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Emma is a 13 year old African, who lost her dad a few years ago. Her mom couldn't bear the pain of the loss, so they arranged to move away from their hometown to somewhere in Europe. To her misfortune, the kids over there weren't as accepting as her friends back at home. Things seemed to be going on well on her first few days though. As the new girl she kept her distance from people and minded her own stuff, but as the days went by they considered her as an outcast for being too quiet. This is a story of how she bore the pains, abuses, torments, and racist insults. Was she able to fight through or did she later give up to the oddly sweetening thoughts of suicide.

Fantasy / Romance
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It was all set. It was finally the day of Papa's funeral, the last time i was ever going to see his face again. The burial mass was over and we just finished pulling everything together for his casket to be lowered into the grave, six feets under. A short prayer was said and I watched as the golden casket was being lowered into the ditch that had been dug. I was only 10 by then, It was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me. At that moment, all those precious times we had spent together, all those memories we had made, started to flash through my mind.

My mom wasn't in a better condition either, he was the only man that could make her happy, she loved him more than anything. All this people from far and near that came to 'mourn' with us wouldn't know what we were feeling. How much of a great loss he was to our lives. When he was alive, he made sure to place everyone before himself, he was too humble for his own good. Sadly, that was part of the things that killed him. He was sick for a short while with cervical cancer; he hadn't told anybody, not even my mom. According to him, he wanted us to be happy and spend the last years, more like days with him, being happy and not having to think of the great trauma that was to come. We only got to know of his condition a few months before his death and by that time it was already too late, there was nothing the doctors could do to save him. We watched him die slowly every single day. My mom was always there to hold his hands and pray for him. But it seemed like God wasn't on our side. I couldn't concentrate on my school work knowing that my dad was going to die soon.

It was all too much for me, and now that he's gone, I had no idea of what I was gonna do. I didn't know if it was even worth living anymore. My mom looked just about to give up too but I couldn't lose her too. We needed to be strong for dad, because if he was alive, that was what he would want. But one thing I knew was that no matter how had we tried, it was never going to be the same without him there with us

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