Just A Fang Night

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6 Telling Cassy

The coffee shop is more crowded than usual on a Tuesday. Or maybe it just seems that way because Cassy is sitting across from me and is giving me the spill-the-beans-look. I didn’t give her any details about my mystery man, yet. And she wants to know and I need to tell someone. But I don’t like being judged.

Cassy is my best option. She told me about her sexual encounter with a vampire. She even got bitten and showed me and her other friends the puncture holes. If I needed to tell a friend, and I really need to, then Cassy was the most open-minded person.

‘Lina, you know I can’t read minds, so tell me. Did you mess with my head or did you really go with a stranger to his house?’ She is sipping her tea and her red glasses is getting fogged.

‘I did,’ I look at my coffee, black nothing special about it and important detail, the cheapest.

Lucas was indeed a man of his word. I can’t get our one night stand out of my head. It was amazing. My shin was so hot specially against his cold chest. It had given the sexual experience an edge. Hot and cold, dead and alive, need and…

‘Lina! Focus, why did you invite me and ignoring me.’ Cassy is getting upset and I should just say it. I look in her eyes and rattle the next words.

‘Sorry, I did leave with someone and go to his house. His name was Lucas.’

Content with the answer she get all girly.

‘O, Lucas he sounds hot. Tell me more, tell me more,’ she quotes the Grease movie leaning in.

‘Well, to be honest he was a bit, older.’ I say and meet her eyes hoping she gets the hint.

’O, like a ‘’call me daddy’’ kind of guy?’ I roll my eyes, she didn’t get my suggestion.

‘No, more like a grandfather kind of guy,’ I raise my eyebrows and stare her down.

One second, two second. By the third second she finally reacted. Shock is written on the face and she leans more forward and inspects my face for signals of false statement. I clench my jaw.

‘No, you with a vampire!’ she screams and I shush her. People are staring in our direction.

‘Quiet down!’ I whisper yell. ’Yes okay, I went home with a ‘’fanger’’.

I let my head sink in my arms on the table and don’t know how I should feel. I didn’t regret my interaction with Lucas. No I loved our time together. How can you not like the man, who as a matter of fact, did gave me the best sex ever.

The first round I had full control over us. I set the pace and chased my orgasm quickly after all the teasing. I rode him in the position we started and I could see that he loved it to. His smile, his face, when he studied mine was stunning. After I came with a silent scream he reached up for me and kissed forehead tenderly. Then he took control. O he truly did.

‘Lina,’ Cassy lays a hand on my head and I sit up. Her eyes full with worry for me.

‘Do you regret it?’

‘No, absolutely not. It was a great experience. He was a actual a gentle men and took care of me.’

Cassy smirks, ‘I bet he did.’ My cheeks heats up.

‘That was not what I mean. He was not like the vampires I am use to. He was sweet and caring. There was a little kid and he treated him as a friend. Nothing like the vampires who lives around here.’

‘Sure doesn’t sound like one of the Harrison-clan.’

‘No certainly not. I didn’t . wait for a garage because he fixed my car at 8 A.M. and made sure I was safe.’ He did a lot more than that, but that story can wait.

‘What did he look like?’ She ask and I take my mobile phone and show her a picture. Lucas and me before I stepped in my car. He was looking at me with a small smile on his face and I smile directly to the lens.

I ask for the photo because I didn’t know If I was going to remember the night. I was up for twenty-four hours and while I was full of energy, I wanted a keepsake.

‘Wow, he is hot.’ She says and looks back at me.

‘He is and that is scaring me a bit. I need your advice.’ I fidget with my fingers, trying to find the courage to ask a personal question.

Cassy is still looking at the picture. ‘Let me guess. You want to ask a question of my experience with a vampire. After you told me a couple of years ago you didn’t.’

‘Yeah, sorry about that. It was just, I couldn’t imagine. I was small minded.’

‘It is okay. But you are not off the hook. I want more answers.’ She says while she is moving her bushy eyebrows.

‘Two question and I then you ask me two.’ She nodded and I start.

‘Now that I know that there are more than one kind of vampire. How was your guy?’ I ask and Cassy tells me about Micka. A blonde vampire who was nice to her. They had sex and he fed off of her. That was the deal they made. Cassy talks about the details like it happened yesterday.

‘Will a human ever compare?’ I ask while Cassy is still talking about her encounter.

‘O Lina, that’s what you are worried about, right?’ I nodded. It was. Saturday I didn’t care but now didn’t wanted my one night stand to be just that. A night to compare the rest of my future lovers to.

‘Don’t worry, I know the feeling you feel right now. Longing for more of him. It will not lessen until you are starting to look to other males. Than the feeling of meeting your vampire again will slowly decrease.’

I am ashamed to want more of Lucas his time. Let’s put it that way.

‘Did you get bitten?’

‘No, I didn’t.’ She looks surprised but doesn’t ask more.

‘Why don’t you call him for more than one night of fun?’

‘We didn’t exchanged phone numbers because we both knew what it was. He offered me a night of passion and I took it. It was an one night stand and we both knew that.’

‘Well, looks like he put his number in without you knowing.’ Cassy turned my phone and shows a text that was send to ‘’Vampire Lucas’’. He had my number to. He wants to see me again? My heart skips a beat at the thought.

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