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Nice to "Eat" You P2

Nice to "Eat" You Part 2

Ruby paused for a moment, but couldn’t dismiss the pull Jack’s command had over her body. She trusted him completely, as they had been together since near the start of all the chaos.

Glancing at Arsyn for a moment before moving, she gave him big, inviting eyes that drew him in with their wicked sweetness even as she crawled seductively towards Jack, whose head rested against the ornate wooden headboard of the gigantic bed.

Jack’s hand reached out to cup a cheek, stroking a thumb against her bottom lip as the hard lines of his face softened in the candle’s dim glow. Even as he continued to graze her skin tenderly, his eyes moved to Syn, who stared back at the sweet curve of Ruby’s hips as she leaned forward.

“While this pretty lady’s sucking my dick, I want your face buried deep in her pussy,” Jack told him. “Now.”

Syn moved closer, grabbing the elastic waistband of Ruby’s shorts, dragging them down over her hips and past her knees. He tossed them over his head and stared at her backside as her folds glistened beneath the crease of her sweet ass. He grabbed her cheeks and spread them wide before running his tongue over her pussy slowly.

She made a sound that was muffled, and he looked over to see her mouth spread wide around Jack’s meaty shaft, her head moving lower as she took more of him inside. Jack’s head rested on the headboard as his one hands wound through her hair, tugging her down so she is almost forced to take him deeper. A wet gagging sound filled the air, and Jack grunted, his hips lifted an inch or so as he filled her mouth completely.

He had never been much of a voyeur, but seeing his sweet little Ruby take the other man down caused something to burst inside him, and as he buried his face in her cunt, he unsnapped the top button of his shorts and unzipped his fly, letting the straining material release around him until the ache he felt had diminished.

He pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees and started to stroke himself as he licked slow lines up and down her pussy, feeling her grow wetter and wetter against his tongue and face until he lowered even more and started to suck on her clit.

Her legs trembled, and she choked on a sound that made Arsyn’s cock swell as he thought about having her lips stretching wide around his own manhood. How her full, red lips would take him down, her sparkling eyes looking up at him as she swallowed everything he gave her. It made him braver, and he nipped at her nether lips before nibbling on them, licking up every ounce of the sweet nectar she was giving him.

Her moans grew louder and her breathing became erratic. Jack continued to stroke her hair and tugged it back, forcing her to look him in the eyes as Syn moved his tongue over her wet sex.

“You gonna come, pretty girl? Is Syn making that wet pussy purr with his tongue thrusting into your tight little snatch? Tell me—are you going to come in his mouth?”

She gave another soft wail, her muscles tightening as Syn licked and sucked her, and she finally popped off Jack’s cock long enough to let out a shuddering cry—one that was muffled when his hand came up to cover her mouth.

“Z’s,” he warned her. “I’m sure Syn and I would love to hear all the dirty little sounds you can make, but they’re out there—could be underneath this very room’s windows, and you need to be quieter, angel face.”

She nodded desperately at him, the look on her face contorting as she tried to silence her cries as much as she could. After she was spent, Jack got up and knelt onto the bed, his dick still wet from her mouth as he slowly stroked himself directly in front of her. His shorts were now pooling around his ankles and his shirt tossed aside, Syn kicking off his own bottoms before removing his top.

“Fuckin’ hell, Syn. Where you been hiding that anaconda in your jockeys, son?”

Jack chuckled as Ruby looked over her shoulder, eyes widening as she took in the full length and girth of her neighbor of so many years. If Jack was large, Arsyn was massive.

Jack pulled her head back to his, tracing a thumb down her neck as the other hand stroked his cock almost lazily. “Syn’s gonna stretch that pussy out while you’re sucking my dick.” He leaned closer. “But then I’m going to take your ass while he’s pounding that sweet cunt of yours.”

Ruby shivered and nodded, a soft, weak mewl slipping past her lips. Instead of sounding scared, it sounded hungry, and Jack smiled at her before winking at Syn to get him moving.

Syn moved in behind Ruby, his hands skittering across the sweet swell of her ass and hips until they rested on her waist as he pushed inside her. He hissed out as the tight clasping warmth sucked him in, her muscles both molding and stretching as she whimpered, her mouth now full of Jack’s shaft as his pelvis moved forward to feed her more.

His head tossed back, and the two men pushed into her like a cohesive being, yin to yang as if they had timed their pace to the other. Over the past several weeks, they had come to read each other quite well, the one knowing almost intrinsically what the other would do and shifting until the visceral became action.

“Fuck, Ruby…so damn tight,” Syn told her, mesmerized by the burning heat of her, the clenching muscles as he drove into her slowly, over and over again.

“Your fucking mouth, sweetheart,” Jack rasped. “Sucking my dick down that pretty little throat like you were made to do it.”

She whimpered, their words so enticingly erotic that she tightened further around Syn, brought Jack’s shaft into her mouth hungrily, licking around the tip as he eased his way out.

Their pace became harder, their thrusts deeper. She was shaking between them, her hands fisting the sheets next to Jack’s knees as she finally shook apart. Syn’s steady hands kept her from collapsing onto the bed as she floated back to earth after nearly squeezing the life out of his dick.

“You okay there, sweetheart?” Jack asked, pulling his dick out of her mouth. “Ready for more? I’m aching to get balls deep inside you, pretty girl.” He looked over at Syn, lifting his chin to gain his attention. “How wet is she? Don’t have any lube, and I’m gonna have to use her wet pussy to slick her asshole to get inside without hurting her.”

“Wet,” Syn affirmed. “So fucking wet she’s drenching my balls.”

Jack chuckled low in his throat and leaned over to smack her ass once. “You’re gonna take us both now, sweetheart. You ready?”

She bit off a curse and nodded fervently, causing Jack to catch Syn’s gaze and jerk his head to his right. “I’m gonna get on my back and get my dick nice and wet first.”

Syn nodded and reluctantly pulled out. His dick was soaked and his balls dripping. He thought Jack would have no problem getting in her back door with how slippery she was.

Jack settled on his back and smacked Ruby once on the thigh, forcing out a command. “Ass facing me, angel. Ride my dick for a bit.”

She complied easily, her usual spitfire attitude dampened as her lust overrode every tendency she had in a world where you either took charge or died trying. When she slid down Jack’s thick length finally, she was facing Syn, her face hazy with lust as they stared into Syn’s soulful eyes. She licked her lips before Syn moved forward, claiming her mouth with his.

Cupping her tits with his hands, she lifted up with some help from Jack’s strong arms. He was gripping her ass hard, bouncing her on his dick as Syn pinched and tweaked her nipples as their tongues tangled and stroked. His hands roamed slowly over her body—a body he never thought he’d get a chance to taste, much less own the way he wanted to.

The way he could if he tried.

Patience—that was all it took. A little time and some help from whichever shithead that caused the zombie apocalypse. Would he have had a chance with her in a normal setting? He doubted it, but he also wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. For now, for tonight at least, she was theirs, and he didn’t mind one bit that he had to share.

His still-slick cock rubbed against her moist folds, bumping the engorged bud that sparkled prettily in the dim light. Syn rolled his hips into her. He couldn’t seem to help it, and he took her mouth over and over again, their kisses becoming frantic as her mouth cried out softly as Jack continued to bounce her on his lap.

A gentle smack to the ass pierced the air, and Jack groaned. “Ass up, angel face. I’m set on getting into that tight little ass of yours.”

Syn helped her move up as Jack’s cock slid against her puckered little star before nudging at it. The tight rim of muscles spasmed, relaxed, and he was pushing through the outer ring as she whimpered and squirmed.

“Gonna burn for a bit,” Jack’s strained voice warned her as she continued to slide down his full length slowly, gingerly—all the way until she was full of him. “Now, lean back and lay on me so Syn can get inside you.”

Syn gave her one more quick kiss and helped her down. Stretched out like she was a fully-loaded buffet of pure sin, he wanted to gorge himself on every delectable inch of her skin. Jack’s legs widened and spread hers further, and the scent of her arousal wafted up to Syn’s nose.

Syn bent down and licked at her clit, not caring in the least that he was so close to another man’s genitals. He licked up her torso, starting with the smooth expanse of belly around her navel and working his way over to each puckered nipple. She gave muffled cries as he tugged both of them with his teeth before kissing up her collarbone and over her slender neck.

He claimed her mouth with his again in one thorough sweeping motion of his tongue inside her. Words bubbled up his throat, just bursting to come forth.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited to have you like this?” Her eyes sought his, questioning with her mouth slightly parted. “Years. Ever since we were teens, sweetheart.”

He could hear Jack chuckle over the smooth line of her shoulder. “Now he gets brave. Only took you long enough to say something. I could tell—hell, I think anyone but Ruby here could tell how much you wanted her.”

Jack licked a line up over shoulder and to her ear as Syn centered himself at her straining, heated core. When he pushed one inch, then two, she gave out a sharp noise that had Jack covering her mouth with his hand and hushing her.

Syn worked himself slowly into her, kissing her chest and cupping a breast as he breached her further. “Fuck, you feel so good. So wet. So fucking tight with both of us inside you like this.”

Her chest heaved as her eyes fluttered closed, Jack’s hands settling on her waist as he ground inside her, causing her to clench around them both.

“Fuck!” Syn was all the way inside her, the suction of her clasping muscles drawing him in deeper. He allowed that for only a moment and then drew back. It was too much, and he slammed back inside her, giving a choked grunt as his flesh met with hers.

“Slower, son,” Jack told him. “Something tells me our little spitfire here hasn’t taken a dick in the ass before. She's nearly strangling my cock.”

Syn nodded, the cords in his neck standing out in dark contrast as he struggled to keep himself in check. All either of the two men wanted to do was slam into her, snap their hips and get her coming for them, but they didn’t want to hurt her either.

Her fingers threaded through Syn’s hair, tugging at the roots as he stifled a sound when her fingernails scratched deliciously against his scalp. Goosebumps rose on his back and he rolled his hips on a forward thrust, grinding his pelvic bone against her clit when he drove forward.

The pinch of her nails dragged across his skin, causing red welts to rise from the flesh on his shoulders. He placed one soft kiss to her lips before rearing back and pressing into her again.

Both men rocked into her slowly for a while, and the burn melted away on a steady wave of heat and pleasure as it moved across her skin, bringing up a low burn that centered at her lower abdomen and made her clench tighter around them.

“Syn’s not the only one that’s had you in their sights, pretty girl,” Jack growled out. “I’ve watched your tight little ass carefully too.”

He swept long locks of her fiery hair aside and kissed her neck, nuzzling his nose into her and breathing in her scent. His thumbs grazed up her skin to her nipples, making them pucker as they brushed across before kneading the firm flesh in the palms in time to the thrust of his hips.

Slowly, their pace quickened, Syn’s clever fingers eventually drawing slow circles around her clit. It had her clenching them deep inside, drawing both of their cocks in as they powered into her with needy strokes. When she gave out a desperate whimper, Jack hushed her again and licked a line up the delicate shell of her ear.

“Hush, darling,” he enticed with a raw throatiness she found absolutely captivating. Low and gritty, like the delicious stretch of her sex around him as he pumped into her with quick, thorough thrusts.

Syn’s hands worked faster, and her legs quaked until she exploded around him, tight little quivers that threatened to draw his balls up tight until he spent inside her. He leaned forward, stroking her jaw as she fluttered around him, encasing him in tight, wet heat and sending a wracking shiver up his spine.

He licked her bottom lip and tugged on it with his teeth, her hands clutching at the firm muscles of his biceps as she floated down from release.

Ruby seemed to collapse back onto Jack, who groaned into her ear, his hips picking up and coaxing them all to a rapid tempo.

“Fuck, baby.” The rich timbre of his voice held a low, surprised chuckle. “I’m gonna come in this tight ass and you’re gonna allow me too, aren’t ya?”

She whimpered out as her head gave a quick up-and-down motion, and his fingers rolled her pebbled tips slowly, bringing a mewling sound from deep within her throat as she was ratcheted up close to orgasm again.

“Oh, God,” she bit out, steadying herself by clutching desperately onto Syn’s shoulders as they pushed her higher and higher—so high it was nearly unbearable.

His voice was like quicksilver to her, and Syn’s eyes traced down her features, to the desperate jut of her chin as her mouth opened and her tongue wet her lips.

“You gonna let Syn come in that tight little pussy of yours? Fill you up good?”

“Oh, shit.” Syn’s head spun up and out, the thundering roar of blood in his head washing away any other sounds with its insistent beat. “Fucking close, baby.”

So close he wasn’t sure if he could get another orgasm from her, and his fingered quickened to push her further, to force her orgasm and let it splinter her apart like he craved. He wanted the soft cries of her lips, the pulse of her sex milking him, and it drove him on as he added pressure to her engorged bud until she was whimpering and squirming desperately between them.

“That’s right, angel. Come on and squeeze our thick cocks,” Jack urged, his voice a breathless series of pants and grunts. His hips drove into her with steely determination, slamming and grinding as Syn’s body echoed his, his jaw tensed and eyes dark.

Heat slammed through her in waves as she came hard. So hard that Jack groaned out as her fluttering little pulls drew him in and gave way to his own wrenching breaths as his cock emptied out into her ass.

Syn’s response was a few jerking thrusts into her pussy and he was gone—obliterated as jets of his come filled her with steady, pulsating twitches of his cock inside her.

Arsyn collapsed onto the bed beside them, pulling Ruby off Jack as the other man slid her over in one smooth motion. Their breathing steadied as Syn pulled her into him, placing soft kisses on her jaw and lips, her eyes closing as she winded down and gave a low, murmuring purr from within her chest. Jack’s hot, heavier kisses moved across her back, his tongue dragging up her spine and making it bow, and her breasts thrust towards Syn’s smooth, hairless chest.

She smiled, the first real one either of the men had seen in ages, and her toes curled up, just luxuriating in the warm afterglow of sex. As much as she wanted to get up and clean herself off, she was too comfortable, the men’s two strong bodies safeguarding her between them as they sampled her flesh with their mouths.

She stretched indulgently, her flushed skin bumping against hard, hot mouths as the two men continued to gift her with kisses. As exhaustion took over and her eyes slid shut, she could hear them speaking softly, though the words gave her a dangerous chill down her spine.

“You think our little Ruby could take your cock in her ass next time, son?”


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