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Just A Fang Night

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Lina steps into a vampire bar. Not because she is looking for a wild night. No, she wasn't. But when a night of pleasure is offered, she had a hard time saying 'no'. So, she didn't.

Fantasy / Erotica
Nina Hendriks
4.9 43 reviews
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1 The Vampire Bar

This is my vampire story. I don't have an editor/proofreader at this moment. So there can be a couple of grammar mistakes since English isn't my first language. Still, I hope you enjoy the story.

I never thought I would take a step inside a vampire bar, but here I am. It is typical of me to have my car breakdown at this time of night and the only option to go is the ''bloodsucker'' bar. The only place open in miles. At least I should be grateful that it happened after my make-up assignment. I really needed the money and now even more I need to fix my scrap heap of a vehicle.

The day started off so well. The sun was shining bright. The wedding was beautiful and because the bride wanted to look at her absolute best today, I was welcome to stay and enjoy the celebration and to do some touch-ups throughout the day. That’s why I left at two in the morning and now, unfortunately, need to wait until the next day for someone to fix my car.

I never had the courage to walk in a vampire bar before. My friends from beauty school did it all the time. Yes, it was normal to party with a vampire, to have vampire friends, and to respect them as a human. I had some bad experiences with some of them. The overall rule is: ‘If you don’t go looking for them, then they leave you alone.’ That was the deal the government made with them ten years ago when they were making themselves known. I just had bad luck that my neighborhood is living on the edge. Just like humans, there are good and bad ones among them.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a vampire? They had the craziest stories about history and were older than they looked, and looks are another thing. They are all handsome in their own way. Gorgeous, with their long frame and dark or blonde hair with high cheekbones, the cheekbones I have always liked on man’s faces. Absolute perfection, that’s how you can describe them.

I look around and it seems to be just a bar. Black and blue are the theme colors and it seems that every item is from another time area. The barstools were probably thirty years old and antique decoration hangs on every wall. The lighting is dark, but it is enough for a human to see. Above the bar is a long mirror, which is the reason why I feel a bit at ease. I can see the bloodsuckers behind me.

There are only four customers sitting in the corner of the bar, they keep to themselves. The bartender is also a creature of the night. He doesn’t appear to be a barman with his nerdy look, if he looked like a member of that famous vampire band on social media, the band ‘’The Undead is Dead’’ I would leave this place screaming.

‘Another drink for the pretty lady?’ he asks and makes his way to pour another glass of wine for me. Quickly I lay my hand on top of the glass and give him a shy smile.

‘This pretty lady had enough to drink already, but thank you.’ I only had one glass but I can’t risk being tipsy with that many vampires around. Yes, they will not feed from me without consent, but I still like to be cautious. Another thing, I had also no money to spend. That’s the main reason.

The barman gives me a questionable look but he didn’t seem to care. He goes back to his spot and keeps cleaning the glasses which are already clean. His name is Ted and he told me that I was welcome to wait for the tow truck. I think he is watching out for me, I didn’t know for sure. There is no one interested in my neck so far.

I look at my phone and I only have twenty percent of battery life left. I turn to phone off and reach in my handbag for a book I was reading. You never know when you have to wait for an hour when you are on a freelance job.

It is 3 A.M. in the morning and I still have seven hours to wait before the garage opens and help me. I read a couple of pages when I hear more voices than before. I look around and there are more than twenty people in the bar. Wow, it must be a good book when you are so focused on reading that you didn’t notice that there are ten more vampires and six humans walking around.

The bar is transformed into a sort of nightclub. There is no music, but some vampires are dancing sensually. Another mixed couple is making out in a dark corner and going at it. Is she feeding of him? So nasty, I think to myself and shake my head and return to my book.

‘Are you a romantic?’ a deep manly voice asks over my shoulder. He scares me by talking to me and standing so close. Close enough or me to smell his heavenly scent.

I look in the mirror above the bar and look directly into his eyes. Dark gray eyes with a hint of mischief. He is absolutely handsome with his dark long hair and long swimmers body. He is definitely a vampire. His clothes are dark, but not black like most vampires wear. Just a grey shirt that brings out the color of his eyes. He smirks back at me.

‘I, I am not looking for trouble.’ I stutter and I want to kick myself. Why can’t I just say, not interested?

Still looking at each other through the mirror he smiles a big smile, showing me his fangs, like he wanted me to see. Too bad I am not an easy prey for him. Most girls would be turned on by looking at those long white canines, not me.

‘But yet I found you.’ He takes a seat beside me, careful not to touch me. For the first time I look straight at his face. God, he is absolutely beautiful. His high cheekbones and wide jawline are unique. He nonchalantly orders a drink and tells Ted also to refill my glass.

‘Trouble always seems to find me,’ I take a sip from the wine and it tasted a little different.

‘That is a great line for a poem,’ he drinks his shot and looks me up and down.

I take another sip and still the taste is off, did Ted slip me something?

‘It’s from a different shelf.’


He chuckles, ‘The wine, is a better quality from a different bottle. My treat.’ He added and I nod my head. No one is trying to drug me. But a lot of questions going through my mind.

Why is he sitting next to me? Why is he talking to me? What does he want from me? It makes me put my guard up a little more. A vampire always has an endgame.

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