Just A Fang Night

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2 Temptation

We don’t speak for a few minutes so I go back to my book. I think he is surprised I am not all over him. I am a little surprised myself. I am not a forward person, but he is really fine. His presence is giving me a warm feeling. No alarm bells. It is a common vampire gift to make a human feel at ease. They make you feel comfortable and lure you to their place to feed.

I try to stay focused on my book, but his presence alone makes me hyperaware of every movement he makes. Sipping his drink, turning his head. I can say that I read the same line over and over and still have no clue if the main character falls in love or not.

‘You don’t dress like you were planning on spending a night in a bar.’ He says.

I look at my wedding outfit. It is a pink flower dress in Audrey Hepburn style.

‘You got that right.’ I didn’t add the why and he ask again. I put my book away. It was just for show at this point.

‘My car broke down and now I am waiting for the tow truck and the garage to open and come to fix it.’ I hope my answer is enough but it seems like I can’t shake him with little answers.

‘I can take a look at it for you, I was a mechanic in a former life.’ He looks genuine with his dark grey eyes. He is so fine with the whole bad boy look, I need him to back off before I do something stupid. I already feel my cheeks burn up.

‘It’s okay, I just need to wait a little more.’ I turn back to my book hoping he will leave.

‘You really aren’t interested, huh?’ He takes another shot and look me over one more time.

He is very well mannered for the first vampire I have ever encountered. Maybe he isn’t that bad? “He is really hot,” my mind screamed, and I heard it was natural to feel this way about them. They are designed to influence you.

‘Sorry, I’m just not used being surrounded by vampires. I just don’t associate with them. You seem nice, but I want to be alone.’ “I don’t trust myself,” I add in my head. A feeling I haven’t feel in a longtime creeps up into my body.

‘It’s okay, I get it.’ He leans in and whispers: ‘You’ve probably heard of stories about ruthless vampires hunting young beautiful women down. Thirsty for their blood.’ He leans back and I know what he sees.

He thinks that I am beautiful? My eyes are wide open, face as red as a firetruck and he must hear my heart beating fast. A little bit of fear is making my body respond this way, and he knows it. Other emotions are taken over. I clench my knees together and he smiles and lean in once again. His voice is as smooth as music.

‘I see that you also heard the other stories about vampires. How we have a lot of experience in bed.’ As if he though he wasn’t clear he added: ‘Sex, Not only are we skilled through the years, we have a stamina any human should be jealous of. Have you ever heard any stories from someone who shared his or her bed with one of my fellow fang-owners?’

He leans back but this time he let his left hand rest on my knee covered dress. Hot, I feel so hot and I know the reason. I am turned on. I am a little bit surprised that those feelings are still able to find their way into my body. I am more surprised that I think about it when a vampire is trying to seduce me. Is he really?

I am not that special. My hair is plain dark blonde my eyes are greenish and my frame is a small simple frame. Nothing special, but he is looking at me as if I am his new toy of the week.

‘What’s going on in your head?’ he asked and I snap out of my thoughts.

‘What?’ I ask with a dry mouth and that a big gulp wine.

‘Did you hear the stories about us?’ O right, I need to answer him. His smile is so pleasing.

‘Yes, I did.’ I breath my answer and he seems amused. ‘My friend Cassy said she shared her bed with a vampire and she never found someone after that night that could even come close.’ It is true, if you spend a night with a vampire, you never will experience the same amazing sex with a human. That’s how the term ‘’bloodies’’ came in to the world. Blood floozy, a whore who gives blood in return for a night with a vampire.

I look around and see the human girls with bite marks on their bodies and boys with scarfs around their neck.

‘Well,’ the stranger leans in once more, ‘if you give me a change, I will give you the best sex you ever had.’ He leans in more and pecks my cheek quickly. God, I like his attitude a bit too much. I am never the center of someone’s attention. My job is literally to set my client in the spotlight.

I giggle and he raise a dark eyebrow. My reaction surprises him. Now it is my turn to lean in.

‘It’s not like that is a big mission.’ I say and shake my head not believing I would play his game. I told the truth. I only had two bed partners in my life and to say they were amazing was a lie. They were not bad at it and I trained them a little, but honestly it was more of a task then pure intimacy between two people.

‘Really?’ he ask and looks me up and down. I get his hint and shake my head, a little too quick and I get dizzy.

‘No, not like that. I had sex before but it was just…’ how should I tell him? Am I really talking to a stranger about my sex life? And most important. Am I considering his offer?

‘Not satisfying enough?’ he finish for me and I nod. I look over at the clock on the wall. Time goes slow and I had a long day.

‘Why don’t you come back to my place, you can rest. No strings attached.’ Now it was my time to raise a brow and he just smirks. First he gives me an offer and now ‘’no strings attached’’?

‘If you want an easy lay, just go over there.’ I point to the two woman in the bar with eyes only on him. He looks and then turns back to me. His hand is on my knee going up my thigh. I stop it and place it back on my knee. That’s far enough. And it strangely makes me feel at ease.

‘I don’t like easy. I like the way you make me work and how you set boundaries.’ He squeezes my knee gentle and I feel a wave of excitement run through me.

‘How many?’ I ask now knowing he likes my attitude.

‘Excuse me?’

‘How many woman have you tried to bed this week?’ I specify and empty my glass.

‘None,’ he answers right away.

‘Okay, this month then.’

His dark grey eyes are still holding my gaze.

‘I haven’t been with a human or vampire in over five years. If that is what you are asking. But If you are asking me when the last time is when I had my shot of blood. It was yesterday. So I am good for to next two days.’ Than he takes my hands in his and he make me face him completely.

‘I offer you the best night of your night. Sex, let that be clear. Great mind blowing sex. You need to kill some time. Why don’t allow yourself to have some fun?’

Oh, he makes so much sense.

‘Just think one night about yourself and your desires. I will make them come true.’ He is irresistible and he knows it.

Should I trust this stranger and accept this adventure? I never thought I would be open for a vampire in my life and now I can barely keep myself out of his bed.

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