Just A Fang Night

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3 Decision

‘I, I don’t know, I am not really a type for a one night stand.’ I say quietly with my last strength to resist him. I know that the vampire in him can charm me and that I don’t stand change. He already does charm me, but I feel he is holding back. That’s one of the vampires talents, they can win you over very easy, especially if you let your guard down.

‘I know, you don’t have to make a decision now. Why not come over and see were the night take us? At least you can fresh up at my place. It isn’t far from here and I will bring you back when you want. But know that this offer doesn’t come a long every day.’

He has a point. All my life I have been bland. Making smart choices. Maybe I should grant myself a night of pleasure. But this is really an one-eighty, if I give in an except his offer.

‘If I am considering,’ I start of the question and he smirks, knowing I am about to cave, ‘how do I know I can trust you?’

‘You can’t be hundred percent sure of course but you can ask the barman about me.’ I look at Ted and he nods like he knows this vampire is a good one.

‘But how can I trust you?’ he ask me and I look at him confused. He let my hand go and place one hand on the bar and the other on my hip. I don’t mind this time. My walls are starting to collapse like a ruin.

‘How am I to know that you weren’t sent here to kill a vampire? That you are not a hunter? Why else will there be a beautiful damsel in distress waiting to be pick up by a gullible vampire who only wants to help?’ I laugh at his statement.

‘If they think I am a good bait, they are kidding themselves.’

‘Don’t talk yourself down. You are the first woman in five years who has drawn my attention.’

‘Well, don’t you know how to make a girl feel special.’ I say with a wink and he shows me his teeth.

‘I do, now why don’t you come with me so we can talk more privately?’ He stands up and holds a hand out for me.

‘What kind of a girl do you think I am?’ I ask and he just stare at me.

‘I didn’t win you over?’ he ask and I raise my shoulders.

‘Do you really think I would leave with you without knowing your name?’ Maybe I am debating to take his offer, but I am not that stupid. First I want his name, than I tell Ted that I am leaving with him and I text a friend. This time Cassy, would get a name of my one night stand. She always does it with me, but this time she will be the one to receive the message.

He smiles and I take his hand. ‘I am Lucas, and who are you?’

‘I’m Lina Green, do you have a last name Lucas?’

’Pardon me, I don’t use my last name often, but It’s Wilder.

I couldn’t excuse myself and use the bathroom to text Cassy, because Ted reacted first.

‘Wait, your Lucas Wilder? I had no idea.’

‘That was the point of not telling.’ I looked confused at the two vampires. Ted shocked and Lucas irritated.

‘What’s going on?’ I ask warily.

Lucas brook eye contact with Ted and smiles at me. ‘Just some vampire history stories.’

‘Good or bad?’ Ted answers right away. ‘Good, very good. You have nothing to worry about with Lucas.’

That’s all my mind wants to hear. ‘I am going to use the ladies room.’

I did my thing and send a text to Cassy. Strangely she answers back right away. I hope I didn’t wake her up. I read her text and shake my head. It’s a lot of emoticons and that she don’t believe me.

Lina: I call you tomorrow okay?

Cassy: You are really going to do this? You never go home with someone. You better call, that’s the deal, right?

I didn’t tell her Lucas is a vampire, that’s going to be a big shock for her. She knows I am not a big fang-fan.

Stepping back in to the bar, I find Lucas waiting and offers me his elbow. I take it and together we walk out of the door.

‘Lucas, can you tell me something?’ I ask and he looks for me to continue. ‘Do I really want this or is this one of the vampire tricks? I mean, what’s the percentage?’

He chuckles and leads me to the parking lot. ‘I didn’t use the vampire charm. But without the charm, we can be very convincing. With charisma alone, you would be invited in our aura.’

‘So, you didn’t use powers on me?’ I ask and I believe the answer he gives me.

‘No, but I think that the vampire in me got you over the edge.’ He kisses my temple.

‘The last ten percent of mine already damaged wall.’ I say, and he stand still by a black SUV.

‘This is my ride, are you in?’

‘I am in,’ not believing the words completely myself I step in the passenger seat with his help.

He sits beside me and before he starts the car he looks at me intensely.

’Saying ‘’yes’’ now doesn’t mean you have to say ‘’yes’’ later, so relax.’ He caress my knee and I am aware that I started tapping my foot nervously.

‘Relax,’ he says again with his deep sexy voice and I smile shyly at him and nod my head. He starts the car and we drive away. I have no idea where he is taking me, but I don’t care at this point. I just want to be with him.

I feel safe and hot, so hot. Never in my live I felt so… what’s the word? Alive? I laugh and Lucas eyes me.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘I never felt so alive.’

‘And that’s funny?’

‘It’s funny because all I needed for me to feel alive was a dead man.’ As soon the words leave my lips, I was worried I had offended him.

He surprises me by laughing with me and I can breathe again.

‘It’s going to be a fun night.’ He says and takes the back of my hand and kisses it. I feel his kiss and it’s so hot or maybe it’s time to face the truth.

I am horny as hell.

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