Just A Fang Night

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4 Turning up the heat

It was only a ten minute ride to his house. We talked about the bar and my job, just light conversation. His house wasn’t a typical vampire house like the ones that are located in my neighborhood. Those are dark secluded houses with poorly maintained gardens. His house is in the middle of the street with the neighbors close by. His garden is lovely with lots of blue flowers and plants I don’t recognize.

He pulls up the driveway and turns the engine of.

‘You like it?’ he ask and steps out of the car and opens my door swiftly with his vampire abilities.

‘It looks very homey.’ He helps me out of the car.

The moment he tries to unlock his door, there was a little boy on the sidewalk calling his name.

‘Ben, what are you doing outside in the middle of the night?’ the vampire ask the little boy with the most kind soft voice he is capable of, I think.

‘I was awake and saw you coming home. Can we play?’ The boy was about four years old and wears a cute dinosaurs pajama. His shoes were missing and he was rubbing his eyes.

‘We can’t you need to sleep and I am going to play with her.’ Lucas is pointing at me and Ben looks disappointed. It’s a good thing he is so young and don’t get the double meaning of his words.

I turn red and give the boy a wave.

‘Let’s walk you home.’ Lucas is holding out his hand for him and they walk to the house across from his. They cross the street and I just follow them.

Lucas knocks on the door and within half a minute a woman opens the door with sleep in her eyes.

‘Lucas, why are you… Benjamin, what are you doing outside!’ The mom looks upset right away and takes the boy inside.

‘Lucas, thank you for looking out for him.’ She gives me a quick look over and turns her focus back to Lucas.

‘It’s okay, the summer time is hard on him. He didn’t see me in a long time.’ Lucas smile and with Ben not standing between us anymore he places his arm around my waist.

‘Yeah, he does miss you.’ She looks down at the sleepy boy and picks him up. ‘Maybe I can wake him up next weekend if you like to teach him how to ride his bike?’

‘Yes, I would like that, but for now I have other things to do.’ He looks down on me and I feel my blush reappear.

‘Oh, of course. Thanks again and I will see you tomorrow with the meeting.’ The woman’s face is also flushed and when Lucas says his goodbyes we turn to leave.

He is really good with that kid. I feel the last stone of my wall crumble and lean in his embrace.

‘Well,’ I start,’ that was awkward.’

‘Nah, Jenn is a lovely person and Ben is a sweet kid.’

‘He is very cute.’ I say and for the second time we reach his porch.

We walk in and the moment he turns on the light, I see an unique interior design. He has modern furniture combined with vintage looking pieces. Like an old fashioned lamp and a present-day painting. Same color theme but certainly from different periods. The colors are dark brown, orange and marine blue. Not the combination I would select but it looks great.

I walk around looking at his amazing style and come across items I think are hundreds years old.

‘Penny for you thoughts?’ he ask and I look at him and raise a brow.

‘So now are you going to pay me? I feel cheap.’ I smile and he laughs. God I like his laugh.

‘You did a great job with decorating. Amazing really.’ He steps closer to me and puts his arms around my waist. I feel his breath near my ear and he whispers: ’I must admit. I had a designer help me. But if you thing this is amazing, wait until you see my bedroom. He places to kisses in my neck and the feeling from before Ben interrupted us is back.

I quiver and he leaves my back. Missing his touch instantly, I follow him with my eyes not leaving my mark. He literally turns up the heat and comes back to me.

‘I don’t entertain much and with me not feeling temperature….’

‘I wasn’t cold, it was your touch that made me tremble. And about that entertaining…’ I turn around in his arms. ‘Let me entertain you then.’ I whisper and for the first time this night I kissed him.

With passion he returns my action and I clasped my hands in his neck. Kissing someone was never so hot as with Lucas. He made it art. If I had known this from the beginning, I would have jumped in his car without hesitation. He was skilled and I followed his rhythm and lead. My tongue plays with his. I was afraid that his fangs would be in the way but at this point it was as if I kissed a human. Of course I know that that wasn’t the case. He was a vampire. One with eyes for me. His hands on my waist and one resting to my back.

I don’t know how long we were standing in his living room with brown wallpaper and orange accents. When he pulls away, we stare in each other’s eyes. He’s grey eyes were darker then before and I can only imagine that mine was black with lust as well.

‘Would you like something to drink, or do you want to see my bedroom first?’ He lowered his voice by the end of the sentence which makes me tremble once more. I messed up his hair and he only looks more handsome with the locks of hair out of place.

‘Bedroom.’ Is all I can say at this point. He picks me up in a second and when I blink my eyes, we were standing upstairs for his bedroom door.

‘The option still stands. You can leave at any time you want.’ I didn’t answer I just want the kiss his delicious lips and I did. He opens the door and picks me up bridal style. I feel a soft matress underneath me and I look up.

O my God, I didn’t believe my eyes.

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