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Dominant Twin Tigers P3

Heat encompasses my body as I sigh and stretch my sore limbs from their previous exertion. I’m not sure how long I was out, but I feel like I’ve slept for hours. My ears pick up a door opening and I hastily sit up, looking over to where the door is to see the sexy waitress from earlier and a tall, gorgeous red-headed male with hazel eyes enter behind her.

She meets my gaze and winks before taking a seat on the edge of the bed as the male sits on the couch. I sit up straighter, and the blanket falls down to my waist. I scramble to retrieve it and cover myself, but Jason’s dominating voice puts a stop to that instantly. “Leave it, baby girl. Let them see those glorious breasts of yours.”

I drop my hands to my lap and stare at them as I start fidgeting; it’s my nervous habit of mine. Joel crawls up to straddle my legs and lifts my chin until I’m looking directly at him. “Don’t be shy, baby. She only wants to taste what we have been sampling for the last two years. If you aren’t comfortable with it, it won’t happen. The choice is yours, so what is it that you want?”

What do I want?

My shoulders relax as I exhale a deep breath and look to where Jason is standing near the edge of the bed. He subtly nods his head in agreement with Joel. It is ultimately my choice whether to go through with this or not, so I decide, fuck it, let’s do this.

I set my sights on the sexy red-headed fox and decide to be brave. “Alright.”

Jason’s and Joel’s beasts purr as I reach up to twirl my finger around my hardened nipple, biting my lip as I stare into the woman’s bright green eyes, inviting her to join me on the bed. Joel clears his throat as he backs away to gain my attention before he informs me of what will happen.

“There is only one stipulation. Jase and I will not touch Clarie, and Landon here, will definitely not be touching you. Our tigers are okay with a female making you cum because we have yet to mark you, so take this chance to experiment, baby girl. No males are to touch what is ours, ever. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, that’s fine.” My gaze returns to Clarie who is now standing up, sliding her dress over her head and tossing it to where Landon is sitting. I watch as she sashays her way towards me, and I bite my lip in anticipation. This is new territory for me, so I will just follow her lead and go with what feels right.

She reaches the bottom of the bed and looks at me seductively before speaking in a sultry tone, “Lay back for me, Kathy. Let me show you how gentle a woman’s caress feels compared to the rough touch of a man.”

Slowly dropping down onto the feathered pillow, I make eye contact with the beautiful redhead before she scrutinizes my body as I return the gesture. Her bottom lip is full, breasts are larger than mine yet perky, and she has a flat stomach and wide hips. Her pussy is shaved, and I can see it glistening from here.

I lick my lips and raise my eyes back to her face. She leans forward and bewitchingly crawls up to my waist, straddles me, and gently rubs her nails around my nipples, hardening them to points. I gasp at the sensation, pushing my chest forward into her hands. Clarie drops down and captures my lips with her own in a slow, sensual kiss. We moan into each other’s mouths as she swivels her pussy against my thighs, getting them wet with her juices.

Our tongues battle as her hands grasp my breasts, massaging them gently. Clarie’s palms glide down my arms to my hands before raising them above my head, holding them in place as she continues to grind on me. She pulls back and smiles knowingly when I reach up for her, wanting more of that soft, supple mouth of hers.

“Clarie…” I whimper out her name, needing more.

“Patience, princess. Let me take care of you. Now, you need to keep your hands above your head. Let’s see how much willpower you have in the bedroom.” She purrs as she removes her hands from mine, running them down my arms and back to my breasts. Kneading them with soft palms, she lowers her head to suck on my sensitive buds.

I arch my back as I moan loudly and turn my head to see Jason and Joel to my left, their cocks in their hands, stroking back and forth as they watch mesmerized by the female on top of me. Landon is on our right, doing the same thing, and holy fuck is he long. Almost the same girth as my males, as well.

It’s a struggle to keep my hands above my head when I’m wanting to touch her smooth, creamy skin. Her tongue circles my nipple as she alternates between nipping and soothing the bite of pain away, easing her hand down my stomach to reach my moist pussy. I buck my hips upward impatiently before she clicks her tongue in disapproval.

“If you try to rush this, I will not let you cum.” Clarie says with a hint of dominance in her tone, and I know she means what she says by the assertive look in her eyes.

Inhaling deeply, I relax my body as she continues on her path downwards to where I’m pulsing with the need of someone to touch me. Her finger lightly circles my clit, teasing me as I whimper in protest. Clarie’s airy chuckle turns me on more, and I have to fight with myself to not buck upwards into her hand.

A breathless whimper escapes, and I beg her to give me what I crave. “Clarie, please.”

“Please what, princess? Do you want to cum? Do you think I should let this beautiful pussy gush all over my fingers, or should I use my mouth to bring you to ecstasy?”

I groan and close my eyes as she starts to flick my pearl before she lightens her touch, going back to being a tease. “I want your tongue. Oh God, do I want your mouth on my pussy, please.”

“Hmmm.” She removes her hand completely from my soaked nether region, causing my eyes to shoot open to see what she is doing. Going backwards over my legs, she nips my flesh as she moves down, and when she reaches my pubic bone, she bites me, leaving an obvious bruise.

I instantly look to where Jason and Joel are to see their response to another marking me in any way, and what I see has me wanting to say, fuck Clarie, crawl over to them, and ask them to fuck me like the animals they are.

Their eyes are in slits like tigers. Their two top incisors are out as they play with the tips of them with their tongues, and they are stroking their leaking shafts. When they meet my gaze, Jason winks while his chest rumbles and Joel growls, lifting his lip as he snarls. I’ve never seen this side of them before, but holy fuck, there is no way in hell this going to be the last because they look absolutely edible.

A bite to my clit makes me yelp, and my head whips to where Clarie is looking up at me with the slitted eyes of her fox. “You pretend they aren’t in here when I’m the one pleasuring you. Got it, princess?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.” I state on a breathless cry as she brings her tongue out to ease the pain she caused with her teeth.

“Good girl.You will not cum until I tell you to,” Clarie orders before circling her hot, wet muscle around my bud. I grasp at my hair to keep my hands above my head rather than reaching for her and shoving her face into my soaked pussy to gain more friction. I mewl in frustration as she continues her ministrations, thrashing my head side to side, needing release already.

Her suction gets stronger as she adds a finger, thrusting it knuckle-deep into me before pulling out and teasing me, repeating the process over and over again. My hips buck upwards, and thankfully, she doesn’t stop but gives me what I long for.

Clarie adds a second digit to my hole as she continues to lap at my clit greedily, bringing me closer to the edge before slowing down once more. I throw my head back as a drawn-out cry leaves my parted lips.

“Oh fuck! Yes, don’t stop! Clarie, please!” I beg as I fight the urge to cum without her permission.

Loud breathing, low growls, and groans of sexual desire are echoing throughout the room from the men. Everyone is turned on from Clarie’s sensual mouth on my pussy. She speeds up her pace and purrs, “Cum for me, princess. Soak my face with your juices.”

Her words cause me to finally let go, so I throw my head back in a silent scream as my stomach muscles clench and pussy throbs when I cum in her mouth as she sucks me dry. Her fingers continue to thrust in and out as she begins to slow her pace, bringing me back down from my high.

I close my eyes and relax onto the pillow, slowing down my heavy breathing until I bounce on the bed, my eyes shooting open to see Jason between my legs right before he rams his tongue into my drenched opening. I scream into the room right before Joel’s lips are on mine, swallowing the sounds with a possessive growl.

“Ours!” It comes out as a jumbled mess of words from Joel as he makes his way down my jaw to my neck until he reaches my collarbone and sucks my flesh into his heated mouth.

“Fuck! Yes, yours! All yours! Jason, Joel! Fuck me, please!” I plead, needing their cocks in me this instant.

Their possessive growls are heard before I’m flipped over with Joel underneath me and Jason hovering above. They give me no time to breath before Joel shoves his thick rod into my awaiting hole.

I throw my head back, screaming into the room as Joel grabs my hips and shoves himself inside as far as he can go. Grinding, pushing, and pulling me up on his cock as I cum all over him.

My arms give out and I drop to Joel’s chest as Jason uses my cream to lather up his dick, preparing himself for my ass. I tense when I feel him slide up to my puckered rim, Joel and Jason both breath onto my neck. “Relax, baby. We got you.”

Putting my trust into my two men, I release the breath I was holding and unclench my muscles, preparing mentally for the bite of pain on his initial thrust.

Pushing in slowly, Jason grunts before the head of his shaft pops through the tight ring of muscle. I gasp at the sensation of being so full. No matter how many times they fuck me like this, it feels like the first time.

After a few seconds of staying completely still, they start to move, rocking in and out of me. I choke on a desperate sound and throw my head back as Jason grabs my chest, lifting me to a sitting position on Joel.

“Oh God! Fuck me harder, Jason! Fuck my ass so good! Joel, ruin this pussy for any other male!” I yell into the room, knowing that it would bring out their beasts and they would pound me to oblivion.

They both roar as Joel grips my hips, lifting me up just to slam me down on him as Jason grabs my hair and yanks my head back to suck on my neck, pulling blood to the surface. The slapping of skin, growls, and cries are vibrating in the air as they take me to elevated heights of ecstasy.

Something is different about tonight. They are more tiger than they have been before. I meet Joel’s eyes and they are those of his tiger. “You’re ours, Kat. Tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives.”

Jason growls low in my ear before stating with need, “Tonight, we make you ours permanently, baby girl.”

The thought has me clenching around their engorged shafts, squeezing them for everything they’re worth. They both roar and start to slam into me rapidly, needing to hasten their pace to get to where I am so we can all cum together.

Joel suddenly sits up as he slams me down hard on him, roars out his release as his incisors dig into the junction between my neck and collarbone on my right side, marking me as his mate.

Seconds later, Jason grunts and repeats the process but on my left, marking me as his as well. Both sets of sharp teeth are embedded into my skin as a powerful orgasm rips through me. Slamming my eyes shut, I scream out my pleasure as colorful lights blink behind my eyelids. I float in a world of ecstasy where my dream has finally come true.

Feeling their teeth leave my neck, their tongues lick the area clean and the marks close. I drop to Joel’s chest in exhaustion with the biggest smile ever on my face, knowing that they are mine just as much as I am theirs. Forever.

“Ours!” Is the last thing I hear before everything else fades away and I succumb to the darkness.

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