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A Vampire's Seduction P4

A Vampire's Seduction Part 4

He inches closer to my mouth and I close my eyes on instinct, waiting for the feel of his plump lips on mine. The second I feel them, something in me feels whole, complete, as if this is where I was always meant to be, in this gorgeous man’s arms.

He gently grabs my thighs and lifts me up to wrap my legs around his waist. I feel him move with his arms cradled around my back and in my hair, but I have no desire to remove his mouth from mine to see where he is taking me. I trust this beautiful man with every fiber of my soul, and I know he would never willingly put me in harm’s way.

Call it a hunch, call it denial, but for some reason, I trust him--everything he says and does--even when it’s a little bit scary. His actions aren’t human, and I realize now I had blinders on, but I can’t find myself regretting a single moment with him.

He pulls me up so my ass is on one of the teeth of the turrets, hard concrete on my left and right. My ass almost hangs off the edge, and a chilling breeze skates across my back. If I were to move back a few feet, I would be falling to the ground. His strong arms are the only things keeping me grounded, and my trust in him seems unlimited.

With his hard mouth giving me bruising kisses and nips along my lips, I bring in a shuddering breath. It makes me dizzy, and I squeeze myself harder around him as his hands roam over chilled flesh. Hot and cold, like fire and ice, and I mold myself to him, seeking a sense of completeness only he can give me.

As my hands try desperately to keep him close, we’re suddenly separated, and he whips off his shirt, tossing it to the ground carelessly. Skin is scratched as I run my fingers over taut shoulders, lowering to his scapula and tracing every dip and bulge as his muscles flex or relax.

His control seems to weaken, and his kisses grow hungrier as his tongue sweeps deeper into my mouth. When his whole body seems to shudder and his lips leave mine to kiss down my neck, I know he’s as lost in this as I, though he stiffens right before latching onto the hard tip of my nipple before circling it with a needy tongue around my areola. My head tips back and I suck in a whimpering breath, feeling my whole body tighten and relax at the same time. It’s a heady feeling, and I wonder if my desire for him will ever go away or weaken. The way his body plays mine like a fiddle, I have serious doubts about that.

With his hands kneading my ass, he bites into my flesh, the sharp pain melting into a tingling sensation as he laps up blood from his bite. The feeling is simply amazing, much more pleasurable as he is taking his sustenance directly from an erogenous zone. I want to weep with the amount of delight it inflicts on me, but I can barely choke out a moan as his incisors retract from the sensitive skin.

As he continues to lap at my flesh, I can only breathe deeply, the intense pleasure of his bite still wreaking havoc on my system as it curls through me, almost peaking into a climax--and that was just from his teeth slicing through flesh.

I hear the rasp of a zipper and think, finally. To have him inside again will be bliss, and I can’t fucking wait.

My shirt is hitched higher and I feel his cool hands skimming down to the outside of my thighs then between, fingernails raking along and causing goosebumps to pop up along my skin. Suddenly he’s rubbing along my folds and the slick sound of my arousal seems loud in my ears.

“So wet--already so wet for me, my sweet.” He groans as I feel him messing with the button on his trousers. They fall away and his cool skin is against mine, pressing close to me. His cock rubs against me and I jolt, the head of his dick slicking past my clit with a hard bump as the full length of him slides between my legs, making every inch of my body ache like never before. It’s almost visceral, and I stifle a whimper as the blunt head of his massive shaft strains at my opening.

My mouth parts in a silent scream as he splits my folds in a slow upward thrust, his groan resonating all the way to my bones. With slow, even strokes, my muscles tighten around him.

His pace is slow, almost purposely. He was fucking me before with such abandon, but this...this is different. Loving. Like I’m some precious thing and not a tight hole he could get off on.

“Basile…” The whisper dies off, carried on the wind as he rocks forward again, forcing all of the air out of my lungs. I shake, quiver. I can feel his hot breath on my skin until his tongue flicks out to taste it. He sucks, nibbling along my collarbone until I can feel every bit of me weakening to his maddening display of tenderness.

Basile isn’t in a hurry--he’s taking his time. Making love to every inch of me, inside and out, and staking a claim no vampire’s bite could think to attain.

He’s seducing my mind, body, and soul.

I revel in it, each ratcheting pump of his hips bringing me close, clasping him tighter, until I am crying out my release. He jerks into me a few more times and with a slow, deep groan, his cum is splashing into me, claiming and owning me once again.

His forehead lifts from mine and his eyes open before flicking to my left--his right--over my shoulder. Suddenly, his bright blue eyes cloud with dark determination and he utters a curse under his breath. I have no time to ask what is wrong before he is pulling back, still rock-hard and heavy inside me. I think he’s going to pull out, but then he slams back into me with a force that almost jolts my soul from my body.

“Baz?” I clutch onto him tightly as he pounds away at me, bringing me higher and higher. I had still been coming down from my climax when he started to slam into me with reckless abandon. I have no idea what caused this sudden onslaught, but I’m not complaining.

His feral growl has my pussy clenching his thickness with wanton desire. This is no longer love making, he is now possessing me with every single inch of his body.

“Oh god, Basile! Yes! Don’t stop!” I moan out into the midnight sky. The only sound that can be heard is our constant groans, moans, and the slapping of his soaked thighs to the back of mine.

His eyes constantly glance toward the treeline, but in this moment I can care less. All that matters is the way he is making me feel as he picks up speed, placing his hands above my shoulders to prevent me from sliding upward on his powerful thrusts into me.

A sharp snap of his eyes toward mine brings a mewling sound from deep within my throat. Holy, hell is this male hot!

“Who do you belong to, Cecily?” His deep gravelly tone goes straight to my clit, shocking it, forcing my eyes to roll back. With a sudden pressure around my throat, Basile licks a line up my cheek. “Answer me, my pet, who do you belong to?”

Thrusting up with great speed, I worry I’ll fly off and over the edge of the castle walls. Fuck, vampire’s are swift creatures.

“You, Basile. I belong to you and only you!” I cry out as his teeth scrape along my jugular, nicking it.

Euphoria races along my skin as bumps rise on my flesh as Basile shifts his hips, gaining a deeper penetration. The tip of his bulbous head pegs my sweet spot, ripping a scream from my throat as I place my hands behind me on the ledge. Tipping my head back on a moan, Basile places his hands on my hips, as his cock continues to impale my clenching walls.

“Cum for me, Cecily. Cum as you never have before. Prove to him that he is nothing in your eyes,” he hisses dangerously, eyes flashing a bloodthirsty red as a sinister smile lifts the right side of his lips up.

A sense of elation washes over me as my stomach tightens in warning before I shatter around Basile’s thick manhood. He doesn’t stop thrusting or huffing. Every pound draws my orgasm out, prolonging every last second of pure bliss. I’ve never felt this high before in my entire life and I’ve tried a lot of kinky things.

Basile doesn’t let me go easily. On his last few lunges he rotates my hips, lifting my legs and placing them over his shoulders to achieve another deeper angle. This one leaves my mouth open as if I have his cock shoved down my throat. No air, no life-saving oxygen reaches my deprived lungs as the seconds tick by.

The sinking of his canines into my calf is what sends me into darkness. All I feel is him everywhere as I shatter and come apart in his arms. This isn’t an orgasm, it’s an earth-shattering explosion where there is nothing else to be picked up.

When I come to, I’m swaddled in warmth.

“It took you long enough to wake up, mistress,” a male jokes--or at least I think he is. If he is a vampire, who knows with them and their slightly sick sense of humor.

“Axton, don’t tease our mistress. It’s not nice you know.” This time it’s a female’s sultry voice that brings my eyes flashing wide open in alarm. What is going on?

I instantly relax as Basile’s scent envelopes me. “Cecily, I wanted to keep you all to myself for our first year together, but it seems as if we need the help of my two closest friends. The obnoxious male is Axton. The stunningly smart brunette is Corliss. She is Axton’s beloved and they are quite intoxicated with each other so you have nothing to worry about. If anything, you and Corliss will become great friends.” Pressing a tender kiss to my shoulder, his teeth scrape along the flesh.

Corliss, stands up with a sway of her hips. “What he means to say is that you and I will be teaming up on our beloved’s at every given chance. They may be five hundred-year-old men, but that doesn’t mean they don’t squeal in shock when I pull a prank.”

Both males protest at the unmasculine act.

All I can do is giggle behind my hand before a wicked expression takes over Corliss’s eyes. “He is at the door, Master Basile,” she mocks with pinched cheeks filled with merriment.

“I’m lost. Who is here and why does Corliss look so excited?” I try to whisper to Basile, but all three hear me. “And why did you call him Master?”

Basile is the one to respond with a guttural grunt, “That bastard ex of yours thinks he can steal you away from me. He is in for a surprise, our little Corliss loves to bring out the dark side in human males. She’s got a knack for it.”

I’m confused for a split second before I realize what he means as Corliss strips down to her birthday suit. “Human males with egos tend to follow their cocks instead of logic. Just sit there and watch me in action, my mistress. You won’t be disappointed.” She throws me a saucy wink over her shoulder, shaking her bare ass at me. “And to answer your question, he is the one who changed my man. It is only right, I follow in Axton’s respect towards his creator. Plus, we both know it gets under Basile’s skin.” With a naughty giggle, Corliss struts away from us with a shake of her hips that would have every human male falling after her.

The sound of a door being opened and voices chatting is all I’m able to hear. No words are distinguishable.

“Why would Camryn follow me all the way here? I don’t understand it at all. I jilted him in front of you, Basile. Why would any male want to face the same humiliation twice in as many days?” Confusion contorts my mind. How did he even locate me in the first place? I know for sure that he wasn’t behind us while Basile drove here.

I didn’t realize it at first as the grandfather clock across from me says it is early morning, but the mansion is shrouded in darkness; whether to give a menacing atmosphere or they just love the dark, I’m not sure.

“Come in, Camryn. We’ve been expecting you,” Corliss’s saultry voice sliters up my spine. She is gearing up to do something kinky, which means blood will no doubt be tasted.

“Where is Cecily?” Camryn stutters slightly. “I’ve come for my fiancee, not to have a fuck with a vampire!”

“Oh, so you know what we are, do you? Doesn’t that make you shiver in fright?” Corliss questions giddly. She is curious about Camryn--why he would chase after me when he knows who he is dealing with?

“She is mine, and I won’t let a bloodsucker steal her from me,” he snarls, shocking me. I’ve never heard him this furious before in my life.

“Oh, isn’t this a surprise. Now we all know how you tracked my mistress down. This is shocking. I bet she is your mate. Isn’t she?” Corliss goads before the sound of glass breaking is heard, startling me.

Warm, soothing lips trace up and down my neck, leaving little pecks in their wake. “They can both handle it, love. I guess I was so wrapped up in your intoxicating scent that I didn’t realize what your ex fiancee is.” Flicking his tongue around the raised flesh from his bite brings a delicious shiver down my spine. I can feel myself growing wet just from his caresses.

More crashing, along with grunts growls and hisses is all I hear. I wish I had night vision. Not knowing what is happening sucks.

Is Corliss killing Camryn? I mean the guy is a total tool, but I don’t want him to die for being an idiot. We’d lose half our population if that was to happen.

“What do you mean, what he is?” Spinning around, I straddle Basile to better see his face in the dim light. Thankfully, there is a lamp near us illuminating his face.

With a wicked gleam in his eyes and a naughty smirk, Basile leans forward to press his lips to mine. “He is a werewolf, love. And werewolves love being bitten by vampires. It has something to do with our venom in their blood, but it makes them horny messes. They can’t stop fucking until they are spent hours later. Which is why we find it funny he came here at all. He had to have known what would happen. Or maybe it was his plan all along.”

In time I might think like Basile, but right now, I have no idea which direction his mind is going. “Meaning?”

A thunderous growl turns into a satisfied moan.

“Yes, I do believe we’ve realized his true reason for following you, love. Thankfully, it isn’t to steal you away, otherwise we’d have a problem with the nearby pack for killing one of their members. Even with our abilities to give them a good time, they look down upon murdering one of their own.” Basile continues to smirk against my lips, stealing kisses left and right between speaking.

“You haven’t told me the reason, Master,” I mock him before a gasp leaves my mouth at being impaled. “Shit!” I groan, dropping my head back. “How?”

Chuckling, Basile grips my hips, lifting me up and slamming me down upon his thick, juicy cock. It pulses within my tight, hungry walls. Every jab upwards bombards me with tantalizing emotions. His balls smack against my flesh, making me want to fondle them, to suck one or both into my mouth and swirl them around my tongue.

“Camryn didn’t come here to rescue or steal you from me, love. He came here to be fucked by a female vampire. To feel the utopia that other werewolves have no doubt spoken about in his pack. You see, Corliss and Axton love to take on wolves. They tag team them. I bet that isn’t something they speak about, though. No dominant male wolf wants others to know he took it up the ass. They are too proud for that, but it’s a side effect of our venom. Camryn will beg for it, crave it and devour Axton’s cock with a hunger he’s never felt before.” Using his hands, he keeps me still as he hammers into me until I’m screaming out my first release.

Basile doesn’t let me relax or come down from my high as he flips us around to stand behind the couch as he slams into me. Every muscle tightens as a second wave of explosions occur.

“You are deliciously tight, sweetheart. You’re suffocating my cock,” he hisses into my throat, nipping it.

It doesn’t matter that the room is dark, all I’m able to do is squeeze my eyes shut with the pure bliss consuming me. Nothing else matters.

“Open your eyes, Cecily. Watch the show,” Basiles husky voice commands me. He wants me to see what is happening. It’s the only way for me to believe.

I gasp out in shock at seeing Camryn sandwiched between Axton and Corliss. I never even knew Axton stood up!

“You’re forgetting we are vampires, and we can move without you noticing it. Which is how I was able to slam balls deep within your inviting core without you realizing it until I was already settled.” Licking a line up my back, Basile sinks his teeth into my neck, leaving his claim on me for the millionth time since meeting him.

It spirals me into another delirious orgasm. All I’m able to see is stars flashing in front of my eyes.

Not even Corliss wrapping her legs around Camryn’s waist is important at this moment.

“That’s it--cum for me, Cecily. Cum all over my cock. Coat it in your cream,” Basile’s sensual voice coaxes me into another bout of rapture. I’m spiraling out of control, gasping for air with every shudder wracking through my body.

“Everything he is feeling, I’m making you feel, love. Every pound of my cock is making your blood run with a fever of my venom. It’s drugging you. Allowing me to ravish and enchant your mind and body with pleasure.”

Pulling my sweaty back to his pristine chest, Basil wraps a forearm around my waist to keep me upright. “Watch what Axton and Corliss are doing to Camryn. Do you see the lines of ecstasy creasing his face? He is enjoying himself. This is what he wants.”

I know what Basile is doing; he wants me to finally end all ties with Cam. There is nothing left from my previous relationship to remember or dwell upon. Camryn is a cheating scumbag and I’m lucky to be rid of him.

Cam solidifies the end of any feelings towards him once he starts to cry out for Axton and Corliss. The man is, in simple words, a manwhore and nothing more.

My sister can have him.

“That’s it, Cecily, your mine. All. Mine.” Basile thrust his hips forward with an unimaginable speed, forcing him to lock his other hand around my waist to keep me in place.

I never knew being jackhammered would feel this heavenly. Every inch of my pussy is being rubbed deliciously to the point I never want him to leave it.

Mewling, I toss my head back onto his shoulder as I sink my nails into the arm around my chest. My toes are no longer kissing the cold flooring as he propels himself within my clenching pussy.

“Cum for me, Cecily. Show Camryn who really owns you.” With one last thrust, we spiral into the hardest orgasm I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It shatters everything within me. Blackness consumes me as my chest tightens and denies any oxygen from entering to inflate my lungs.

Basile’s cock jerks within my tight, clenching walls as he shoots load after load of cum, coating every inch inside my needy pussy. He doesn’t wait long before sinking his teeth into my shoulder, branding me once again.

At the exact moment Cameryn is shoved onto his back for Corliss to ride. Axton kneels over Cameryn’s face and shoves his cock down the man’s throat as he grips Corliss’s neck and smashes their lips together.

The gagging sound around a cock spills more cream around Basile’s cock.

Coming down from my high, I take in a gasp of air. It burns my lungs with how long I wasn’t breathing.

Tender kisses and nips trail along my shoulder as Basile carries me back to the couch and sits us down to watch the show.

“He is rather enjoying himself, I’d say. I wonder what your sister is thinking right now,” Basile’s cocky tone has my head turning to look at him. “We may have used his phone to facetime her while Corliss opened the door. The man isn’t too bright, as your sister is at what I believe to be the packhouse. Everyone is getting a show. All of the males who have gloated about a vampire riding them will now be outed for having a dick up their ass as well. I’m sure some of the macho males who think gays are disgusting will soon learn a lesson. Camryn will too once he returns to his pack.”

I’m utterly shocked at the devious planning of these three vampires.

The second Corliss moans into Axton’s mouth, the sound of a door slamming open is heard.

“I’m home!” a male shouts.

“Where’s our mistress at, Master?” another one hollers with mirth before a grunt is heard.

Two gigantic males step out of the shadows with wicked grins on their faces as they take in what is occurring on the floor.

“Oh, we have company. Want us to join, Axton?” The male with curly black hair giddily asks.

“His ass needs a good pounding, boys. Have at it,” Axton snorts as Corliss hops off Camryn.

Camryn is flipped onto his knees without Axton’s cock being dislodged from his throat. Axton does give the man a few seconds to breathe before pounding back into the wet cavern.

“That is Ik and Dirk. They were born two hunded years ago as twins, as you can obviously tell. They have this need to compete with each other. I don’t think Camryn is going to be able to walk any time soon. We will have to have one of them drop him off at the packhouse as he probably won’t wake up either for a few days after his high.” The mirth in Basile’s voice is transparent.

I gag at the sight of both Ik and Dirk’s cocks as they strip down to their birthday suits. “Holy shit!” I mumble. Basile is right, Camryn isn’t going to be able to walk for weeks after they fuck him.

At first, I think they broke Cam when his body tenses up, but then I see his body shattering, cum splashing against the flooring, though his cock doesn’t go soft, and instead keeps it’s hardness.

“It’s a side effect of our venom--multiple orgasms, even for males. He will have at least eight more before his body is spent.” Basile says it so matter-of-factly, I swear it must be a common question.

Camryn yanks off Axton’s cock the moment Corliss jumps on Axton’s shoulders for him to eat her pussy. The moans of pure intoxication and enchantment are all I hear from Camryn’s mouth. He isn’t shouting at the two males to take their cocks out or crying. He is loving every minute of it.

“Can you hear the phone?” A hand slides down my chest and naval, ending right on my overstimulated clit. “She is screaming at Camryn. Apparently, she is his mate and he’s known since you two were dating. Karma’s a bitch, I guess.”

Basile teaches, fucks, and makes me scream his name for hours as we watch Camryn being plowed by three cocks. He doesn’t take a break and laps at the cum on every cock. He even slurps his own cum from Corliss’s pussy after his eighth orgasm.

As my body finally succumbs to sleep, Ik has Camryn’s unconscious body flung over his shoulder as he follows Dirk out the door as light streams in from the outside world.

Once Camryn wakes up he will realize being a manwhore wasn’t exactly the best course of action for him. He will be sore as a vampire’s venom prevents him from healing naturally, his pack is pissed at him, and he has a mate that wants to rip his dick off and shove it down his throat.

All in all, I think it was a great way to teach a male that he no longer has any control over me and that I don’t want him. Who in the hell would give up sex with a mythical being for a two-pump chump?

Not this woman, that’s for sure.

“Sleep, my beloved, for when I wake you with my mouth, you will not rest your eyes for hours.”

The End!!

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