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Dominant Twin Tigers P2

A helpless whimper escapes the back of my throat when I open up for Jason, inviting him to breach my mouth, to dominate and own it.

Soft lips are felt along the inside of my ankle, trailing their way up and stopping right at the apex of my thighs. I pull at the restraints attached to my wrists, needing to touch one if not both of them, but giving up after a few minutes when I realize it’s pointless.

Jason pulls his head back, allowing us to breathe in some much-needed air before he kisses his way down my face to the side of my neck. It leaves a bruise from his plump lips on the opposite side of Joel’s mark. Moaning loudly at the hot air being blown between my legs, I lift my hips in the hopes of feeling his face on my pussy. They both chuckle at my torment as I wiggle around on the silken sheets.

I groan when I see Jason pulling a purple silk blindfold out of his pocket, which he waves in the air, teasing me as he lifts my head to put it on. “Close your eyes, baby girl. This is going to heighten your other senses. The things we are going to do to you will be more intense because of your loss of sight.”

I nod my head eagerly, loving the idea of trying something new in the bedroom. We have done plenty of positions before but have never really experimented with anything other than the typical vibrator.

Footsteps get louder to my left, and Joel breathes into my ear, talking just above a whisper. “I’m going to start, sweetheart. Are you ready for us?”

I didn’t even feel him get off of the damn bed. “Yes, I’m so ready for you two. Please.”

A light tickling sensation starts in the arch of my foot, causing me to giggle before a rapid slap to my moist pussy erupts, and a loud moan slips past my parched lips. “It seems like our baby girl likes a little pain mixed in with her pleasure. Should I try a bit harder, Kat? Should I spank this pretty little cunt for being a greedy girl?”

My core throbs with need at the dominance in his voice. Tossing my head side to side doesn’t work for Joel as I feel a harder smack to my lower region. I scream out in pain before the heat from his hand turns into the sensation of ecstasy as my pussy gushes onto the bed.

“Well, damn. We’ve barely touched her and she is already soaking the bed. I can only imagine how the rest of the night will go,” Jason states in astonishment at how something so simple made me cum.

“Oh, I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a night she will never forget.” Joel chuckles dangerously as I hear some shuffling somewhere within the room as I try to get my breathing under control so I can listen for any clues to what they are doing.

“Let’s try this again now, shall we?” Jason states right before I feel the lightest sensation once again at the bottom of my foot. This time, though, I don’t giggle at the soft tickling. The feather-like object glides up my leg ever so lightly and leaves goosebumps in its wake.

When he reaches my desperate nether region, I slow my breathing down as the tip is rubbed up and down my spread lips so I can concentrate on the object he is holding. My breath comes out in a raspy whisper. “It’s a feather.”

“Hmm, good girl.” Joel whispers from my right as he tweaks my nipple. Pushing my chest into his hand, he takes the hint and starts to massage the form flesh as Jason rubs the feather on my clit, causing me to jerk every time it nudges at me.

“Jason, please,” I beg of him. I’m not exactly sure what I’m begging for, but the thought of them using my body in a way they never have before excites me. A sudden coldness on my breast has goosebumps coursing over my body as I try to squirm away from the feeling.

“Stay still, sweetheart. I’m going to put something in your belly button and if it spills, you will be punished.” Jason states with authority. They aren’t playing around anymore, so when I feel the sudden cool liquid on my belly, I fight the need to suck in a breath at the shock of it.

The freezing sensation on my breast slides up to my nipple, puckering it right as heat encases the hardened bud, Joel’s mouth devouring it with his tongue and teeth. I know it is him and not Jason, as he is rougher when it comes to my tits.

Calloused palms move up my thighs, slowly spreading them as far as they will go, and I submissively comply. A deep inhale is heard followed by a possessive growl right before warmth is felt on my clit, sucking and nipping as I try my hardest to keep still to prevent the liquid from spilling. Joel’s low chuckle is felt against my neck as Jason uses his sinfully clever tongue to lavish my pulsing bud, a desperate gasp breaking free as my hips thrust up, feeling the now warm fluid slide down the sides of my waist.

I don’t even care about the liquid at the moment because Jason’s skills have me on the edge of coming and that is what I’m focusing on. Joel licks a path up my neck to my ear and whispers in a husky tone, “You spilled the liquid, baby. Now, what do you think we should do to discipline you for being a bad girl? Hmm?”

I whimper because I know that it’s going to be a delicious punishment regardless of him wanting me to think it will be about teaching me a lesson. “I think she loves the thought of that, Joel. Our female loves a little bite of pain mixed in with the pleasure we give her. Let’s see how well she can handle this,” Jason states with a hint of mischief in his tone.

I hear something that sounds like electricity sparking and freeze for a second before reminding myself that my males would never cause me any actual harm. My body jerks forward and a pained cry escapes at the shock that is felt across one sensitive breast, the electricity traveling down to my deprived pussy as a loud moan echoes throughout the room.


My emotions are all over the place at the moment. I’m insanely aroused and wet, confused at this new side of me that I never experimented with before, and angry that they would do that without any warning. Their erotic chuckles bounce off the walls as I try to calm my frantic breathing. My heartrate pounds in my chest erratically as I try to wiggle free from my restraints.

“I don’t think so, sweetheart. We aren’t done with you yet. There is one more thing to play with before we fuck you into unconciousness. Just relax and feel, baby.” Jason says from between my legs on the bed.

I feel Joel kneel to my right as he crawls closer, grabbing my chin and tilting it towards him. He slams his lips to mine in a mind-blowing kiss. I lift my head as far as the restraints will allow and demand more from him, groaning into his mouth when I feel a sudden drop of intense heat on my lower stomach. It burns for a second before hardening so I know it’s wax, and I’m assuming it’s from a candle as it suddenly smells very musky in here.

Drops of the hot wax leave a trail farther up until he reaches my breasts and they are then quickly coated in the singing warmth. Two fingers are suddenly on my clit, rubbing up and down in lazy strokes as the wax is then rubbed into my aching globes, heating up with the friction of the palms caressing me. A low grunt is heard before I feel the bed shift and a thick digit is inserted into my pussy. Joel growls as he kisses me harder, becoming more possessive of my mouth as I moan into his and raise my hips from the bed, seeking more.

I rip my mouth from Joel’s to draw in some much-needed air when a pair of incisors are lodged into the inside of my thigh, a scream leaving my throat as my pussy gushes fluid onto the bed. White spots blink behind my closed eyelids as my chest rises and falls with the lingering bite of pain and pleasure.

“That’s right, babygirl. Cum for us. Show us how much you’re ready for us to be fucking you right now. Undo her wrists, Joel. We are going to flip her around so I can have this delectable ass tonight.” Jason’s words come out demanding and greedy.

“Fine by me. I love the heat from her tight cunt anyway,” Joel states with glee. I roll my eyes and groan as I start to come down from my high.

“I don’t have a say in who fucks my ass tonight?” I ask saucily.

A quick slap to my dripping sex has me biting my lip to prevent another groan from escaping. “No, and you know this, so don’t get mouthy with us or we will deny your orgasms tonight. And we all know how much you love it when we do that. Don’t you, sweetheart?” Jason teases sarcastically.

I release a deep exhale and shake my head no. Another slap has my pelvis lifting from the bed, wanting more. “Jason!”

The knowing chuckle has me biting my tongue from spewing anything else from my parted lips. “I asked you a question, sweetheart, and when I ask you a question, I expect a verbal answer. So, I’m going to ask you again and you will respond verbally, right?”

I nod and murmur, “Yes, sir.”

“See, baby. Now that wasn’t so hard. You love when we pound into you until you’re right on the edge and then stop before bringing you there again repeatedly, don’t you?” His voice harbors a mixture of solemnity and playfulness to it.

I shake my head, clear my throat, and swallow before announcing in a wobbly voice, “No, sir. I do not like the feeling of being so close to cumming just to be denied.”

“Hmmm, I didn’t think so,” he states knowingly.

Joel has undone the cuffs holding my wrists to the headboard as he gently kisses and licks the area. Even though the material was really soft, my joints are stiff from being forced into a certain position for so long. Jason leans over me, bites my nipple, and undoes the other cuff, licking the area as if he is making love to it.

I drop my arms to the bed and relax my shoulders, relief flowing through my body at finally being free. My legs are released next, and the men massage the skin to get the blood flowing again. I attempt to close my legs, but two hands prevent that from happening. “Leave them open baby. We need to prepare you for us both now.”

I lick my dry lips, loving the sound of that and respond in a breathy murmur. “Okay.”

I feel their hands kneading my flesh as they each start with a leg and make their way upwards. I moan and arch my back when they reach my breasts, completely skipping the one place I want them the most.

They squeeze roughly, pinching and biting my nipples, my mouth going dry from all of the open-mouthed moaning I’m doing at their ministrations. Jason attacks my mouth, licking my bottom lip for me to open up for him, and I comply willingly. Joel digs his face into the crease of my neck and inhales deeply as I feel a deep rumble vibrate against the side where his body is laid against mine.

“Fuck, baby. You smell so good. I cannot wait to fuck your tight little cunt. Come on, Jason. Let’s get her up so I can get under her. My cock is fucking throbbing to be inside her wet heat.” Joel growls into my ear, taking the lobe into his mouth and sucking on it before nipping it as he moves, lifting me to a sitting position.

The action makes Jason growl as his mouth is removed from mine, and Joel chuckles at his brother’s frustration. “Turn around on your knees and spread them, sweetheart. Let Joel get into position so you can ride his thick shaft while I fuck you from behind.”

I do as instructed and feel Jason at my back as Joel slides up between my legs on the bed. His large manhood slides along my nether region, and when he gets to where the head of his dick is near my clit, he lifts his hips forward to hit it. I throw my head back and moan, his hands holding onto my hips as he continues to move against me, teasing me.

“Joel…” My voice comes out breathless and desperate. I want them to be inside me already, to feel their cocks pounding into my ravenous holes.

“Yes, baby? What do you need, sweetheart? Tell us and we will make it happen,” he rasps as his hips continue their movement.

I whimper as I feel Jason’s chest at my back, his hand guiding his shaft to my dripping cunt and rubbing his cock up and down my slick folds, using the wetness as lubricant. “I want… I want you both to fuck me and make me yours. Forever.”

Jason hums into the back of my neck, shooting goosebumps down my spine. They both stop as Jason wraps my hands around the back of his neck, whispering into my ear, “Hold on tight, baby.”

As soon as my hands are clasped behind his neck, Joel’s fingers tighten around my hips and he positions himself at my core, slamming into me a second later as I scream at the feeling of finally being filled. He growls dangerously and freezes up once he gets deep inside me. The sound causes my pussy to clench around his manhood, my cream soaking his balls.

Jason places the head of his monstrous dick at my puckered entrance. “Relax, baby. You know how good it feels once I’m inside your sweet, tight ass. Take a deep breath and let it out…now.”

He shoves right into me as I release the deep breath I was holding in. I scream at the initial pain before it melts into pleasure seconds later as I collapse onto Joel’s chest. I listen to his rapidly beating heart as Jason slowly moves in and out of my ass. Biting Joel’s nipple causes his cock to jerk inside me, and he grunts as he lifts his waist, making me press against Jason’s groin.

They both groan in unison before finding their rhythm, seesawing in and out of me as I place my hands on Joel’s muscular pecs. I whimper when I push back into Jason and go forward on Joel, causing them to speed up their tempo. The sensation of being so full has never felt so amazing.

“Oh, fuck! Joel! Jason! Yes!” I cry out into the dark room. I need this blindfold off, need to see my two males.

“I want to see you guys, please!” I beg them. I want to be able to look at them while they fuck me, taking me to a place I haven’t been to in way too long. I feel the blindfold loosen and shake my head slightly to help it fall away.

I keep my eyes closed for a few more seconds as the twins continue their movements, adjusting to the light behind my lids until I slowly open them and see my beautiful male smirking at me. He knows I love to see their faces as they orgasm as much as they love to watch mine. “Better, baby?”

“Hmmm, yes. You know I love seeing you guys when you cum,” I purr, knowing I got what I want.

Jason reaches forward to cup my breast, teasing and pinching my nipple with one hand as he turns my face and locks us in a heated kiss with a rough palm. Joel reaches down to rub my clit, which causes my hips to buck forward as I moan into Jason’s mouth. My fingernails dig into Joel’s broad chest as I get rocked forward from Jason’s hard thrusts.

Our skin slapping and heavy breathing, along with our moans and groans of pleasure, are the only things heard bouncing off of the walls. I am not too ashamed to beg for what I want from my males so they know what I need to get off. “Oh, God! Yes! Harder! Faster, please!”

“Fuck!” Jason growls as he starts to move his hips at a faster pace, ruining their rhythm until Joel grunts heavily and picks up speed as well. I reach up with one hand and pull at Jason’s hair, and he groans and sucks on my neck, leaving a bruise as Joel pinches my pulsing clit.

I explode around them, my pussy and asshole clenching around their cocks as I throw my head back onto Jason’s shoulder, a silent scream leaving my lips. Their movements get choppy, making me highly aware that they are right on the edge with me. Joel grips my hips and pulls my body down as he slams forward, roaring out his release with Jason propelling into me seconds later.

I collapse onto Joel’s clawed-up chest as Jason drops his weight onto me. I am sandwiched between the two of them as we all breathe heavily. “Holy fuck. That was intense.”

A breathy giggle escapes as I release a large yawn, suddenly very sleepy. “I’m going to go get some wet wipes to clean you up. Stay right where you are, baby, and relax.”

Jason and I groan in unison as his flaccid cock slides out of my ass, and he crawls off of the bed to go to get the wipes we were given for cleaning up. Joel holds me to him and gently kisses my temple, releasing a contented sigh. I close my eyes as I relax into Joel’s chest, his softened manhood slipping out of my pussy when Jason comes back to wipe me down.

The last thing I remember before falling asleep is feeling Jason crawl back onto the bed and wiping me clean.

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