter a response, he untangles my legs from around his waist and has me turned around with my chest to the wall. His cock never leaves my body.

He grinds his pelvis into my ass, his grip so tight that it is sure to leave a bruise. Kneading my hips, he pulls them back as he surges forward with an inhuman force. My hands spread out against the rough exterior of the building to prevent my face from being scratched.

“Yes! Deeper, Basile. Fuck me harder!”

“Look at the mirror, Cecily. See how your body is reacting to mine.” A sharp pain has me pulling my hands in front of my face to rest my cheek on them.

Doing exactly what Basile orders, what I see has cream gushing all around his thick manhood. In the mirror, I’m being held up by an invisible force. There is no Basile, just my body on its tippy toes humping the air.

“What. Are. You?” I choke out as he pegs me right on my g-spot.

“Will you be a good girl and not scream in terror if I tell you?” His cool, deep timbre caresses my neck, tickling the fine, white hairs.

Using the force of his hips, Basile plants his hands on top of mine, thrusting forward with such strength I feel the tip of his flared head riding the darkest depths within me. I’m a salivating mess in this man’s hands.

He isn’t gentle in his lovemaking, and he’s spearing me over and over again until my body is shaking, on the edge of splitting in half with the force of his thrusts.

“Promise me, darling. Tell me you won’t scream when I whisper what you’ve just bonded yourself to.” A husky possessiveness curls around my windpipe, tightening it until my chest is heaving with ecstasy.

Basile’s tongue torments my throat, flicking at a certain sensitive spot. Worshiping it. “I’m a vampire, sweetheart, and I’m marking you as my beloved.”

I come unhinged, screaming his name out for all to hear. Clenching tightly around his cock, my body spasms as he continues to hammer into me, prolonging my orgasm. He doesn’t once let up or give me the chance to breathe in some much-needed oxygen.

The feel of his balls slapping against my overstimulated clit forces me further under Basile’s spell. I surrender all of myself to this mystical being, Not caring that I’m being ravaged by someone who doesn’t have a reflection, or that his cock should be dry and dusty right now instead of rigid and slick with my cream.

I feel two sharp teeth dig into the junction of my neck causing severe pain, right before it turns into the most blinding pleasure I’ve yet to experience. I clutch onto his hands tighter as my legs go weak, his one hand unclasping from mine to hold my body up.

My head drops to the side as a drawn-out moan leaves my mouth, his fangs dislodging from their place, and the warmth from his tongue bringing forth a shuddering exhale. He crushes his lips onto mine, our tongues fighting for supremacy as I taste something metallic on his tongue.


It doesn’t disgust me like it should. Instead, I rather enjoy my taste on his tongue as we duel.

With three sharp thrusts, Basile groans into my mouth, his teeth sinking into my bottom lip, slicing it open before his mouth sucks on it.

Heat fills my core with every spurt of his hot cum inside of me. It splashes against my walls, placing another claim on my body.

The rise and fall of our chests begins to normalize with our breathing, Basile continues to hold me up, his body pressed against mine and pinning me to the brick facade. The scraping against the bricks doesn’t bother me one bit with his sculpted chest heating my backside up. Nothing matters right now except for this vampire!

Vampire! I can’t believe it!

“What are you thinking?” he murmurs soothingly against my jaw as he nibbles along the flesh.

“You’re a vampire!” I say, flabbergasted. “How?”

“That story is for another night, darling. Not when I’m snug within your warmth and hard as a rock for you.” Scraping his canines along his bite mark, a guttural, tortured groan greets my ears. “Why don’t we go back to my place? Have you ever been inside a castle before, Cecily?”

Slowly pulling out of my aching walls, he releases my hands and waist. Before I can turn around, a suit jacket is shoved in my face gently. “There is nothing left of your dress, Cecily. Wear it.” There is a command in his tone. Do what he says or I’ll be punished.

Now the big question is, would I love this punishment? If yes, I think I might disobey Basile on a daily basis.

“Cecily.” The huskiness in Basile’s deep, rumbling voice nearly has me dropping to my knees in front of him. With a hand bracing myself against the brick building, I suck in air until my chest pushes up.

“You’re trying to kill me!” Damn, this tantalizing male is driving me insane by merely uttering my name! How am I supposed to survive with him?

With a devilish smirk - this man is sin on legs, for sure - he turns me to button up his suit jacket over my chest. Thankfully, the buttons go all the way down the fabric, making sure when I walk, my lady parts aren’t showing.

“Ready to explore the rest of your life?” The brutish smile - with sharp canines - tells me I’m in for one hell of a ride.

“For the first time in my life, yes, I am ready to finally live it.”

We don’t make it far before an unwanted face appears within our line of sight.


Whose loving it so far?

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