The Queen of Luania

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I originally was writing this on Wattpad but switched to Inkitt because I don't want to lose it. -------------- "A weak Queen is a dead Queen" Arabella became Queen of Luania when she was only 12 years old. Now, at 16, she must defend her throne, country, and life from those who wish to end her reign. Enemies attack her, rebels threaten her, and those whom she trusted, betray her. From Princess to Queen, will she survive? Or will she become just another myth

Fantasy / Drama
Writing Queen
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Chapter 1: Introduction

Heye guys! Thank you for reading The Queen of Luania. I originally wrote this of Wattpad, but a lot of authors are losing their work so I moved it on here. Thanks for giving my story a chance! I wanted to cast the characters to show what they look like, but you can imagine whatever you want. Enjoy!

Note: I had pictures of the cast on Wattpad, but they got deleted when I was transferring over.

Queen Arabella:


Likes: chocolate, strategy, her throne

Dislikes: people looking down on her, being proven wrong

Cast as: younger Cara Delevingne

Lord Horatio of Rothsburn

Age: 50

Likes: smart people, dogs, chess

Dislikes: rulebreakers, people who don't support Arabella.

Cast as: Idris Elba

Princess Isla of Vidal

Age: 23

Likes:expensive stuff, diamonds, reading, her reputation

Dislikes: Arabella, anyone who tries to take her power

Cast as: Camila Mendes

Louis, Duke of Brulon

Age: 20

Likes: farming, reading, horses

Dislikes: Isla, decision making, fighting

Cast as: Shawn Mendes

Yazmin, Lady of Rothsburn


Likes: fun, dresses, flirting

Dislikes: politics, sitting still, boring people

Cast as: Amalda Stenberg

Lady Sylvia of Rothsburn

Age: 48

Likes: family, her husband Horatio, adopted daughter Yazmin, loyalty, peace

Dislikes: fighting, arguements

Cast as: Viola Davis

Thank you again for reading my story! Hope you like it :)

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