Just A Fang Night

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7 Calling him

His hands are running over my body. My legs are limb, my voice doesn’t work the way I want it to. It seems like he knows my body better than myself. He knows what I like. Without telling him he cups my breasts and the cold palm of his hands feels so good on my hot flesh. It almost send me over to the edge. His bedroom is quiet. Except for the sound of two bare people entwined and only little gasps coming from my lips. Coming, yes coming. I am so close.

With a cry louder, than I am proud of, I wake up. Soaking wet from my own sweat. Hart pounding hard, my face flushed and finding my hands between my legs. I woke up from a dream a wet dream. No not a dream, it was a memory. A replay of the night I was with Lucas, with him. God, he did ruined me.

I don’t have long to think about my spontaneous orgasming, because someone is ringing my doorbell. Still in a haze and half a sleep I answer the door in only a night gown.

When I open the door I am face to face with Leo.

‘What are you doing here?’ I ask while rubbing my eyes.

‘I heard you scream I came as fast as possible.’ Oh no, did I scream so loud that he heard me all the way in his apartment? He steps in my place without my consent and is scanning the living room. Leo lives across the hall and keeps an eye out for me. He is a big fellow and he has a bat in his hand.

‘Leo, put that thing away. There is no one here.’ Looking at the clock I see that it is 3.00 A.M.

‘But you screamed’, he says and look at me with his big brown eyes. He looks so confused and fired up.

I find myself blushing. ‘I, uh, I had a dream and woke up.’ I almost whispered.

His face became soft and he loses the crib on the bat. ‘Oh like a nightmare?’ he ask and comes over and give me a hug.

‘Yeah, I am better now.’ Lair, you are not.

‘You want to talk about it?’ He is still hugging me and his big buddy gives me a sense of safety.

‘No, I am good. Just need to figure something out so that it will not happen again.’

He leaves and I thank him for being a good neighbor. It is now 4.00 A.M. and sleep doesn’t seem to find me. I take my phone and look through the contact list and see Vampire Lucas. The name I have looked since the moment Cassy pointed out that he was in my phone. A couple of days went by and I came close to call him multiple times. But the dream scares me. I can’t have those dreams come to me. I need to forget. I tried and didn’t succeed.

Maybe I should call him. Ask him if it is normal to have these dreams, or if it is normal to miss him. I don’t know Lucas that well. We talked that night, but were more busy with physical actions.

My fingers are pressing the screen. Only one more action and I would be calling him. Do he think that I am weird? That I call him in the middle of the night? I smile at my one assumption. You are calling a night creature, get over it. He left his number, you didn’t steal it.

I don’t know if it was my little pep talk of the fact that I am awake in the middle of the night. But I touch the screen and the phone rings only two times before I hear his voice. His beautiful voice.

‘Lina is that you?’ he ask and I don’t know why but I start to cry like a small child who is homesick and calling her parent to pick her up. Now I realize how must I missed him. But it doesn’t make sence.

‘Are you okay?’ He is worried and maybe he should.

I try to calm myself down so I can answer him.

‘I don’t know,’ I really don’t know anymore. I missed him so much. I can only think about our night together and how it consumes my mind.

‘Did something bad happened to you?’ his voice sounds sweet and switches over in a low gravelly voice. ‘Did someone hurt you?’

‘No, nothing like that.’ What should I say? I want to be with you. Follow you around as a puppy and be your pet? I want to see you again and never leave your side? The pulsing feeling for me to see him increased during the phone call. I can’t do this over the phone.

‘Can we meet somewhere?’ I ask and he doesn’t answer. ‘I mean, we don’t have to if you don’t want it…’

‘No, I want it.’ He interrupts me. ‘Should I come to your house?’ Or do you want to meet me in public?’

Why would he ask me about meeting me in public? Do he think I am scared? I look around and my house is a mess. Maybe a coffee corner isn’t the worst idea.

‘Can you meet me at the coffee shop in Dillentown?’ It is only one town over and the Harrison-clan would be busy roaming the streets in Plontytown. It should be saver.

‘Sure, meet you in a hour?’ he ask and I agree.

We hang up and stare at myself in the mirror. My eyes are red from crying but I can’t help it to smile. I am seeing him again. A feeling of longing and butterflies in my stomach. He wants to see me to. For the first time in days I feel at peace. I am still nervous. What should I tell the vampire I slept with? I didn’t have a sense of direction. All I know at this point is that I want to see him again. Maybe that should do the trick and he will leave my mind.

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