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A Vampire's Seduction P3

A Vampire's Seduction Part 3

“What do you want, Camryn?” I ask him, not at all concerned about his answer.

“I made a mistake with her, Cecily. I realize I need you.” He takes a step towards me, disregarding Basile, who is standing right behind me with his hands secured on my hips.

I scoff at the idea that he thinks I would take him back after having an affair with my fucking sister behind my back. He reaches out for me, but within a second, Basile has me in his strong arms and away from Camryn.

“I have moved on, and you should too. Goodbye, Camryn.” Before I can move out from under Basile’s arms, he twists me to face him. By the slight smirk on his face, I know he has something planned. He nuzzles my collarbone, right where he bit me, licking the spot right before his fangs latch onto me once more.

I go weak in the knees, clutching onto his shoulders with a death grip as I moan desperately into the open air. I feel two fingers being shoved roughly between my slick folds as his touch overtakes all of my senses.

As my fingers score his muscular shoulders, I can hear the far-off voice of Camryn. I used to think his tone was deep and enticing, but now he just sounds like a whiny child, begging for forgiveness for some past wrong he’s done.

As my eyes roll back in my head, Basile’s husky voice invades my mind, almost like he can penetrate into the thick fog swirling in my head. As his fingers plunge deeper, a feral growl snaps me from my daze and I’m looking up at him, wary as to why he’s suddenly snapping his teeth like a rabid dog at a startled Camryn, who’s a few feet away, eyes wide with terror.

My hand comes up to his cheek, and I stroke the tightness of his jaw, relaxing the strain away. I don’t know what he meant when he said I didn’t know what I signed up for, but if there was a sign-on bonus, having his hand in my pussy stroking me to orgasm in front of Camryn would be just fine.

For starters.

“What the actual fuck, CeeCee? You’re letting some random douche from a bar degrade in you in public?”

I almost want to laugh at him. The nerve! The nerve of him for fucking my sister behind my back! I let out a laugh before it melts into a low groan, the friction from Baz’s fingers rubbing me into a spasming, weak-kneed puddle of goo. Pretty soon, he will have to hold me up completely as I splinter apart in his arms.

“He’s only doing what you could never do, Cam,” I hiss out breathlessly. “Get me off. I can tell he’s no two-pump chump, and I’ve had more orgasms on his fingers and cock tonight than you’ve ever given me.”

I hear Cam bite out a curse, but I’m already lost again--lost as his fingers twist and curl, causing every muscle within me to clasp tightly at his thick digits as they slam deep inside me.

“That’s it, my pet. Cum all over my fingers. Show this cheating lowlife what I can do to you.” Basile growls in my ear as he continues his penetration. His tongue flicks out to taste my earlobe, and it seems as if he has a fetish for sampling my skin. I wonder if I taste different to him as he is a vampire.

“Basile! Yes! F-u-u-ck!” I toss my head back as I scream out in ecstasy. My pussy constricts around his hand as he slowly helps me come down from my high.

With a contented sigh, I lean my head against Basile’s muscular pecs and go slack, relying on him to hold me up. He bends down to scoop me into his strong arms before I have a chance to collapse to the pavement.

“CeeCee, I’m begging you. Just give me a chance to talk. I just want to explain myself. Please.” This asshole actually has the gall to beg me for a moment of my time, as if I would believe anything that comes from the lying bastard’s mouth.

I don’t even bother to turn my head away from Basile’s firm chest; Cam isn’t worth the effort. I mumble sleepily, hoping he will get the point that I refuse to listen to him. “Fuck off, Camryn.”

With that said, Basile walks past the pissed off excuse of a man as he chuckles to himself. “I’d listen to the lady. She clearly doesn’t need you anymore. That is, if she ever did.”

Camryn doesn’t listen to Basile one bit. He marches right after us. How he has the gumptions to get into his vehicle and continue to follow us even after we’ve left the parking lot is surprising. The man couldn’t even find his toothbrush unless it smacked him in the face.

“How far is this castle of yours?” I ask, resting my head against the leather upholstery. It smells as if he just drove it off the lot.

“Two hours away. Sleep for now, sweetheart. When we arrive, I’ll wake you up. You will need all the energy for what I have planned.” There is a dark note in his voice I’m unable to decipher.

What is he up to?

“Sleep, Cecily,” he commands of me.

A wave of drowsiness washes over me. I don’t realize how tired I am until he demands that I take a nap.



I bolt up like a shard of lightning hitting the sand. What the fuck just happened? Glancing around, I dare not move more than an inch in any direction. The vision of the inside of a gothic castle slaps me right in the face.

It wasn’t a dream?

Holy shit!

Jumping up, my legs tangle with the sheets and I fall flat on my face. “Ouch! Fuck me.”

“I’ve already done that, sweetheart, though, I do plan on thoroughly fucking you until you pass out completely after I get some sustenance in that voluptuous body of yours.”

Squeaking, I snap back and stare up at the figure in front of me. Damn, my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me. He is mouthwateringly handsome.

The low-hanging silk pants definitely go well with his delectable six-pack.

As I drag my eyes away from his rigid abs and muscular chest, I am forced back into the deep wells of his piercing blue orbs. Every time our eyes lock, I feel like all the air in my lungs is forced out of me as I gasp at the sinisterly dashing man who I have somehow managed to become shackled with. Both dangerous and delicious, I want to know everything about him, and how my life will change by being with him. If the sex was any indication, I am in for a wild, bumpy ride.

Bring it on, I think to myself as my throat closes up around a lump in my throat.

“Holy…” I wheeze as I try to suck in a bout of oxygen to my sex-addled mind. Honestly, how intense was the sex that I still feel like I’m weak-kneed and drugged? If it wasn’t for the tension in my body and the confusion in my head, I’d be surprised to feel anything at all.

“You--” The word sounds choked as another gust of air is forced out of me as he moves closer. I scoot back until the backs of my knees hit the hard edge of the mattress and my ass lands on the soft bed below me.

At once, his countenance goes from hungry and seductive to worried and...scared?

Does the man think that I wouldn’t want him because of who--or rather what--he is? I force myself to take small, soothing sips of the cool air around me and take my environment in.

We are in a massive bedroom, the large windows on one side covered in yards and yards of luxurious fabric from ceiling to floor, thin slits of moonlight peeking in from the occasional gap where it wasn’t pulled tight. My gaze flickers from the intricate wainscoting that reaches almost to the top of the twenty-foot ceiling all the way to the expensive Persian-looking rugs on the floor, so plush and deep I honestly think it would be comfortable enough to nap on. When I’ve finally calmed myself enough to look back at Basile, my chest is no longer rising and falling as rapidly as it did when I first woke up.

His gaze is dark, apprehensive, and I smile wanly at him. It’s reassuring--at least, I hope it is.

“Do you...do you drink blood?” Does he kill people? Drain them?

Again, as if he had heard my innermost thoughts, he shakes his head sternly as his gaze becomes even darker, almost ominous.

“I do drink from people, but I do not drain them dry.” He sighs. “Cecily, my sweet, I am over 500 years old. It doesn’t take as much blood for me to quench my thirst as it did hundreds of years ago. A few sips from the source would be all that is needed to energize me, to keep me sated until my next meal.” He looks over at me, scrutinizing me like he’s seeing me for the first time.

Or maybe just seeing me clearly for the first time.

Even so, the blood in my veins chills even as a thrill of excitement courses through me as he stares me down. His gaze penetrates and heats my flesh.

“Five hundred?” What does that mean for us? I only have a set number of years as I am a mortal. Does he age at all, or is he stuck at a certain point in his life, like the picture of Dorian Grey? “But I’m--”

“Mortal, yes, my darling. Hopefully not for long, for once you are bonded with me completely, your body will begin to become more accustomed to our way of living and you will find yourself...well, slowing down--age-wise, that is.” It would almost be a scientific explanation if his voice wasn’t so husky and raw. “After a while you will find you have different cravings, and your body will slow the aging process until you stop aging altogether. The moment that a beloved becomes immortal, is how they will look for the rest of their lives. We could be 500 years old and look like we are in our mid thirties. I am living proof of that. A vampire’s age usually stops around 35 or so, though our actual years can be so much longer.”

I put all the information away for another time. He talks like I will become like him, and I’m too fresh from waking to take anything in that he just said. My mind is already spinning like I’ve consumed liters of caffeine and I’ve only been awake for a few minutes.

“It’s like you can read my mind.” My voice is almost musing, and I wonder if it could be true. I would be mortified if he could. My mind is my own, and I don’t want anyone poking in where they don’t belong. Some thoughts are not for others to hear.

“I can...sense your emotions and the thoughts behind them--like an empath would. I don’t necessarily hear the words you are saying inside that pretty little head of yours, but I can divulge them through your emotions and--lesser so--your body language.” He hits me with a stare so hungry, I feel my nipples as they pucker under the thin shirt I am wearing.

I have no idea how I got into the t-shirt I’m wearing. I wonder if he employs maids or if he dressed me himself.

To divert my attention from that, I ask about other things, things I can handle the answers to.

At least, I hope I can.

“Do you have any other special powers? Flying? Super speed or strength?”

His lips curl up into a seductive smile, and I suddenly wish I had worn panties last night--or is it still last night? My sleep was so deep, that days could have passed by and I wouldn’t know.

“All vampires are powerful in many ways. Super speed and the ability to crush a man’s larynx to dust are just two of them. I cannot fly, though I imagine the idea of a supernatural blood-sucking Clark Kent would amuse you somehow.”

His lips twitch up, and I’m gifted with the sight of his straight, white teeth. I wonder about that, and suddenly longer fangs shoot out from his gums as I pull in a sudden breath. Dizziness clouds my vision, and just as soon as they are there, he is retracting them and closing his mouth. I almost think I must have dreamt them.

“You will grow fangs too, in time,” he tells me. “And want to drink blood. It is only natural.” He shrugs his shoulders as if it was of no importance whatsoever to anyone.

I’m shocked. Blood? I can barely toss back a shot, let alone bite into the flesh of another human being to slake my thirst.

“And I’ll crave this, you say?”

He nods, resolute. “Like food for your human belly, you will desire it as it will be the only thing keeping your immortal body--for lack of a better word--alive. It is our nutrition, the way we heal and thrive. It pinches for only a moment on our victim, but then pleasure will consume them. Be wary though, for some mortals may not want you to stop as the rapture our bite inflicts can be addictive.”

He stands up from his place on the bed and I marvel at how tall, how strong he looks. Like the brick facade he fucked me up against earlier, though for some reason I have a feeling he’d be able to tear that building down without so much as breaking into a sweat.

“Come with me, love. I want to show you something.”

He is reaching out to me, and before I can think, I am clasping his cool hand in mine as I follow him out of the bedroom door and towards the end of a dark hall. When the door is opened, I see a spiral staircase to the left. Looking up, I see it goes on for about fifty feet, and I move in next to him as we go up the steps to wherever he is taking me.

The trip is spent in silence, only the sounds of our footsteps echoing off the walls to accompany us. When we reach the top, there is another door, and Basile swings it open to show a beautiful star-filled sky.

The nip in the air raises goosebumps and perks my nipples, and I cross my arms over my chest before he is behind me, rubbing the sudden chill from my bones.

“I come up here often when I am feeling lonely or need to get away from the castle proper,” he says into my ear. “It’s like another world up here. One so vast it makes me feel quite small. It is a surprisingly welcome sensation as sometimes I find myself feeling...what is the saying? Too big for my britches?” He chuckles, and I find myself smiling at the warmth in his laughter. It is at complete odds with the coolness of his skin.

“You live so far away from the bar,” I tell him, still facing away as I gaze up into the star-spattered sky. “Why drive two hours away when there are probably loads of other places to drink and be merry?”

His silence is all-consuming, and I glance up at his face before seeing he is deep in thought. Over what, I don’t know.

“Let’s just say, I felt drawn there,” he says and sighs, almost longingly. “Now I have a feeling I know why.”

He peers back down at me, and again I am lost in his mere presence, the deep intensity of his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, normally I would only drive so far away only to feed, but my thirst--as I call it--has not been a problem as of late. I think the reason I really went so far from home was because of you.”

“Me?” I squeak out.

“Yes, as I have marked you as mine with the first bite into your flesh, you are now what is known as my beloved. It is like a soulmate, the other half of myself that I have been searching for all of my life. As I’ve heard it can take thousands of years to find one, I count myself lucky to have found you at only half a century old.” He clears his throat before walking, pulling me over to one of the stone turrets that outline the top of the roof of the enormous citadel. When we get to the ledge, I am amazed how far up from the ground we are, and I take in the surrounding forest and winding driveway that leads off under a copse of trees near the main road.

“You see, we all have one--a beloved--and all our lives we are drawn to that moment when we first meet, first touch. I was a little early, starting to go to that bar starting six months ago, but it was all leading me to one thing.” He gives a longing stare and I melt. “You, my dear. I was meant to be there only for you.”

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