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Dominant Twin Tigers P1

“Where the hell are they? They were supposed to be here already.” I let out an annoyed sigh at the fact that Jason and Joel aren’t here yet. They are twin tiger shifters and we have been together for two years as of today. They have yet to mark me to make me theirs permanently and I have hinted at what I want plenty of times, but they just laugh it off or distract me with their talented tongues and cocks.

A couple of assholes is what they are.

Tonight I am wearing the sexiest red dress I own, black heels, sans panties and a bra, per their request. I have no idea where they are taking me, but I won’t deny that I’m a little excited. Okay I lie. I am very excited. Something in Joel’s tone when telling me what to wear was different earlier today; he sounded exhilarated, but I could also hear the worry in his voice, which is so not like him at all.

He told me that a new kind of club has recently opened up downtown and that is where they are taking me. The bastard didn’t tell me the name because he knew I would do some research on it. I googled any new clubs downtown and found nothing, which I was expecting. I unlock my screen to call Joel when I see their SUV pull up the driveway.

I lock the door behind me and practically run down to where Jason has the door open, waiting for me to get in. With a smirk on his beautiful face, he teases me as I reach up to give him a kiss on his succulent lips. “Hello baby doll, someone seems a little eager to see what we have in store for the evening.”

I give his lips another quick peck and stand in my spot, giddy with excitement at spending time with my two males. No matter how long it has been, every day feels like the beginning of our relationship. “Of course I’m eager to see what you guys have planned. Never once have I disliked the things you’ve surprised me with! Now, come on, Jason. Get in so we can go!”

I crawl into the beast of a vehicle as Jason slaps my ass, none too gently either. I squeal and sit back on my ass as Joel chuckles from the driver’s seat. I mockingly narrow my eyes at him right before I smirk and lean forward so I am in between the passenger seat and where he is sitting. My breasts are pushed up as I place my hand on his semi hard cock and purr in his ear, “Joel, baby, I really would like for you to fuck my tits tonight, but if you laugh at me again, you won’t even be touching them with that beautiful mouth of yours.”

I gently squeeze his manhood as I feel it twitch in my palm. I sit back in my seat and wink at Joel as Jason closes his door with a snort.

I don’t need to look down to see what Joel is talking about since my hand was just recently there. I put my seatbelt on as I feel the SUV slowly start to roll forward and give Joel a knowing wink, making him chuckle and shake his head at my antics. I am not usually very bold, but I am feeling a bit brave tonight.

We arrive at a very well-hidden brick building twenty minutes later. Joel takes out a card and swipes it into a card reader that permits us access to an underground parking lot. There are a lot of vehicles under here. “What kind of place is this exactly? You two weren’t very forthcoming with the information on that.”

They glance at each other before Jason turns halfway in his seat to answer. “Remember how we were talking a while ago about wanting to try new things? We want to explore some of our kinks with you that we have yet to try, and don’t have the room at home to do so. Plus, this place is perfect for shifters to be able to let their animals out without judgement from others on whatever they are doing.”

I nod in understanding. “Alright. So, is there anything I am expected to do or not do?”

This time Joel speaks up. “Just keep an open mind and you will be fine. There are going to be things that you have never seen before, but who knows? It might turn you on or give you ideas for us to try them out with you.”

I sit silently and wait for him to find a parking spot, wondering what kind of club this is that is mainly for shifters. Will people be fucking their other halves in their animal forms? That is one thing I wouldn’t say no to trying with these two gorgeous brothers, that’s for sure. Joel finds a spot close to the entrance to an elevator and puts it in park as Jason jumps out to open the back door, reaching for my hand to help me out.

We make our way to the elevator not saying a word, but we can hear the bass from the club as we enter the metal rising cage. A few more people join us a second later. I didn’t even realize they were behind us as we were stepping onto the lift. The three of us stand at the back of the elevator while the newcomers stand near the front, chatting as the female lets out a giggle every few seconds.

Joel and Jason have their arms around my waist and shoulder, holding me possessively between both of their hot bodies. When we reach our apparent destination, the metal doors smoothly slide open, and what I see has my eyes bulging out and mouth dropping open.

Wolves, foxes, a Bengal tiger and a few other species are associated in some sort of sexual interaction with humans. Joel chuckles as he slides his hand into mine, Jason whispering into my ear as he pushes his muscular body against me from behind. “Welcome to our world, baby girl. You have been with us for two years now, and this was the final test. We were a little worried about how you would react to the idea of fucking our tigers. They have been patiently waiting for this place to open, so now that it is, we plan to take full advantage of it.”

I release the gust of air that I didn’t realize I was holding, squeezing Joel’s hand as he leads Jason and I to a bar. As we walk, I take in my surroundings. There is so much going on that I don’t know what to watch.

There is a wolf literally fucking a female doggy-style on a stage while a tall, lean male is standing in front of her, thrusting his cock into her mouth. A female is riding a tiger that is laying on his back, his paws chained to the wall. Another woman is tied to a St. Andrews cross being eaten out by a fox, and on a couch, a male is getting fucked from behind as he fucks a female.

I bite my lip and squeeze Joel’s hand again as I take in the sights and sounds around me. I can feel my panties moistening at the idea of experiencing any of this, and biting my lip helps prevent a moan from escaping to draw attention to ourselves.

We reach the bar a few seconds later and Joel orders us vodka shots, nachos and some spiral fries. Jason and I are pulled to a couch off to the side and we take in everything around us as we wait for our food to arrive. A female with a fluffy fox tail arrives with the tray of shots, fries, and nachos, and even though I am sitting right here, she blatantly ignores me and starts to flirt with my men. The need to show her whose men they are builds in me, and I stand to scoot onto Joel’s lap as I pull Jason to me and show her who they belong to, moaning at the feel of Joel’s hands gliding up my thighs and under my dress.

The fox smirks down at me. “No worries, sweetheart, I have my beast of a male waiting for me after my shift is over with. Your males wouldn’t be here if he thought I was trying to steal them from you. The owner of this fine establishment isn’t keen on losing me.”

“Then why flirt with other males?” I wouldn’t dare make googly eyes with any other males if I was in a relationship. Jason and Joel would kill me if I did.

“Your mates here showed my man a picture of you when they signed up for a membership. We have to have all of your information to prevent idiots and people who take advantage of the vulnerable from joining. When I saw your full lips and stunning eyes, I just had to tempt fate. Boss man knows and even told me to try my luck. So, I’m doing exactly that.” She cocks her hips to the right as her arms push up her breasts.

I’ve never thought of being with a female before. I have two strapping males who worship my body and mind as is. “Who all would be involved?”

A glint in her eyes tells me she knows exactly where I’m going with the question. “It would start off with you and I. Then our males would join. Of course, only yours would fuck you as we all know how possessive mates can be.”

She steps forward to straddle my hips while I’m sitting on Joel. “Why don’t I give you a little sample?” She presses her lips to mine for all of a few seconds, but it’s all I need to know. Leaning up, she whispers in my ear, flicking the lobe, “Just picture my pussy above your face as I eat yours out. Your two males fucking you as mine plows into my ass.”

With that said, she slides off my lap and struts away.

“Holy shit!” I exclaim in awe at the boldness of the female.

“That was hot,” Jason growls as he adjusts his hardening cock.

“We are down for it if you are, baby girl. The choice is all yours.”

“I’ve never been with a female before. Is it alright with you guys if this is only a one time thing? I’m not sure if I would like to share my body with more partners than the two of you on a regular basis,” I say in a meek voice.

Joel rubs my inner thigh, causing me to squirm on his lap as I feel his manhood start to prod me in the ass, needing to be released from its confined space. I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. “We are more than fine with this being a one-time experience, baby girl. After tonight, we don’t want anyone tasting that delicious pussy of yours but the two of us. Come on. Let’s go to the room we had booked to be prepared for us specifically.”

Jason is the first to stand out of the booth as he reaches out, waiting for me to take his hand. I put my hand in his as he yanks me off of Joel’s lap and into his rock hard chest. We’re staring into each other’s eyes as I feel Joel come up behind me, grinding into my ass and officially trapping me in between their muscular bodies. “We are going to show you pleasure like you have never known, baby girl, and after you have come down from you intoxicated high, we have a surprise for you.”

Jason digs his fingers into the hair at the nape of my neck and dominates my mouth, pushing his tongue through the seam of my lips and owning me completely. I moan at the feel of his tongue mastering my own, the sudden touch of Joel’s hand in between my thighs that is inching its way up slowly--too slow for my desperate body.

I arch my back into his hand, needing him to give me more. I always need more when it comes to these two. He doesn’t disappoint and slides a finger through my soaked folds as he nips at the nape of my neck. Jason pulls back from my swollen lips for air and starts to kiss down my neck, licking a path down to my collarbone before sucking the flesh into his mouth, definitely bringing blood to the surface.

“Oh God, Jason. Your mouth feels so good.” My breathy voice has both of the men pushing their hips into me and growling at their need. Abruptly, Jason pulls away and grabs my hand, leading me through the club. I look over my shoulder at Joel and he is following with determination, a starved look in his eyes. He meets my hungry gaze and slowly licks his lip before curling his top one, releasing a growl as he speeds up his pace to get to me.

I squeak and move closer to Jason who chuckles. Without looking, he knows what is going on behind him. Joel catches up to us just as Jason stops in front of a dark purple door, pulls out a single key from his pocket, and inserts it into the keyhole. What is on the other side of the door has my jaw dropping as I take it all in. It’s the kinkiest room I have ever seen, but it is also very elegant. The walls are a deep violet, the bed frame is a glossy black, and the sheets on the California king are black and purple silk. The St. Andrews Cross, spanking bench, the chest at the bottom of the bed, and the couch against the wall are all black as well.

Joel slaps my ass to get me moving into the room, and I do so quickly. I’m eager to start on whatever these two sexy beasts have planned for me. I look over my shoulder to see Joel and Jason staring at my ass with their bottom lips between their teeth, devouring me with their eyes. I give my ass a little shimmy and seductively walk to the bed, crawling on it as I sway my hips to the music heard behind the closed door.

Joel growls and rushes to me like a man on a mission as Jason stands back and takes in the scene with lustful intent written all over his face. I want to know what he is thinking but I don’t have time to ask before Joel has me pinned down to the soft mattress and is using a claw to rip it from the front of my body, allowing his greedy eyes to roam my naked flesh. “Hey! I loved that dress!”

They both chuckle fiendishly as Joel shoves his nose into my neck and nips at my skin before taking it into his mouth, no doubt leaving behind a mark. I tilt my head to the side and close my eyes, giving him easier access and inviting him to take whatever he wants. I reach up to grab a hold of his hair because he loves when I yank on it, but I feel resistance on my right wrist.

My head snaps in that direction and I see a smirking Jason swinging a black leather cuff around his forefinger. My eyes mockingly narrow at him. In all of the two years we have been together, these bastards never once hinted that they were into kinky shit. Not once did they want to comply with my needy and whiny demands of wanting to try different positions with handcuffs, blindfolds or anything of the like.

I huff with indignation at them ignoring my needs for so long, just to do it now in some kinky ass room. A bite to my nipple has me jerking my head with a yelp toward a grinning Joel who then proceeds to lick a path to my other nipple, enticing a whimper from my lips.

Jason leans in from my left side and whispers seductively into my ear. “Don’t fight it baby. We have studied your expressions and remember all of the things you have begged from us over the years. Just let go and let us take care of you.”

Seconds later, a soft click is heard where Jason is now standing, and I don’t have to look to know that he has the other wrist chained to the headboard. “A year ago, you told us that one of your fantasies was to be tied to the bed and eaten until you black out before we fucked like the animals we are. We are about to make that fantasy come true, baby.”

I groan as Joel pinches my nipples. “Joel, stop teasing me already.”

I feel Jason’s hand run along my calf, the feather-like touch gliding down as he grabs onto my ankle and uses something made out of silk to tie it to the post, repeating the same steps with the other one. Joel silently crawls backwards, trailing a path down my body with his tongue. Both males stand at the bottom of the bed taking in my tied-up form as I squirm at the intense look in their glowing orbs. Their tigers have come forth.

“Tonight, our tigers will be present with us every step of the way. You have yet to experience how rough they can be. There is no more holding back, not anymore. You want us to mark you as ours for life, then you need to see how intense it will be at times. But before that happens, let us make your wildest dreams come true, baby,” Jason states in a serious tone as Joel makes his way to the top of the bed, grabbing the back of my head and slamming his lips to mine with a possessive growl.

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