A Muse In the Dark

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“But I don’t wanna hurt anyone!” He pouted, “I wanna be their best friend!!!” And he ran off to his room in the criminal base.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Where is Begins

That day there was a lot of screaming and crying as the hospital rushed to get everyone into the ER.
There had been a grave attack on the capital by the first ever people who had been born with what we called powers. In all the mess though a kind woman walked in whilst in labor, but yet asking for everyone else to go first. Because of this the baby was being difformed and evolving within the ladies whom. After all the chaos had started to calm she was rushed into one of the back rooms and set up to give birth.... but it was too late. The woman couldn’t give birth and said to cut her open and save the child no matter what the risk. She passed on seconds after seeing her child. She said but one thing: “He will grow up to be strong and powerful. And choose to be kind and sweet.” And she never got the chance to see how right she was.

And his name was Muse.
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