Just A Fang Night

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5 Fang night

I didn’t know what to expect when I was entering his bedroom. Tonight I will be open to every new that is thing thrown my way. But I didn’t know that I throw back in time with his decor.

I lay on an antique four poster bed with floral print curtains. Similar to my dress.

Lucas is hovering above me. Not making a move and watching me with carnal eyes. Like I could disappear any second. He let me take in the decorations of the room. Downstairs was more like 1930’s but this, his bedroom was 1850’s or something like that. Dark brown and red were the primary colors. This room was also mixed with a couple of items I recognized from recent trends.

I look into Lucas eyes. ‘Are you changing your mind?’ he ask me and I see him holding back.

‘No, I just figured out why I was the lucky lady who caught your eye.’ I smile and lift myself off the bed trying to reach his lips. He just pulls away when I am in reach.

‘Lucky? You can’t know that yet.’ His dark gray eyes seems darker than before. He is still in controls of, his lust but for how long?

‘I do,’ I say breathless, ‘you promised and, don’t get me wrong, but I think you are old-fashioned and a man of your word.’

He chuckles with a rhythm I find mighty. ‘Now stop teasing and kiss me.’ I almost begged, but it was more of a command.

He presses me back on to the bed and crawls on top of me. Hands and knees on both side of me.

‘Patience my young Lina. We have a couple of hours to kill and I most defiantly want to make most of the time frame.’ He leans in and kisses my neck.

The sensation makes my skin hotter than ever before. Goosebumps shows up all over my skin. He is just kissing my neck and I am living for it. Desire builds within me, but a nagging voice start to speak out in my head. ‘’Get somewhere save. Danger. Leave.’’

I feels wrong. I want this, I really do and I can feel it in my heart. My body was on fire. My panties soaked and my mind screamed yes. But it was also setting off something, an alarm. Lucas noticed and pulls away.

‘You’re afraid? Did I do something wrong?’ He tries to analyze my face.

‘I don’t understand, I want this. I need this.’ Okay, now I was really begging but the nagging feeling of discomfort was present.

‘It is okay, I think it is your defense mechanism. A vampire is hanging above you. Caging you in. It is natural for your body to react this way.’ He gives me a soft smile and rolls left to me. I take a couple of seconds and the feeling is gone. Not the horny hot feeling. That one stayed and seemed to be stronger.

‘Now what?’ I ask the ‘’fanger’’ next to me.

‘Now do what you want, I want you to set the pace. If you take control, that doubt or fear feeling wouldn’t return. But first I want you to tell me something.’

I push myself up and place my torso to his. Halve on him and halve off. Indeed the feeling didn’t return.

‘Why do you think you caught my eye?’

I smiled and now it is my time to crawl on top of him. I’ve always been the one in control. In my business, with my friends and in the bedroom. I like to have a say, to influence people. I can’t stand giving it up, but for Lucas I was making an exception. But I like this so much better.

A powerful being is lying below me. I know that he can take back the leading roll any second. But that isn’t the thing I am freighted of. I trust him and Lucas trust me.

We built a connection in less of hours. Cassy is going to freak out if I tell her. Me with a vampire, she will not believe me.

‘Look around,’ I say and lean in to kiss his cheek. Not wanting to shut down our communication, I kiss the corner of his mouth.

‘I am, but something is distracting me.’ He places his hands on my hips and makes me interact with his body.

’Your bed, it matches my dress. You saw my dress and thought ‘’she belongs in my bed’’ and you seduced me.’ I poke his nose and claimed his tasty lips. God, I love his mouth and the way he kisses me. I can do this all night. But I want more, need more.

I pull away to take a much needed breath. Time doesn’t seem to register in my mind.

‘I am not going to confirm your theory. However I would like to see if you dress matches my carpet too.’ He smirks and I discover we have the same wicked humor.

‘I can arrange that…’ I say and make my hands glide over his surprisingly masculine torso. I feel abs as hard as steel. ‘…just say the magic word.’

‘Please,’ he grunted and takes his hands off me and zips down my dress.

I waist know time wanting to move to the next expect of our encounter. My dress matches the color of the floor and I look back at him and smile. ‘Look at that, it does.’

He doesn’t look me in the eyes. Lucas gaze is everywhere on my body. From my breast to my not so sexy nude panties. But he looks like he was the one that was going to get lucky. And I liked it. Maybe a bit too much.

‘Now, let’s pick up the pace.’ I bend and look him straight in the eyes. ‘This need to go.’ I point at his shirt and it is gone. I didn’t even blink.

Vampire speed.

This is going to be a great night. Maybe it is going to destroy me for my future partners, but now I can only live in the moment. It is Lucas and me and we have a few hours to kill.

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