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Chapter 1

'Emma, you have to understand. I can't stay here anymore. It's becoming unbearable for me'

'You are not even trying mom. It's been three years since he died. We have to move on'

' But how can I if all I see while staying here are images and memories of him'

'I can't just leave everything behind mom. What about my friends, it's gonna be hard for me to just move away'

'We'll make it work, I promise, but we can't stay here and that's final. We leave by Monday'

With that she left the room, slamming the door shut behind her. My mom, she was a very difficult person to understand sometimes. It hadn't always been like this, not until dad died actually. I tried as much as possible to bear with her because I understood where she was coming from and all the trauma she was going through but I was his daughter, I felt hurt too. Moving away from my hometown was the worst thing that could happen, especially if it was to a place I knew nothing about. I hadn't even been to Europe before. I had only heard my friends bragging about how amazing the place was and about how many expensive things they bought there.

I didn't want to have to adapt all afresh again. My mom was honestly not being considerate. I sighed, as I let my face drop into the pillow, my head was aching from all the stress and thinking I was doing. How did she not talk this through with me before to know if I was okay with this. It was happening so soon. It was Saturday night and she wanted us to move by Monday. I wouldn't have enough time to give my besties a proper fare well sleep over. Speaking of them, I didn't even know how I was going to tell them I was leaving. I sighed again, my eyes were starting to feel wet. I didn't want to have to leave them behind, I didn't want to see their reaction to the sad news I had awaiting for them. Only if all these was a dream, only if my mom would walk into my room and wake me up for school like she usually would telling me that it was all just a nightmare. No matter how irritated I get when she does that, I would really appreciate it if she did it right now and I wouldn't even hoot about it.

But this wasn't some novel where all those kind of things happen, this was my reality and I could do nothing but to face it. This was the beginning of my real doom. I let the tears that were struggling to drop flow freely across my cheeks. For once, I needed to take a break from acting so tough and pretending that everything was okay when it sure as hell isn't. I screamed ripped out of my lips, I needed to let it all out, all the tention, the suffering, the emotional trauma that I had bottled up in me for the past three years. I needed to be free. My head started to ache worse because of how hard I was sobbing. My eyes were also starting to sting and my throat felt itchy and dry from the screaming.

I was grateful that the door in my room was sound proof. The last thing i needed was my mom barging back in and scoldng me, telling me of how much of a nuisance I was being and how I was disturbing the neighbours with my awful noise. A littlw while after, I felt dizzy and sleep was creeping in at the edges of my eyes. Being exhausted already, I let myself succumb to the force and fell into a deep slumber.

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